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Spanking Server

Well contrary to what I said in my last site review concerning the fact I had run out of sites to review. I learned as our illustrious Idiot and chief learned on the Aircraft carrier 3 years ago. Never say Mission Accomplished. Today dear readers I bring you a wonderful site called Spanking Server. Niki Flynn

Now friends, I will make a revelation about myself. I am a cheap bastard. Not cheap in the sense that I want to rip anyone off but cheap in the sense I want a good value for my money. This is one of the reasons I try to give you an idea on the cost per minute or hour of the various spanking sites. I too want you to get the best bang for your buck.

That being said, I was almost horrified when I initially logged into the Spanking Server. Their business model (which I will describe below) is one I am still not sure I like. BUT after exploring a bit more and seeing what they have to offer I changed my opinion rather quickly. As I said, I'm still not sure I like it, But it is indeed more then fair.

Schoolgirl Caning Site offerings and Cost
When you first log into Spanking Server you'll be greeted with a tremendous amount of content. This is somewhat misleading because "most" of the archived content is at extra cost. As you might guess dear readers I was immediately furious. But then I started exploring, looking at the neckbreaking speed in which they update, thought about what other sites are doing and found the material that was indeed included in the price. I finally got over my initial shock and found a site that give you quite a fair deal on what they offered.

Spanking Server's content consists of a shitload of movies and pictures. Updates are daily providing on full Over the knee Spankingmovie clip per day. Each clip is a full scene and runs between 2 to three minutes. All clips are in extremely high quality rm format running at 700kbs. At the daily update rate you would be talking about 1 1/2 HOURS of new spanking content per month. This of course is phenomenal, one of the highest in the industry. I tip my hat to the owners of the site for providing such a value.

Cost runs 21.35 Euro or 29.95 US. (Hey you can't blame the site for the exchange rate). If you sign up for a 6 month membership that drops to 21.95/Month (Total of $129.95) it is indeed expensive but in my opinion since they are updating every day with new content the cost worth it for the Caninggenerous discount. At its most expensive your talking a about 38 cents per minute of new material every month or less then $20 an hour. This is a A+ in value on new material beating many sites cost per hour on the archived material.

The shocker was when you start looking at the archive. You'll quickly see that once the "week" of material is done it disappears from the site only to be released in "Packs" later on at a cost of $24.95 for 28 full clips. Now before you go batshit I did. Keep in mind the amount of new material they produce per week AND the fact that someSpanking Stocks of the "Packs" are free with your membership.

Three of the packs in the archive are free with membership, which would give you a total of 84 clips of archived material for a total of 4 hours of spanking goodness. which would run about $7.50 per hour for the archived material. Not the cheapest but when coupled with what you get on the updates I think its more then fair.

They have a tremendous Still gallery (which is free with membership) with over 156 separate high quality galleries with about 50 pictures each. (total of 7800 or so). I do wish they told Spankingyou which movie the stills came from so you can make informed decisions on weather or not to buy the movie packs or not. But I am splitting hairs here

Normally I think the Archives should be available in your membership. BUT, I thought about the many good sites I have reviewed that take their archives and release new sites with the material, so how exactly is what Spanking Server is doing different? On top of which you know exactly what you are getting for your money. So my friends after the initial turnoff I did a dramatic 180 in my opinion. Personally I think anyone who joins this site would agree with me that it is indeed fair and quite honestly a novel way to retain subscribers. While I'm still kind of struggling whether or not I like the model I do have to give kudos to the crew of Spanking server for exploring better ways to provide great content at a fair price.

Spanking ServerThe Girls
The majority of girls are nothing less the gorgeous, another bonus for the quality of the site. Those that may not fit that description are at the very least Very Hot. If your a fan of Niki Flynn she does quite a bit of work for spanking server, (And her new movie is being released though a ppv download though Pain4Fem. Another property of the folks at Spanking Server). Spanking Server

I'm not familiar with most of these girls but I would love to be. Just to mention a few (and by all means not a complete list). Lucie is nothing short of stunning, Salome looks fantastic in pigtails, Daniela is cute as hell, Tiffany is a stunning blonde, and I think I am in love with Sarah. Her eyes are phenomenal.

They have 59 girls listed so I obviously cannot show you all of them, but I would urge you (if your interested) to check out the girls page (its free). at the very least you can peruse some gorgeous European females. Another nice touch is if you click on their picture you get some nice stills so you can see exactly what your getting.

Spanking Server Spanking Server Spanking Server Spanking Server

Schoolgirl Schoolgirl tart schoolgirl

Caning Film Quality, Scenes, Outfits and The Spankings
As I have already stated the film quality is extremely high. Very professionally done. One little quibble is that all the downloads are in Zip files to make them smaller so its a bit of a pain to extract all of them. But again its a quibble.

My friends I am happy to say these are some of the hardest spanking I have seen on film. Now not all are strictly bottom spankings, Some of the girls are subject to a good flogging on the back and rear and there is some "Pussy spanking" which is not my personal taste but I am sure some of yours. They run a good mix of OTK, Flogging, caning, quite a bit of Diaper positions, Ping pong paddles, wooden spoons Hairbrush, and carpet beaters. Spanking(another favorite of mine). I mean friends if its something you can beat a beautiful girls behind with Spanking Server has it!

To get back to the spankings they range from very very hard to bordering on brutal. (but not so much its a turn off). These girls take their licks HARD. Now I know there is a debate raging on some of the boards about the kind of hard eastern European type of spanking vs "loving" spankings. This is definitely the hard against their will eastern European type spankings. (I like both to tell you the truth).

Whipping The Scenes and Outfits are both excellent. You have probably every spanking scenario in the book. From east German prisoner to your typical over the knee school girl. They make frequent use of the rack, horse and stocks for those of you who enjoy that. Lots of use of restraints as well.

I have been going back and forth on these reviews on whether or not to tell you dear readers if I enjoyed the site. In this case I will indeed tell you since I initially made a big stink about the archives. I did, and the cheapness in me was satisfied with what Spanking Server has to offer. I think its a high quality site that many of you will be happy with.

Who will NOT like this SiteSpanking
Some of you may potentially be turned off on the archive deal just on principle. If you are keep in mind the amount of material you get. While I do want you to get the best value for your money I do recognize these sites must make money to stay in business. To keep to the updates schedule at the rate they do, it must be expensive. So, in this case I don't fault Spanking Server for the their business model. Also if the eastern brutal spanking thing turns you off you might be unhappy with the content

OTK Who will LOVE this site
If you like the eastern European type of spanking, or if you like your spankings on the very hard to brutal side then this site is a must have. If your a flogging lover or enjoy the rack, you'll also love it. The girls are also extreamly attractive for the amount they have. Lots of variety here

See them Here at Spanking Server


14 comments to The Spanking Spot Site Review: Spanking Server

  • Paige

    BrushStrokes ,

    I wanted to compliment you on the quality of your reviews. Only someone with a deep passion and commitment too their fetish could write this well. If you aren't now, I would have to say you were a writer in another life, and very good one at that.

    PS: I love spanking, giving because I love to make the girls/boys cry, and receiving because I never give in, I love the challenge and the marks that remain once the spanking is over.

  • Anonymous

    Great reviews as always. You are like the Consume Reports of the otk industry :))


  • Anonymous

    oops i forgot to say on the previous post:


    "The Cherry Red Report"

    I clearly have not had any coffee yet…….;)

  • spankingflash

    Excelent Site!!!. Thenks.

  • BrushStrokes

    now lets see, A couple of weeks ago I was accused of being an illiterate goof.

    Well thank you Paige and everyone. actually I am just a frustrated writer with no talent :)


  • A.S.S.

    "an illiterate goof"… wow, pretty harsh. We've always enjoyed your reviews! This site seems a little heavy on the female genitalia… too much so for us. But, you're very fair in your reviews. Open about the pros and cons. We think your reviews are well written, too.

    ~Todd & Suzy

  • Anonymous

    Am not a member of spanking server but do like browsing the free site. Some great clips and a great photo section. The girls are generally so pretty and yet able to take some really severe punishments, particularly with my favourite implement, the cane. I also love all the props – the stocks, trestle, caning bench etc and really like some the photos of the girls posing playfully with assorted pieces of punishment apparatus in between shoots.

  • Daniel

    Our Commander-In-Chief was not wrong, we did accomplish the mission. Toppling a brutal regime that raped and tortured its own people was no small task. Taking on the 4th largest military in the world and defeating it in an amazingly short time, was a historical event. Our President was congratulating OUR military for their success. In this country we use to celebratethe times when we took down evil dictators, elimiated those who suppressed others, gave freedom to the oppressed. But now, we have fools like you who have no sense of history. You should stick to writing spanking reviews, as you have no sense of the real world.

  • Anonymous

    Spankingserver is in my top three. I resent having to pay money for spanking porn — it should be free in a just society — but this site gets me to pony up with its beautiful bound girls getting their asses whipped, strapped, caned, etc.

    Much to my excitement, a new crop of models has come in and their preview pictures show them tied in a humiliating ass way up, head way down position to suffer through an ANAL CANING! Can't wait to join when the first one of those vids goes up.

  • Anonymous

    Daniel said…
    Taking on the 4th largest military in the world and defeating it in an amazingly short time, was a historical event.

    To quote Bill Hicks:"The 4th largest army in the world?, Yeah, but just remember, after the first three largest armies in the world there's a real big fucking drop-off, ok? THe Hare Krishnas are the 5th largest army in the world and they already have our airports, so who is the bigger threat?"

    And he did this before his death in 1994.

    Stunning review.
    Love the honesty, love the site.

  • Anonymous

    Spankingserver just increased its FREE offerings to 10 new videos and hundreds of pictures. One of the videos is an anal caning, which I enjoyed watching very much. I recommend checking out the free stuff at:

  • Anonymous

    Absolutly one of the best spanking sites on the net. New to the site, but as far as I can tell a load of content, and various ways to view it. By movie or title, by model, even and especially by means of punishment. Bravo to SS for their Gyno-Chair scenes. It should be mandatory for all the models. It's perfect, facing their punisher and punishment. Knowing when each stroke is coming, and made to stay open and receive it on their most sensitive spot. Bravo again to the good Doc dishing out the strokes with some authority with a flexable yet firm leather paddle. Yes sir, no flimsey 9 tails for him, he make those labias pop with his choice of tool. Lastly, most of the models are drop dead beautiful, although some seem a little hardened to what is happening to them. I absolutly love the one's that are really taken back by what is happening to them. The one's that protest, whimper, sob, like Adriana or Nicoleta. Also nice are different ways to join. I opted for the "pussy spanking package for 2 reasons-hard to find this type of punishment anywhere, and it is their only non-reoccuring membership. The only drawbacks I see are- they do not offer a non-reoccuring membership for their whole site, and the foreign language barrier. I sure would like to know what is being said during the clip.

  • […] Offerings and CostAs stated in the original review.  Spanking Server is indeed a movie site.  And a good one at that.  They do have a […]

  • grandaddyo

    The delectable administratrix with the long, blonde hair,
    who can show us where to find pix of her, naked or in lingerie . . . ?

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