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The Spanking Spot Site Review: Spanked Cheeks

While lying on my deathbed brought about by this years flu I found myself thinking how fortunate I was to have the honor of having so many fine people coming to read what I have to write. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought this to be. Because of this, while this is a hobby I will say I get to do some good in the world. Particularly showing off small or startup sites which may or may not otherwise have a chance.

Today I bring you Spanked Cheeks from our friends across the pond. While I cannot confirm this. It appears that this is the companies first foray into the M/F genre. If this is indeed true, I am expecting good things in the future from this site as they grow.

Site Offerings and Cost
Spanked Cheeks is what I would characterize as a small to medium size site. While it may be small the site has soul and looks quite promising offering a combination of Spanking Movies, Pictures, Artwork and Stories. Now Personally I am more of a movie type of person though a well shot picture can peak my fancy, Spanked Cheeks offers enough video in its present form to keep me interested.

Updates consist of Pictures, Movies and Stories. They tend to mix them up. Some weeks having video and stories, others having pictures and video or pictures and stories. It also looks like they are religious about putting up at least 12 minutes of new video per month. Video is released in parts of a larger "Scene"

Upon the writing of this article I counted 9 full "scenes" running anywhere from 13 to 36 minutes long. The total movie time runs a little over 2 hours, much less then other more established sites. The costs for the site however try to reflect the lack of the sites backlog. Running $19.99 per month we would be talking about roughly $10 per HOUR of spanking video. Not the cheapest but again what one would expect from a young site. For the new material costs run $1.66 per minute which is in cheaper then most other sites. Keep in mind that ALL of the video is either in High Def or near High Def.

The Girls
Spanked Cheeks looks as if they want to produce original content. I don't recognize the girls yet my knowledge of well known UK spankee's is somewhat limited. The girls are a solid mix, ranging from Average to very attractive with a couple that I think have potential. Ericka is a quite attractive blonde. Sasha has quite the physique that would lend itself for a very nice ass beating. I have even become smitten with Kyrstin Gold, while not your standard beauty she effeminately has that cute look about her when her buns upon fire.

Film Quality, Outfits, Scenes and of course the Spankings.
A+ for the sites film quality. As mentioned above these videos are in WMV running at 1400k which is close to High Def and the second highest quality for WMV that I have reviewed. There is no DRM that I can tell. The outfits so far in the movies are pretty domestic. They do have some Schoolgirl stuff coming down the pipe. Just an FYI, a couple of photo's for the girls listed above are movies that are "coming soon".

But of course we are all interested in the spankings. I am sorry to say that they are a little light for my tastes. Most of the movies are of the F/F kind which tends to be lighter then M/F. But again I cannot point out enough that Ladies, if you are going to spank watch Lady D. That woman can SPANK!.

So I guess the ultimate question for those that value the opinion of yours truly is, did I like it? Well I think this site has some serious potential. It wasn't my favorite but a solid entry into the world of the spanking Internet. If I were to give my advice I would enjoy seeing some more face shots and some harder spankings. As for staying power Its backed by a successful Spanking house that run a number of sites in the F/M niche. Incidentally we'll be reviewing them on The Spanking Spot's sister site. (more about that in a week or so).

Who will NOT like this site
Those of us who want larger more established sites.
Spanko's who demand very hard spankings.
M/F lovers (to date)

Who will LIKE this site
Us Spanko's with a more adventurous spirit looking for fresh faces

See them here at SPANKED CHEEKS


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