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The Spanking Spot Site Review: Spanking & Shame


I was searching my "to do" list for sites I wanted to review this month. of course my "todo" lists are cryptic messages typed in random cells of a spreadsheet. Needless to say Dear Bare Bottom SpaningReader that your humble narrator is not the most organized one. Coming across Spanking and Shame (spelled spk and sham) I recalled I was quite intrigued when I saw this site. So for your enjoyment Dear Reader I have set off to review the object of my curiosity. So my friends what did I find?

Site offerings and Cost
To start off I have little information about this site. Now I know this site has been around for a while since I remember seeing it advertised long before The Spanking Spot was conceived. I had emailed them a while back but got alas they chose not to respond to my inquiry. When you log on you will be greeted by the familiar GBS type of interface which lead me to believe perhaps they were acquired by Tom and crew. However when looking at the custodian of records it lists a address in France. This of course makes sense since most of the Spanker's and Spankee's indeed sound Male Spanking Female French. So my Dear Readers if Spanking & Shame is independently owned I do not know. Feel free to enlighten us Dear Reader if you have any incite.

Spanking and shame is a Movie and gallery combo site. They have quite a few of both. Strangely enough I have never seen any of the the movies listed here which is rare for a site of this age. You'll also notice that there is a statement by the site that they are remastering al of the video's which tells me the original movies were quite low quality. Personally I applaud this. Very Smart way of creating value from your archives.

At the time of this writing I counted 86 movies in varying completeness in the new higher quality format. The movies run between 7 minutes and close to an hour. Long run movies vastly out number the movies that are only 7 minutes long so I would put the average running about 30 minutes. In addition they have both high quality stills and screen shots of all of their lovely movies which of course makes my life easier. At that rate you could expect a backlog of 43 hours of spanking wonder.

The costs however Dear Readers are not the cheapest. Cost for a one month subscription is $36.75/24.95 EU. That cost drops to $31/20 EU for a six month stint. While I understand that the exchange rate must be killing all of the spanking sites across the pond I do think that they need to offer a deeper discount for a six month signup. In any case Spanking & Shameat that price you would be talking about 86 Cents per hour of spanking entertainment. Really not a bad cost/hour at all.

Updates consist of either images or movies, with all of the movies being released in parts. They do update quite often however, quite honestly that is a bit of a ruse since the majority of their updates are stills. I counted 27 updates in the month of December but only 7 of them were parts of movies. While technically its allowed I am kinda turned off by their obvious attempt to boost the update rate.

The Girls
I am woefully ignorant of the Spanking Scene in France so some of these girls could be superstars and I would never know it. The girls all are pretty damn attractive ranging from the attractively average girl next store to the very hot. Most of the models look to be on the young side. There are way to many to show all of them but I'll give you some of my favorites.

Spanking and shame Schoolgirl spanking wife spanking
Girl about to get a spanking schoolgirl about to get a spanking Shame and spanking Spanking and shame

Spanked wife Film Quality, Outfits, Scenes and of course The Spankings

The upgraded movies are decent quality. Not exactly high def but when upgrading your archive I'm not sure how high quality one can get depending on the condition of the file. The newer releases looking a tad bit better then the upgraded archives. Scenes and outfits pretty much run the gambit of spanking scenario's with a healthy concentration on domestic spanking. A lot of the girls end up naked (or near naked) for a good portion of their spankings so while they may look cute in their outfits they are in them for a short duration. In addition you have a few medical type of scenes with some stirrups and anal temperature taking but they are by far the minority.

The one disappointing thing and the thing that surprised me the most is the spankings. They are "OK" more along the lines moderately light to light medium. Perhaps my expectations were a bit high but I expected some very hard European Spankings. But indeed I was disappointed. I never thought I would ever be saying this but some of the spankings are just downright annoying. There is this one clip where this guy is spanking this girl quite lightly for 40 minutes. It took him over 20 minutes to get her panties down. While there is alot of struggling and the girls are quite believable the spanker many times can hardly Father spanking Daughterhold the girl on his lap. I mean come on, put that free hand holding up her panties behind her back, pin down her legs with yours and spank the girl!

So did I like the site. really I found it kinda Eh.. I didn't hate it by any means. but I really didn't love it either. it was sorta kinda ok in your humble narrators's opinion.

Who will NOT like this site.
Hard Spanking fans, forget it. There are a couple here on the moderate side but most of them will just frustrate you. Great looking girl, great position, but a weak spanking. Just a total let down for those of us who want to see some discomfort on the girls rear.

Who will LIKE this site.
There is alot of material that I have yet to see outside of this site. So you would probably like it if you are just starting out or a collector. The girls are indeed attractive. In spite of my complaint about the severity of the spankings they are spanked soundly and they are nice and long spankings as well.

See it here at Spanking & Shame


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7 comments to The Spanking Spot Site Review: Spanking & Shame

  • floader

    I agree they aren't really into real spanking. Only thing I liked about the site are the "waiting" picture sets with cute girls posing with the martinet waiting to be spanked. You can see samples on . .

    BTW, "shame" also is having to show your tampon strings.

  • Anonymous

    I think I joined a ways back for a bit and was not all that blown away…though they do have some lovely and naughty pix tho…..

    "The Cherry
    Red Report"

  • LondonDav

    I wonder if – uniquely in many ways – the 'point' of S&S is not so much the spanking as the shame.

    I agree – the spankings are annoying and rarely hard, and the main spanker exerts little authority.

    But the girls are amazing – a lot of 'girl next door types' – and they're natural too; there are few tattoos.

    And most importantly some of the photography is great. Sure, the images won't win any awards, but the photographer manages to capture a very genuine sense of shame and the anxiety before a spanking in a way few sites come close to. Certainly if you enjoy atmospheric images then you'll like this.

    I also think that this is a site that takes the kink down a slightly different avenue. Where an increasing number are moving down more and more brutal punishments, or doing the schoolgirl theme ad nauseum, S&S concentrate on one of the more erotic parts of our kink – the build-up and the anticipation.

  • A.S.S.

    Love the very first picture you used in the post. We stumbled into before, and used it on our blog… but had no idea where it originally came from. Good to now know!

    Todd & Suzy

  • cleanvulva

    This is a very fine web site. Females are comprehensively humiliated. Reduced, all of them one by one, to a cunt and anus. Done with a consistent method. Solo shoots which get close up anal and vaginal record shots. From the pretty face to the dirty cunts and shitter. Then having their bottom cheeks well spread for casual looks at the anus. Occasional fuck – but as the punisher says 'this is my job', No love or fine feelings. Sluts reduced and diminished. Top stuff

  • Max

    Do not like this site at all. Never joined but the previews look mad lame, like Bad Tushy lame.

  • neil


    Have seen the Spanking and Shame site many times, but am curious as to why it no longer exists.
    Is there any way of getting hold of the content now.

    If not, are there any similar sites.

    This kind of thing, done well and seriously, are thin on the ground it appears, which is a genuine shame.


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