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The Spanking Spot Site Review: BritSpank


IMG_5282 Ah Dear Reader we are back on The Spanking Spot with yet another review.  This week its the spanking new site by our friends at Xerotics aptly named BritSpank.  Now if there are such thing as founders of our little beloved activity the English have to be them.  For such a buttoned up society they are indeed quite obsessed with spanking more then any other culture.  Though I guess that is true about any culture.  The Japanese have their tentacle rape, Thailand are known for their Trannies. Brazil are known for their well.. Brazilian girls.  So why shouldn’t the UK have their spanking!  So in addition to Tea and Crumpets (does anyone know what the hell a crumpet is anyway?) The Brits have their red bottoms and they like it that way. 

Site offerings and CostIMG_6698
For those of you who are familiar with the Xerotics suite of spanking sites you will feel quite at home here.  That is not to say Dear Reader that this is simply a rehash of material found on their other sits.  No,  BritSpank so far is all unique never before seen good old fashion British spanking.  The Site like all Xerotics sites is primarily a movie site with stills and high quality photographs as a supplement.  From a completely selfish standpoint the pictures are more then welcome by this weary blogger.  Now this is a rather young site,  launched only a few weeks ago but because it is backed up by the respected Xerotics name one can expect decent customer service and be reasonably confident that BritSpank will not suddenly vanish off the internet. 

Being a new site one cannot expect them to have all the material that a well established spanking site would have.  So I can tell you at the time of this writing the video offerings are light.  But Dear Reader I doubt that is for very long since they have no less then 15 mind blowing updates scheduled for the fine month of May.  At the time of this review I counted 12 scenes in various stages of completion available for download.  Each spanking “scene” is updated in parts.  Unfortunately at this time they have few options do download the whole joined movie once its completed which I find odd since all their other sites offer this very convenient timesaver.  Perhaps they intend on offering it more in the future,  but for now Dear Reader break out your video joiners. Each clip runs about 2 minutes apiece which would give one Spanking video goodness of about 1 1/4 hours,  indeed not bad considering they have been running for less then a month. 

IMG_5726 Costs to join BritSpank run $29.95 which in your Humble Narrators opinion is quite high at this point in a spanking sites lifecycle.  While Xerotics track record suggests that they will have a ton of material before too long I do think those of us who are early joiners should get a discount for taking a risk on a site.  That price however drops to $26.95 for a 3 month signup and a much more reasonable 16.95 for a 6 month.  Historically pricing has been Xerotics weak point as far as I am concerned.  I think they should really look at the 3 month subscription since it simply does not give enough discount for what the customer is risking. 

The Girls
BritSpank is doing something that I have never seen on any Xerotics sites.  They are offering a list of their girls with actual names!  Finally we know that the dark skinned Beauty is named Angelina! The site is limited right now to 6 girls in total all new to the spanking scene.  When it comes to finding new talent in the UK the folks at Xerotics are second to none.  Unfortunately they tend not to promote many of their girls so they end up only at the sites run by them.  I am sure with a full name they could produce some serious spanking stars. After all I believe they filmed first with Amelia Jane Rutherford!

The New girls are quite the attractive bunch but again do not take my word for it Dear Reader See for yourself!

IMG_5148 IMG_5569 IMG_4801 IMG_7339 IMG_6711 IMG_4795 IMG_5265

Scenes, Outfits, Film Quality and of Course The Spankings
As one can expect from a site called BritSpank they have a healthy emphases of the schoolgirl spanking theme. Lots of OTK and liberal use of the cane which does make your Humble Narrator quite happy.  Being a new site they have had yet to explore so most of their offerings are either schoolgirl or Pajama spankings.  I do also like their use of pigtails. 

Xerotics if nothing else is known for pushing the edge of what is possible for delivering film quality across the internet and BritSpank is no different.  While not exactly High definition it is indeed close (just for the record they DO NOT make a claim for HD at this site).  Video’s run in 940 by 540 in wmv format which looks quite good maximized on my 26 inch monitor. A couple of their video’s they do offer in HD so I am not sure if this is going to be standard or simply a added bonus. Regardless I urge them to continue their excellent offerings since many sites are now racing to catch up.  And Competition Dear Reader is good for the consumer and can only result in better high quality spankings. 

The Spankings as you can also expect from Xerotics are hard.  Not Brutally so but hard enough to keep Yours Truly interest.  The liberal use of over the knee hand spankings is of course one of my favorites. (though I didn’t see a hairbrush used yet).  The canings of course sting and leave visible marks but do not for the most part break the skin.  All of the girls leave with shiny red bottoms which suggests its unlikely that they will sit down comfortably for a while. 

Image27 Image33 Image34 IMG_5274

Who will NOT like this site
Well if your new to our little hobby I would steer clear for a time until they build up their backlist.  There are other sites out there that offer alot more material for you to start your collection like Spanking Digital or Spanking Online (or both though Spankpass).  If your not into the English type spanking or strangely don’t like schoolgirls being spanked I would also hesitate to recommend this site.  Finally if you want the best bang for your buck right now then this is definitely not the site for you since it IS expensive for what you get.  I expect however for this to get much less of an issue as time goes on

Who will LOVE this site
OTK lovers take notice there are plenty of bums positioned quite nicely over the knee.  Also if you are like Your Humble Narrator and demand fine film quality you should also check this site out.  Schoolgirl fanatics will also probably enjoy this site.

If your interested once again you can find this wonderful material at BritSpank


2 comments to The Spanking Spot Site Review: BritSpank

  • Graham

    If you don't know what crumpet tastes like, you haven't lived, my son!!

  • tim

    this is a great site beautiful English girls like young hannah Jasmine etc the hairbrush is featured on their cute botties .best wishes ,tim .

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