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The Spanking Spot Site Review: Sam’s Diaries


The other day while chatting with Triple A about upcoming models and making fun of Hollish or whatever funny language  OTK Spankingthey speak in his country.  He had mentioned that one of his new models worked for Sam’s Diaries.  Sam’s Diaries I thought, A Spanking Site that I have not seen!  Unheard of Dear Reader,  this is an affront to nature!  So I went off in my merry way to see find this mystery of a site and after a grueling Google session.  I indeed had my prize.  To my delight it was run by a girl with probably THE nicest ass in the business.  The lovely Sam Johnson.

Excited I happily paid my price of entry.  Unfortunately Dear Reader that indeed is where the excitement ended .  Not  because of the content Dear Reader but because frustratingly because of the Delivery.  Read on Dear Reader and you soon will know why.

Caned on the bare bottom Site Offering and Cost
Sam’s Diaries looks to be a site that has been in operation for some time.  With a wide breadth of material I was quite amazed it flew under my radar for so long.  I would categorize it as a Movie/Picture site with a healthy 50/50 distribution on both.  To Sam’s own admission updates occur every Monday with both a photo shoot and a movie.  Like many sites the movies are released in parts. 

At the time of this review I counted over 100 movie “Parts” which probably translates into about 20-30 full movies.  Each movie “part” runs about 2:30 which would give one over a little under 4 hours of Spanking goodness.  The cost is a monthly fee of $24.95 (recurring only) with no discount for longer term subscribers.  Personally I think sites are just hurting themselves by not giving a long term discount option.  But a small issue in the realm of things. 

So at that cost one can expect to pay roughly $6.20 per HOUR of Spanking goodness.  By far not the cheapest site on the internet but still reasonable.  So you might be thinking to yourself Dear Ready,  “Hey Brush,  everything looks on the up and up.  what’s the deal with your opening statement?” Well Dear Reader,  everything is fine.  Until you realize the CONTENT IS Amy Hunter Spanked NON-DOWNLOADABLE!!! Now in fairness an alarm should have gone off in my head when the site mentions that you need flash to navigate the site and in fairness buried ON PAGE 3 of the tour it does mention in passing “All my videos will load and play directly on your web browser, so no messy downloads”

Furthermore the wonderful “Photo Stories” that the site touts you realize they DISABLED THE DOWNLOAD FUNCTION!  Non-downloadable movies,  non-downloadable pictures all for the great price of $24.95.  Dear Reader I think not!

Now for any user of the internet for more than 5 minutes knows that getting around disabling the right click in html is trivial.  Hell Google Chrome doesn’t even recognize the validity of such a silly thing.  Hence the pictures I bring you here.  Furthermore, video capture is also rather trivial with the right program. If someone wants to rip your stuff then they are going to do it no matter how many “secure” features you might put on your website. 

Now I do sympathize with our hard working Spanking Houses.  There is pirating going on.  But making not offering it for download on a pay site does not protect you in the least and annoys your customers. The reason why pirates are not trading your material is not because of the security but because any on page material is usually of such poor quality its not even valuable enough to steal let alone pay for!  Trying to not allow picture downloads,  in 2010?  please….

The Girls
The frustrating thing is that the material is quite good.  Its all original and has some of the top Spanking Models of today getting their wonderful bottoms spanked.  Names like my muse Leia Ann Woods, Amy Hunter, The incredibly hot Krirstyn Gold, Amelia Jane Rutherford and of course Sam herself with that incredible ass of hers.  If this site knew what they were doing I would be at this point singing praises to the beautiful girls.  But indeed Dear Reader it is not to be. 
Sam Johnson and Leia Ann Wood kirstyn_main syra_main Amelia Jane Rutherford 1a 1b

Scenes, Outfits, Film Quality and of Course The Spankings
Scenes and outfits run the gambit of our Spanking genre.  Schoolgirls, Bikini Spankings, Girls Spanked in the buff and some very nice use of Uniforms.  Not to mention the good old Domestic Spanking (Sam does really look good in tight Jeans).  There is a good Mix of M/f and F/f Spanking with I think a slight majority of M/f.  There is even one F/m!    Lots of wonderful OTK Spanking and of course you know the English and their love of the Cane. 

Amelia Jane Rutherford Gets a Spanking 15 Caned on the bare ass16a Girls Spanked by the captian Sam Johnson Spanked

Being that there is no available download you must watch the material in a small box on the webpage itself.  No option to resize it or anything making the quality quite horrible.  The Spankings themselves are neither particularly hard nor particularly light.  Middle of the road Spankings that if you could actually DOWNLOAD them would be quite delightful.

Well Dear Reader,  You already know the answer to the obvious question.  Did I like the site.  Sadly the answer is a big fat NO.  I suspect that Sam (if it is her that indeed runs it) is not a website designer and was sold a package (however poor it is) by someone who has no idea how to market websites on the Internet.  At least I hope that is the case.   I love Sam Johnson,  I really wanted to like this site Dear Reader.  I was all excited about including it in the Updates of the week!  I might consider re-reviewing it if they ever decide to give people what they paid for.  But in its present form it is not worth $24.95 or any price for that matter in Your Humble Narrator’s Opinion. 

In the unlikely event you are interested you can find it at Sam’s Diaries


2 comments to The Spanking Spot Site Review: Sam’s Diaries

  • morbius

    Re sams diares I think i mentioned this ages ago. It is a real shame and Sham.Like bad tushy in its bad days(not tried that again… for a while)a total washout of a site …. Great Pity
    Sam Johnson has a great bum and personality but her site is absolute crap, and now when i see her lovely bottom on a site i check the small print which is terribly sad :(

  • tim

    i wish Sams site was easier to use she is a lovely girl ,flash can be annoying to use if it was easier to use it would be great with lovely lil girls spanked .

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