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The Spanking Spot Site Review: Spanked Cutie

In my never ending ability to keep myself awake at night thinking about useless things, I found my self the other evening contemplating the difference between "Cute" and "Beautiful". For example I would characterize someone like Reese Witherspoon as cute, while someone like Jessica Alba as Beautiful. Lindsay Lohan is (among other things) is Cute, Jennifer Biels is Beautiful. Caning

The reason I sit here and write this Dear readers is its one of those things that has no real definition. If you asked me to describe Ugly vs Good looking I could probably do it. But when you get into the nuances of Cute vs Beauty you simply know it when you see it.

That is not to say that one is superior then the others. Quite honestly I have always enjoyed cute vs beautiful particularly in spankings. Our next site review on the Spanking Spot brings the art of spanking incredibly cute girls to the next level both in name and function and my friends Spanked Cutie does not Disappoint.

Spanking Site Offerings and Cost.
Spanked Cutie is run by the same folks that bring us Girls Boarding School. Since The Spanking Spot is simply a peon in the spanking world I was not successful in getting them to tell me how Spanked Cutie began. However from reading some history on various boards it appears it started as a site dedicated to the spanking of probably the Cutest Spankee ever to grace the screen of a Spanko's monitor.

Now Dear Readers I will make a confession. There have been numerous accusations of yours truly only liking spanking models in desperate need of eating a couple of sandwiches. While there is some truth to that characterization though ironically my favorite Spankee of all time and the girl that launched Spanked Cutie does not fit that description. I am of course talking about the almost perfect specimen we know as Sophie. Sadly it appears that our lovely Sophie is no longer associated with Spanked Cutie. While more then half the films feature our Sophie The more recent Spankingfilms feature other (but no less attractive) girls getting their bottoms bruised.

Enough of my fawning about our brunette princess and back to the nuts and bolts. Spanked Cutie is primarily a movie site. It also features photo shoots and screen shots of the individual movies. The site is very simple to navigate and download from. Spanking Site Owners Take NOTE! I take my hat off to whom ever designed Spanked Cutie site since its one of the simplest well laid out sites I have seen.

Now for the first time in my history of being a spanking blogger I can't for the life of me figure out how often they update this site. The disturbing thing is on their splash page they have the last "release date" of Nov 2006. Now I know not if that refers to the DVD Release date or the Update date and I have not been a member for long enough to see a update. Its quite possible they are still updating the site its also possible they are not so Caningbuyer beware.

Luckily if you choose to chance Spanked Cutie the risk is rather low since there is quite a bit of fantastic backlog to keep you interested and will probably take you the better part of two weeks to download. By that time you'll know if they are updating on a regular basis so you can cancel if they aren't. (note to readers if anyone can shed any light on the update schedule please feel free to post a comment).

At the time of this writing. I counted 74 full movies offered on Spanked Cutie. The movies are downloadable in parts for those of us still on dial up or the full movie for us broadband users which is a very nice feature. Farm SpankingNow the curious thing is that on their splash page they advertise 82 full movies which is clearly inaccurate. Due to the way they treat yours truly I probably shouldn't, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt here that either I am either mistaken or its a simple oversight. It doesn't make sense to me why a site would lie when you have 74 fantastic full movies at about 15 minutes a pop. 19 hours of spanking is nothing to sneeze at especially at the quality they offer.

Costs run at $29.95 per month. That cost drops to a whopping $9.95 per month if you sign up for a full year. I WOULD NOT Recommend anything other then a 14 day (24.95) or the 30 day until we figure out if they are still updating the site. Personally I joined Via their VIP spanking which includes Girls Boarding School which would probably drive the price down considerably. I am not recommending VIP spanking yet since I have yet to get though all the material but my initial indications is that its more then worth it for the $69/month it costs with the material they offer.

At the most expensive that will get you $1.57 per hour of really fantastic spanking material. While not the cheapest it excels in quality and in my opinion well worth the price of entry.

Spanking Sophie The Girls
Well First and foremost there is Sophie to whom I would beg to come back to the spanking scene. (or at least let me interview her). But interestingly enough they have quite a few girls on this site. For one they have talented Niki Flynn who's films appears to be bought from another site. They also have Krysten while not as famous as I wish she was has probably some of the best facial expressions in the spanking industry. Elizabeth Simpson also makes a couple of appearances though mainly as a spanker. They also have a number girls from Girls Boarding School making a guest spot. It doesn't seem like any of their material is recycled which is also a nice thing and also supports my theory that the 82 movies was simply a typo. But enough of my Blathering pictures of course are worth a thousand words.

Spanked Cutie Spanked Cutie Caning

Spanking Spanking Spanked Cutie Spanked Cutie Spanked Cutie

Spanking Scenes, Outfits, Film Quality and of course the Spankings.
Sophie in that outfit (tennis I think ) is probably all I need to say but assuming you aren't a Sophie fan Spanked Cutie has a nice array of outfits for the spanking connoisseur. Lots of school girls, Couple of nice jean spanking which is always welcome. It has a nice Farmers Daughter spanking on the farm and in spite of the fact I didn't actually see a farm until I was 15 was quite a turn on.

Film quality is good to excellent depending on the date of the spanking vid (to be expected). All of the video's are in RM format except for the most recent ones which run in WMV format at an excellent 1000kbs. Scenes are your typical spanking fare though happily Spanked Cutie have lots of outdoor spanking scenes which it a breath of fresh air. Caning

The Spankings do not disappoint dear readers, living up to the reputation that the folks at GBS has built for themselves. All of them are quite hard with a few bordering on brutal caning's. My friends there is nothing like seeing Sophie over the knee getting the crap spanked out of her. OTK lovers beware, much of what is offered here is caning and paddling. Of course I would love to see more over the knee spanking but there is enough here to keep me interested.

Who will NOT like this Site
Well if you absolutely detest Sophie (I would have no idea why) half of the site is dedicated to her. I also would not recommend this site as a stand alone to the first time spanko simply because the updates are in question. Join GBS or some of the others I have recommended. If you want to join VIP spanking on the other hand they offer a lot of material for you to start your collection.

Caning Who will LOVE this site
Well if your like me and are simply infatuated with Sophie then this is the site for you. Once you get though the Sophie Video's they have a lot of nice girls being spanked rather hard. I do hope I am wrong about the updates because this is an excellent site for those of us that have experience in joining other spanking sites and know what to expect.

See it here at Spanked Cutie or VIP Spanking


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6 comments to The Spanking Spot Site Review: Spanked Cutie

  • LondonDav

    I've been a member of this site a couple of times (via VIP spanking) and can confirm that when I last joined (a month ago), they had new content – so it seems as though they are updating regularly, albeit fairly slowly.

  • Anonymous

    from what I've seen lately they seem to feature mainly productions made in Eastern Europe (I'd guess Hungary by the language that's spoken). Rather pretty girls, although the setting tends to be F/f only.


  • E.

    As You, I love Sophie, who is certainly one of the most greatest spanking ladies of our world…

    My site… (in french)

  • Spankfun

    There are no updates – the newest "Release Date" remains "November 16, 2006" with (as the advertising promises) "82 full movies online". It seems that GBS hosts quite a few outdated sites.

  • kamiran

    all the spanking site are bhan chod gandu dale

  • yarbie

    Were can I meet a wife that likes to be spanked.

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