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The Spanking Spot Site Review: Mood Castings

A couple of weeks ago Mood Pictures contacted me asking why Your Humble Narrator did not run their wonderful spanking material. I Dear Reader was at a loss for words.  Imagine,  the Famous Mood Pictures contacting little old Yours Truly asking why I had olga_038 not run their world famous spanking Material.  Embarrassingly enough I really had no answer to them other then it was simply overlooked and I had not gotten to them yet.  Tonight Dear Reader I intend to correct such an egregious error.  For tonight Dear Reader I will review their Online Pay Site Mood Castings. 

Not to be confused with Mood Pictures, which sells Mood's full length movies,  Mood Castings provides us incite into what it is like to try out for one of their excellent feature productions.  Be Forewarned those females who consider entering into the spanking movie world with Mood.  It takes more then a pretty face and a nice bottom.  You must be able to take a rather hard cane or you will never make the cut.  And once again it shows the toughness of the bottoms of East European girls. Its simply amazing that they can take this kind of punishment with little or no spanking experience.  Dear Reader, please welcome Mood Castings to its rightful place on The Spanking Spot!

sharon_021 Site Offerings and Cost
If you are familiar with any Mood Pictures you will already be aware that Mood is known for the beating the buns of beautiful girls quite severely.  While they wield a myriad of instruments with expert precision they tend to use the dreaded cane with Maximum effectiveness.  So with such high production costs  how does one guarantee a prospective spanking actress will not buck under the weight of a severe spanking?  Why, give them a try out!  A small price for the girls to pay to ensure Mood's star actress does not run screaming from the set after one smack of the cane.  Being ever ingenious they decided to film these tryouts and create a site around them.  The result Dear Reader speak for themselves. 

Mood Pictures is primarily a movie site, with some pictures of the action for those of you who are still photo fan's.  Update's consist of one "entry" of a girl trying out for one of their pictures.  There are no movie pieces here or picture updates.  You get the whole kitten-caboodle in one update.  There have been some instances in the past where an update is "missed" for whatever reason,  however in a testament to Mood's dedication to their customer the following week they offer two or more movies.  Personally I am really impressed with this since we all make mistakes and miss deadlines.  It takes a special kind of company to give a bonus for their mistakes.

Another nice touch is if the girl is indeed selected for the opportunity to star in one of Mood Pictures. They proudly display what movies that the girl stars in, so if you indeed enjoy their casting you can order the movie to see what kind of actress she is (and of course see her naughty bottom spanked once again).

I am actually ashamed that I have not reviewed this site sooner since they have a TON of content for you to enjoy.  At the time of this review I counted 73 full castings offered on Mood Castings.  Each, Dear Reader with a differentanita_015 girl, so again I am impressed with their ability to find fresh talent week after week.  While I have not gotten to downloading all the movies yet,  Those of the castings (or movies) run anywhere from 8 to 12 minutes.  If we assume the average is 10 minutes we would be talking about roughly 12 hours of hard bare bottom, spanked with a cane goodness.  When you get though the back library one can look forward to 4 Castings a month or another 40 minutes of these girls testing their metal bottoms against the cane. 

Like all Spanking Sites based out of Europe the price is a bit high.  Again this is due to the exchange rate which I can hardly fault mood for.  Its 29.95 Euros or $46.95 in USD,  For those of us in America that find this price high,  go yell at whomever is handling the money supply.  It is indeed a shame that the European sites are forced to raise their prices due the idiocy of our economic management. 

So,  worst case scenario (if you live in the US), The price per hour of Moods wonderful brand of Spanking would run you a little less then $4 per HOUR of delightful caning's of young women's rears and a bit over a buck a minute once you get though the backlog.  Not the cheapest Dear Reader but again I cannot fault Mood for the exchange rate. 

The Girls
The girls range from drop dead gorgeous to fair with the vast majority being in the latter category.  Of course being from Hungary one can expect beautiful women.  Not to the unlikely event that any of you are Hungarian Teachers.  I would love to learn the language since this is now top on my list of places to visit and ogle at the beautiful girls.  But once again Dear Reader A picture is worth a 1000 words.  Feast your eyes on this. 
anita3_005 olga_002 victoria_005 rosa_006 adrienn_005 anita_005

christa_005 christina_006 svetlana_013 emily_006 viola_006

catie_033 Film Quality, Scenes, Outfit's and of course The Spankings.
Well to get this out of the way,  The Spankings are Naked almost every time,  although the girls do appear in their street clothes at the very beginning.  They manage to undress themselves before the cane does its work on their bottoms.  So Dear Reader,  there is not much in the way of cute outfits unless your are like me an enjoyer of street clothes to naked. 

Film Quality as one would expect from Mood, is nothing short of excellent.  Their bitrate is a bit low running at 640×480 but cranked up to the size of my 27 inch monitor it looks more then acceptable.  Any low mark on the sue_005 quality of the downloads can be more then made up with the quality of the spankings. 

Now I must mention to you M/f lovers that all the spankings at Mood Pictures have a female wielding the cane.  But in this case I doubt it will be much of an issue since I have seen few men wield the dearth of any right minded spankee with such precision and strength.  I know not her name but the main spanker on Mood Pictures can SPANK!  With her cane wielding abilities that par or surpass any male. In addition I must mention for those of you who enjoy "loving Spanking" or light sexual spanking,  this is definitely not the site for you,  It could be argued that Mood offers some of the hardest and most brutal caning's around.  All of the girls leave with bright red welts that would make one wonder if those marks permanently scar those wonderful bottoms. 

evi_020 So indeed Dear Reader did I enjoy it.  Well let me put it this way,  although I am a huge fan of OTK and not so much of the use of the cane.  I have to say without a doubt that Mood might have made a convert out of me.  These guy's deliver quality content and very very hard spankings.  Yes my friends,  If you enjoyed what I have described you will indeed enjoy this site. 

Who will NOT like this site
Those of you who like light or "relationship Spankings" I would probably stay away.  Plus if your a die hard M/f fan you should also think twice about joining. 

Who will LOVE this site.
The M/f thing said,  if you can keep an open mind like I have, I really think you would enjoy this site.  Also to those of you who enjoy rough or brutal spankings then you would be hard pressed to find another site that spanks harder.  Also if your the fan of the cane then you definitely need to join Mood Castings.  They do some of the best caning material I have ever seen. 

If your interested you can find this at Mood Castings


5 comments to The Spanking Spot Site Review: Mood Castings

  • MK

    Hello.On your review of mood castings,you said there was a total of 73 castings.On their preview pages,I counted a total of 44.Just wondering if I missed something?Thanks,and great work.I appreciate your reviews.

  • Frants

    I agree with all that this review says about Mood Castings and Mood Picures – I love the dvds and download films and see them over and over again. The only objection I have (with both sites) is that the canings in general are given much too fast. Indeed, some of the candidates in Castings display fantastic guts in receiving awesome cane strokes, many, but have to give up reaching the required number of 50 (to be eligible for Mood), because the strokes are given so rapidly. If they had given the poor women a chance to deal with the pain of one stroke before the next comes, most of those who give up at 40 could have taken 50 or 60. I think. (In some Mood films 100 are given, and it is unbeliveable. But I understand the Magyar counting by now! There is no cheating in Mood.)

  • Mary Antonucci

    Excellent review. I'm a fan of the brutal spank and cane. Love to see women in pain. Mood-castings was an excellent site for me until it went down. Hope it comes back soon.

  • Fil

    I have come across some of these castings and they are the most severe i have ever seen !
    I have been on the so called "scene" for over 20 years and residing from the UK we may not ne permitted to download these videos regards our new legislation.

  • Fil

    Excuse me be

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