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The Spanking Spot Site Review: Spanking Bare Butts

I know I have told this story before but since it makes a great intro to our next site review I will make you suffer though it again. When I was about 14 a family from Alabama moved in across the street with two girls one myF/f Spanking age and another one two years younger. Being it was summer and they didn't know anyone my sister and I befriended them.

As the long lazy days of Summer ran one into another as they tended to when I was that age. We hung out and got to know each other quite well. Then one day we were doing some such thing and my neighbor's twig of a mother came out and called her to which she responded my friends with a bit of lip.

"Sue-Ann (all self respecting southerners have two first names of course) such and such, Get your butt in here NOW" she warned sternly. Since you can see where this is going Dear Reader of course Sue-Ann did not comply.

Bathroom Spanking Storming back into the house I had new found respect for my new friend brushing off her mother like that and thinking that it worked. That respect turned to a curiosity as I noticed her mother returning with something in her hand looking quite like a hairbrush. Since her back was to the door Sue-Ann didn't see the coming onslaught and your humble narrator was to ignorant in the ways of the South to really comprehend what exactly was going to happen next.

As I stood with my jaw ajar watching my new friend rear turning a deeper shade of purple

a public beating with what indeed turned out to be a hair brush. I learned two things that day Dear Reader, First that I was indeed a spanko. Second, my Southern countrymen were a bit "different" then us Yankee's. Spanking

Now I like most of us in the North have been known to jest about our Southern Brethren (all in good fun of course, they did indeed vote GWB in office TWICE!) but I tell you Dear Reader NO one can spank like a pissed off southerner. Once you hear that unmistakable twang in a woman's voice you can be 100% assured that they have been spanked at least once in their lives. Give a southern mother lip, and you will be indeed over her knee in a matter of seconds.

Personally I find the southern accent quite sexy particularly in a spanking situation. This is why Dear Reader that I bring you a fantastic new site from the southern regions of our great nation. Spanking Bare Butts.

OTK Spanking Site offerings and Cost
Spanking Bare Butts is run by a Husband and wife team shooting original high quality footage. Now before I go on Dear Reader this site is in its infancy, but in your humble narrators opinion its got one hell of a future. Started 4 months ago, They chose to close the site since they were not happy with the quality of the movies and retool. I am overjoyed they did since the new version of Spanking Bare Butts is probably one of the best starter sites I have seen in a long time plus I am impressed with their dedication to delivering high quality content to the us Spanking enthusiasts for a fair price.

Spanking Bare Butts is strictly a movie site for now. I have made the suggestion that they add some high quality photo's to the site. We'll be following this as time goes on.

At the time of this review I counted 12 video's running between 7 and 9 minutes apiece. Now doing the math mySpanking with a Ruler friends this would only give you 96 minutes (little over an hour and a half) of spanking fun. Normally I would not be happy with such a limited offering but like all sites they have to start somewhere AND I think the site is priced more then fairly.

Costs run $14.95 per month which I think is the lowest a new site can go and still try to make money. Regardless it shows a understanding they are still building their clientele and they are trying to give them a fair price for the content they have. I personally applaud them for this.

At the present price we are talking roughly $9 per hour of spanking goodness for the limited backlog they have. Not the cheapest but they are growing. Updates occur once a week and offer a full movie (no parts). My guess is at rate they update that price will drop in half by Christmas.

Spanking Bare Butts The Girls
Being a new site there isn't a tremendous amount of variety here yet. But what they have to work with is a really good start. First we find my lovely Juliet of Punished Brats fame. My only problem with her is she is the main female spanker. Quite honestly she is much better as a bottom then a top but still gorgeous non the less. She shoots exclusively with a new girl name Ariel whom I have not yet had the pleasure to view. Very attractive blonde but I would like to see her over the knee of more apt spanker like David Pierson or the Male Spanker of this site. They have another very attractive blonde I have not seen yet either. Hope to see more of her.

The headliner of Spanking Bare Butts is of course the Male Spankers lovely wife Bryanna. A true southern bell with a Thin, delicate bottom, blonde hair and just a hint of a overbite to add to her already very cute self. Plus she has a thick southern accent that a spanker would be crazy not to love. But enough of my description see for yourself.
Spanking Bare Butts Mother daughter spanking Spanking Bare Butts

Outfits, Scenes, Film quality and of course the "Spankin's"OTK Spanking
To start off Outfits are noting to write home about. Bryanna looks cute as hell in her purple dress and wears a miniskirt quite well. For those of you tired of the "schoolgirl" theme you might enjoy since it really focuses on domestic discipline between Hubby/Wife, Roommates and Mother Daughter. Actually I kind of find this refreshing and the pull the scenes off quite well for such a young site. Like all Spanking Sites they make a couple of mistakes but nothing that is a show stopper. My thought is if they are this good now what will they be producing a year from now!

Spanking in the woods Film quality is variable but decent. I would suggest they upgrade the film quality just a tad. I realize they probably can't afford the bandwidth that the larger sites out there can so I will give them a pass on this with the right to change my mind later down the line. The one odd thing is that everything looks a bit stretched but after testing the movies out in a number of different programs I came to the conclusion its the codex's I am using.

You'll notice my intentional misspelling of Spanking. This Dear Reader is for those of us that have never visited the deep south. For my European friends Like the Scottish while technically they speak English yet few of us really understand their vernacular. For example Spankin is of course Spanking. Dang is "HOLY SHIT THAT HURTS", Grits rather then crap you get in your teeth is some mushy stuff that you eat. You get my drift. Outdoor Spanking

While Juliette is not the greatest spanker in the world, Spanking Bare Butts more then makes up for it from the ass beatings lovely Bryanna gets. Her husband is truly one of the luckiest guys on the planet. How this girl sits down after some of the spankin's she gets. One small quibble is that well, I LOVE face shots. Personally I love to see the reaction of the spankee during a hard spanking. My one suggestion is include more face shots of Bryanna. Personally I think it would make the spanking scene's much more enjoyable.

Who will NOT like this site
Well if your new to the scene there are other sites that will give you more for your money to start your spanking video collection. if your an exclusive fan of very hard F/f spanking then you probably should avoid this site for a bit.

Spanking Who will LOVE this site
For those of us who want something new or enjoy some good Domestic spankings I think you will be quite pleased with your membership. Personally I loved it I think its one of the better startup spanking sites I have seen. There are a few minor quibbles but nothing that would be a deal breaker. I look forward to great things from this site. I will be visiting regularly.

See it here at Spanking Bare Butts


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5 comments to The Spanking Spot Site Review: Spanking Bare Butts

  • RichT

    The link you provided goes to The Spanking Couple's site.

  • BrushStrokes

    All fixed, sorry about that

  • A.S.S.

    Hadn't heard of this new site… thanks for the review.

    Todd & Suzy

  • Redchief

    As of 6-12-08, cost is now 19.95. I count 44 videos. There are few pictures. Navigation is a little difficult, several missing links, but redirect yourself, you will find the link in another place on the site. Juliet from Punished Brats is in several videos. And yes, Brushstrokes, Bryanna's drawl is sexy.

  • Max

    Southern? Isn't Amy Hunter headlining this site? Previews I saw hardly seemed to have a primarilly southern theme.

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