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The Spanking Spot Site Review: Girl Spanks Girl

You know I often wonder if anyone has done a study on us as a whole. A Kinsey for the spanking world if you will. Really, have you ever wondered? As diverse as we are there are certain universals. Which do you like better M/F or F/F, are there any difference between males and females for who like what. Who likes it with implements, who likes it without. You get my drift.

Well no one has been interested in us enough to study these things. I for one, prefer M/F much more then F/F, However Clare Fonda has showed me that F/F spankings can be as good or better then M/F. She showed me with her wonderful Site Girl Spanks Girl.

Site Offerings and Cost
Like all of Clare Fonda's sites she has her email prominently posted on the site for any of her subscribers having issues with the site. I know I went over this in the Spanked Sweeties review but I can't stress enough on how that exudes customer service.

Girl Spanks Girl is broken up into 3 sections. Erotic Spankings which includes video's of some very attractive girls spanking and providing us with a little lesbian action. Sensual Spanking sports girls spanking each other (switching) . The Last Category is of course my personal favorite Discipline Spanking. Regardless of what your preference is in the above categories I will say that there are video's in all three categories that are more then worth watching.

In Fact Girls Spanks Girls has given me a new favorite spanker and the first woman to hold that title. I literally knew nothing about Lana before I ran the MLK piece. Luckily I downloaded a few of her Lana Spankingvideo's, Damn that girl can spank! My favorite is when she talks under her breath when she is beating a glorious bum

"don't you be runnin from me {spank} You don't tell me no {spank} I'll knock you into next tuesday {spank} after I slave over a stove for you {spank} you go out looking like that {spank}"

Just to be quite clear, that bit is found on Spanked Sweeties. Lana has 1 hour and 15 min full movie on Girl Spanks Girl that I think any spanking aficionado would be hard pressed not to love.

At the time of this article I counted 48 Video's across all three categories running anywhere between 15 minutes and 1 hour and 15 minutes. I am guessing the avg is about 30 minutes per video. That will give you a full 24 hours of Spanking Video's (I dare anyone to try to watch them for a full day). Cost is $19.99 per month. If you sign up for a 90 day term that price goes down to $18.30. At even the most expensive your talking 83 Cents an hour For the backlog. From the quality alone that is a damn good price. New material gets updated every day. I counted 6 full video's uploaded in January alone. that's 3 hours or so of new material every month. Roughly $6.65 Per hour. Now friends, most of the new material I measure by cost per minute on other sites. This is a cost per hour. This site has the Best bang for your buck for new material on the Internet today.

Spanked Schoolgirls The Girls
For a woman Ms Fonda has an eye for beautiful girls. The talent on this site is almost perfect. Clare in all her glory, Lana whom I'm not sure I would want to be spanked by. Paige Kennedy whom I find incredibly hot. Paige Richards, Anastasia Pierce, and this girl Alice Wonder whom for whatever reason I swoon over.

Clare Fonda Paige Kennedy

Scenes, Outfits, Film Quality and Spankings

Film quality on Girl Spanking Girl is the highest of all three sites. Clare is now in the process of converting over to rm to fix any quality issues on all her sites Spanking Wonder Womanso if you had joined any of her sites and disliked the wmv quality check back, you will be presently surprised.

Outfits aren't really a heavy theme on the site. Perhaps the outfits is a guy thing. Anyway. The school classroom movie provides enough school girls to keep yours truly happy. In the domestic Discipline category the majority of scenes and outfits are around domestic spanking which clothing tends not to play a part of. In addition you have quite a bit of naked spanking which is always welcome.

So, the question becomes did I enjoy the site. Dear readers I must tell you, I consider this to be the best F/F site presently on the web. Nothing approaches it. In fact I would argue this site is better then most M/F spanking sites.

Spanking Who will NOT like this site
If you absolutely detest f/f this site would not interest you. Perhaps if you are looking for brutal spankings then you probably skip this one as well.

Who will Love this site
F/F Lovers, spanked lesbian aficionado's, anyone who wants to see some quality spanking for a reasonable price.



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