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The Spanking Spot Site Review: SIT Spanking

This review of SIT spanking marks the halfway point in my review of the various sites brought to you by our friends at Girls Boarding School and offered though VIP Spanking. For the First time dear readers I am Spankingcautiously going to recommend if you are intent on joining Girls Boarding school but want the best bang for buck then VIP is definitely a deal you want to check out. (more on that later).

Initially when I joined I thought this odd little site was another supposedly "bonus" sites they give you joining VIP Spanking. These "Bonus" Sites amount little more then TGP's. However when I started to scroll around the site I was indeed pleasantly surprised. There is quite alot of content here that I think any spanko would enjoy.

Spanking Site Offerings and cost
As I said before when you first log into this site it looks little more then a TGP directory. It actually took me a little while to find the content which is located at the very bottom of the page in the form of video box thumbnails. As you might have guessed SIT Spanking is primarily a movie site.

So the first thing you might want to ask is "what the hell is SIT Spanking". Well SIT stands for Sting in the tail productions. SIT appears to be a UK based Spanking Production house that is still in business. Now I'm not sure if GBS has anything to do with the production end of it or simply buy's distribution rights to their material. Luckily I don't think that makes much of a difference here because SIT has some very decent spanking material that I would think that any self Caning respecting spanko would enjoy.

Now the odd thing about this site is you cannot join it as a standalone. You can only join it as a 2 for 1 deal with Spank Camp (We'll be reviewing that site next week) or part of the VIP spanking package. I have no idea why the webmasters would do that since the material alone on SIT is worthy of its own signup. Given I wouldn't Pay $29.95 for SIT Spanking alone but definitely 15 bucks. But hey I won't look a gift horse in the mouth.

Once you get though the weird front page of the members section you'll find the site quite intuitive. Click on the box for each movie and it brings you to a page where you can download the full movie, the movie in parts or Spanking screen shots/images. Downloading is a bit slow but some of these movies are a hour in length so that is to be expected.

At the time of this writing I counted 46 full movies available for download ranging from 1:15 to 9 minutes. Most are FULL play movies which is quite unique among non pay per view sites. I was able to add up all the backlog which gave me over 25 HOURS of spanking goodness at your fingertips.

Once you get though the backlog you can look forward to updates at least twice a week (remember this is in combo with Spank Camp which is also getting updated at the same rate). all movies are released in parts due to their size and once the movie is finished there is an option to download the full movie at once. (very nice)OTK Spanking

Since in order to get access to this site you MUST also get SpankCamp Cost per minute/hour is a bit hard to figure out. Cost for both sites is $29.95 for a recurring membership. That cost drops to $23 for a three month and down to $18 for a 6 month. I love to see sites offering discounts for longer subscriptions and the discount is quite fair.

If we split the membership fee right down the middle (15 bucks per). your talking 58 CENTS Per HOUR of spanking for the backlog which is an awesome value if you ask me. If you join though VIP spanking the costs are even less.

Spanking The Girls
You know dear readers, for what I thought was a filler site, they have some great girls here getting their asses beating quite well. Some of the movies appear "old" (old is relative in the Internet world) which I wasn't too thrilled with but some of the newer stuff is, well.. Fantastic!.

I could be very well wrong about this, but since some of these video's look a little age, I suspect they picked up some very good spanking talent very early in their careers. First off, I am totally obsessed with this girl (seen left). The first time I saw this girl was on Firm Hand (referred to as Nikki Montford) taking probably one of the hardest assbeatings I have ever seen. I never had the pleasure of seeing Nikki in anything else until now. Yes I know she has a bit of a dental problem, but teeth can be replaced, an ass like that is worth its weight in gold!SIT Spanking If anyone has any info on her please let me know.

Second Sit Spanking has the best facial expression girl in the business Krystin Gold who has also done work for Northern, and Spanking online just to name a few. It doesn't hurt that she is gorgeous. (I'm trying to set up an interview with her as well).

Third they have a girl they call Emma Hartley that looks remarkably like a very young Emma Brown from Bars and Stripes. I'm still not sure its the same girl but unbelievably cute none the less.

There are of course too many girls to name. Some I have never seen before. All of them are range from the downright incredible to very pretty. But again Dear readers pictures speak louder then words.
SIT Spanking SIT Spanking SIT Spanking

SIT Spanking SIT Spanking SIT Spanking

SIT Spanking Scenes, Film Quality, Outfits and of Course the Spankings
To get the Film Quality out of the way, As expected some of the older movies are somewhat grainy. All the movies are available in Real Media format with the older ones running in 700 kbs and the newer ones running at a full 1500kbs. I have found that alot of English movies typically are a bit subpar compared to American ones when it comes to the actual film quality. I'm not sure if its the camera's they use or simply because I am simply used to American film making. It also appears that these were shot with real film and not with video tape so that of course could be it as well. Never the less the movies are quite respectable with regards to quality.

Outfits and Scenes are superb. Sailor Suits, School Girls, Nurses, Cheerleaders, Secretaries, and DomesticOTK Spanking Scenes are all here. The also have a nice white haired old chap that dishes out the spankings to the girls. (always had a thing for older men spanking women).

The site has a nice mix of M/f and F/f perhaps being a bit on the heavy side of M/f spanking. Lots of OTK which of course is yours truly's favorite. The spankings are quite hard. Nothing that approaches brutal but you can see the sting in their face. Nikki Montford takes a very hard thigh paddling which looks quite painful. Some of the female spankers are a bit light for my tastes but respectable non the less. Of course what would English Spanking be without the cane? SIT Spanking does not disappoint in that area either otk Spanking with lots of the girls rears meeting the rattan.

Now back to the VIP spanking issue. Since I haven't reviewed SIT Spankings sister site Spank Camp I can't whole heartedly recommend signing up for just this site yet (talk to me next week). However If you like Girls Boarding School and Spanked Cutie you might want to consider going the VIP Spanking route. For $69/month you get Girls Boarding School, Spanked Cutie, Sit Spanking, Bad Females, Spank Camp, Boy's Boarding School and Spank Christina which so far is looking like a pretty good deal. It is of course up to you. I'll include both links at the end of this Review.OTK Spanking

Who will NOT like this site
English spanking is much different then American spanking. There are pro's and cons of both . If you don't like the UK side of our little hobby then this site is probably not for you.

Who will LOVE this Site
Well me for one, and anyone who enjoys OTK Spankingsome very decent and hard English spanking. If your a fan of any of the three girls I mentioned above then this is definitely a site for you. Also if you enjoy full length spanking films but don't like to pay the PPV prices then you will definitely like this site.

See it here at VIP Spanking OR SIT Spanking/Spank Camp


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5 comments to The Spanking Spot Site Review: SIT Spanking

  • Prefectdt


    I first found the SIT site back in 2000 the year I first had internet access. At this time dinosaurs roamed the Earth and video downloads where the size of a postage stamp and very fuzzy. Then SIT sold videos mail order via there internet site and where producing English style CP material of a far higher quality than any other that I saw (I did not buy any American style material at that time so I have no idea what the quality of that was back then).

    So personaly I would like to thank SIT video for pushing production quality way back then (7 years of internet time being about 300 years of real time of coarse) and am glad to see them still up and fighting in a time of such increased competition.


  • Dennis


    the girls name or at least her stage name seems to be Nicky Montford. She has her own website:

    where you can book spanking sessions with her. Altough it seems to be down right now due to bandwith limits. Two weeks ago it did work

    If you do a google search for her name you'll find some more information.

  • Cletus

    I always laugh when the gray-haired guy grumbles: "Don't make a meal of it!"

  • Anonymous

    Hey, while searching for widgets for my blog, I stumbled upon and wow! I found what I wanted. A cool news widget. My blog is now showing latest news with title, description and images. Took just few minutes to add. Awesome!

  • Anonymous

    I can name a couple of the other girls who feature a lot on SIT and spankcamp plus many other sites too.
    Shanelle who also has her own production company plus own sites her main one being, I adore this site as Shanelle goes all out with her own outfits/uniforms and once in her members area you don't get the obligatory 2-3 min clip that takes you a month to see the whole scene nor does she show a few pics each day and tell you her site is updated 5-7 times a week. What you do get is a full clip from start to finish and great role play from herself and the models she uses. I have seen shanelle in action on spank camp, SIT, spanked cutie, spanking online to name but a few and every time I am not disappointed with her as either a domme or sub role, she has a lovely ass!

    Lucie Taylor one of the other females has been around the scene for a while and can also be found on various sites like SIT, spankcamp and shanelle's.

    Dawn Deacon also appears on SIT site too.

    Perhaps the person who wrote this review should investigate further instead of skimming the surface as the above are all respected and well known scene players!!

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