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The Spanking Spot Site Review: Spank Christina

As I sat last evening watching the democratic youtube debate I began thinking about the fact that 3 in 10 women wanted to be spanked. So I asked myself of the candidates on the stage who were the spankers?Bikini Spanking

Hillary although she needs one is definitely not a spankee, Mike Gravel (who?) might be a angry old man but probably not one either. I suspect that Mr Obama gives his bride a couple of good slaps in the ass on occasion. Edwards of course is to concerned with mussing up his hair to spank his wife. Dodd and Richardson probably not, Biden however is a definite maybe (he kept calling everyone a liar)

The winner of the my little "who's the spanko" exercise was the unlikely Dennis Kasinich I mean dear readers if your 5'5", 50ish and married a 30 something gorgeous amazon is there any question in ones mind that there is Spanking something going on other straight sex? To hell with family values my friends. its either bondage or spanking. I pick the latter.

I bring this up because of our next review of Spank Christina, another property owned and operated by our stuck up friends at Girls Boarding School. Now once again our friends at GBS are rather secretive so its unknown at this point if Christina is actually still affiliated with the site.

Regardless Dear Reader, this is a worthy site and some very interesting material is available here. For the first Spanking time now that I have gone though all the sites available at VIP spanking I can wholeheartedly recommend joining though this option if your interested in spanking beyond Girls Boarding School. While GBS remains the one of the premier spanking sites, if you fancy something more, VIP spanking I believe is well worth the price for what you get. If you choose you will get Girls Boarding School, SIT Spanking, Spanked Cutie, Spanked Females, Spank Camp, Spank Christina and if you enjoy F/M Boys boarding school all for $69 per month. At the very least its worth a single month to download all the great archives they have.

OTK Spanking Site Cost and Offerings
Spank Christina is somewhat of a single girl site. While they do have other girls rears being beaten (quite nicely might I add) Christina is the main attractions. The site (like most of the others offered in VIP spanking) is mostly a movie site. The format follows pretty much the same as the other sites owned my GBS. Nicely laid out all movies downloadable in parts or full movies and some nice screenshots to boot.

Updates occur every weekday which happily is quite frequent. The updates consists of either a movie part or a picture gallery of the movie. Another nice thing is when the movie is complete they offer you the option to Spankingdownload the entire movie at once.

At the time of this writing I counted 70 full scene's available for download and two others that are incomplete. Typical Scene length is 12 to 30 minutes with the average being above 20 minutes. This dear reader will give you at a minimum about a full 24 hours of this wonderful spanking site.

Now pricing has a couple of different options. They offer a 7 day trial for $9.95, a month recurring for 24.95 and $29.95 non-recurring. Since I usually do my reviews on recurring I'll OTK Spankinguses $24.95. So at that price we are talking a smidgen over $1.00 per HOUR of the wonderful spanking in the archive. Quite a good deal. Again I hate to keep bringing it up but it would be even cheaper if you joined through VIP Spanking!

After you get though the backlog it appears you will get about two full movies of new material per month at their update rate. That would be about 40 minutes of new material or a little more then 50 cents per minute. Not the best I have seen but quite fair.

Naughty Girl The Girls
Initially this site appeared to be a one spankee site namely the shapely Christina. At some point they began spanking other girls as well. Now she has some rather unconventional looks. An English girl who undebatable has one hell of a body and can take a spanking like with the best of them. Personally I find her gorgeous but it would be forgivable if you dear reader disagreed with yours truly.

One of the my favorite spankee's in the whole world Krysten Young, also joins your lovely Christina. Incidentally I finally made contact with her and am setting up an interview.

But my friends it is pictures you have come for and pictures you shall get. Feast your eyes on the cornucopia of spankee's that this site offers.

Spank Christina Spank Christina Spank Christina

Spank Christina Spank Christina Spank Christina

Spanking Scenes, Outfits, Film Quality and of course the Spankings.
To start off the Outfits are really nothing to write home about. I might have to drop looking at the outfits since its so hard to be original these days. They do have quite a few good spankings in Jean mini-skirts which I do like (Kill me, I grew up in the 80's). The ever present school uniforms of course and some skimpy lingerie spankings. In a good number of cases they just don't bother and start off naked.

Like the Outfits, the scene's run the typical gambit of spanking material. Most of the spankings are F/f which OTK Spankingafter a commenter pointed it out to me I must address. There seems to be a disturbing trend as of late making a rarity of the Male spanker. I mean don't get me wrong I love to see F/f spank. This is of course a personal preference, somehow to me F/f just doesn't measure up to a male giving a naughty lady the spanking of her life. I would love to see more M/f out there.

Film Quality is excellent the newer movies running at 1550 kbs in real Media. I did notice that a few of the earlier movies were "broken" (you can't fast forward the movie) which I would ask they fix.

With a few exceptions and as we have come to expect from the GBS people the spankings are quite hard. I did notice a pattycake spanking or two but the majority are by far hard and OTK Spankingsatisfying. Incidentally there are a few lady spankers who have extraordinary proficiency with the strap and cane.

Who will NOT Like this site

I would have to assume if your more into M/f then F/f you might have issues with this site.

Who WILL like this site

attention Female spanker lovers you'll enjoy this site. also if your into British girls you would probably enjoy this site as well. Finally if you, like me find Christina quite attractive you'll also enjoy it.

See it here at Spank Christina OR VIP Spanking


10 comments to The Spanking Spot Site Review: Spank Christina

  • Anonymous

    Dear Blogger,

    Please stop talking like an idiot and start using "you're" and "than" where they're supposed to go. You come across like some illiterate blowhard with a spanking fixation. It's scary to think you're allowed to vote.

    Dear Reader

  • Prefectdt

    As to the last comment, I thought that this was a site review not English home work.

    Christina Was the driving force behind SIT video back in the days when they where producing VHS video tapes for sale. This was long before any affiliation with GBS, as far as I know they existed before GBS came into being. These where the first UK style CP videos of any quality that I bought and Christina seemed to be largly responsible for this. So thank you Christina.


  • b/adam

    I always seem to find the best sites, when I'm on the way out.
    Oh, well..into the "favorites" you go!

    Best wishes..
    ..I'll be reading.

    (final story for my spot, tonight!)


  • BrushStrokes

    But I am a illiterate blowhard with a spanking fixation!

  • Prefectdt

    Fair enough then. I apologize to the first commenter for my criticism, when he was according to Brushstrokes correct.


  • Anonymous

    i'm a girls gone wild girl and i just love the way the models bottoms are positioned, so i can see everything from the front to the back. I would give anything to have my bottom spanked by one of the Spank Models.

  • Anonymous

    CHECK OUT and click the box down you will find all mm/anner of spanking from F/f, F/m, M/f, Corporal Punishment, Caning etc; Whatever your fetish it's here!

  • Anonymous

    Christina is a marvellous young woman, who has given many people a great deal of pleasure with her work. Does anyone had any more information about her? Btw, yes, it's not an English lesson and I'm grateful for the info supplied here, but any articles with "you're" instead of "your" and "should have" instead of "should of" etc will have more credibility.

  • I agree with you that M/F spankings seem to be going the way of the dinosaurs. Pictures (and videos) of males spanking females are what got me interested in the "scene" in the first place. Nowadays, you really have to look hard to find that sort of pairing.

    Most videos and pictures that appear on the various sites are now F/F. Maybe there are folks that like these, but for me it will always be more logical for a man to do the spanking.

    F/F is a joke.

  • Max

    Dan N. I agree with you. It's not that I don't like F/F videos, but there's an erotic edge to it that gets left out. I feel often times directors try to make their vids to much about emphasizing a feminine aesthetic and eroticism than focusing on the dynamics and aesthetics of what makes spanking erotic.

    Having a guy as a top generally looks and feels better. They're bigger and have more control of the spankee, there's an innately erotic aspect that doesn't need to get reinforced with rubbing and extra-discplinary touching, they have bigger hands and don't need to use as much effort…it's usually just better.

    Don't get me wrong, I've seen some fantastic female tops. Veronica on punished brats is great and the Contessa from Shadow Lane is my favorite top ever, but often times more scenes just go wrong when there's a women on top.

    There are bad guy tops out there and their terrible to wathch too, like that little kid guy who's always on spankingtube (you know the guy who looks like he's 19) but I feel you see them much less often.

    Anyway, I admit the videos are well done but I wish Christina was a little younger.

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