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The Spanking Spotlight: Kailee!

Age: 22
Height: 5'6" (Gawsh, I think I am short!)
Bust: 34B
Waist: I really Haven't Measured.
Hips : " "
Weight: Around 125-130 lbs.
Hair color : Currently a sort of Auburn, reddish/dark brown
Eye color : Light Brown/Hazel
Birthday :January 10, 1985
Hometown :I really don't have a "hometown" per say. I was born in Minot, ND and from there I move around the country every three years or so
Relationship Status: Single, Presently. There are people whom I have gravitated towards and emotionally fused with. The are many levels we have found ourselves connected through and I can honestly say that is has been and continues to be seductively fulfilling. I would say that I am technically "single" as I don't segregate myself to just one person at the moment.

Lets start this week out with an interview that I have wanted to do for over a year. I have to make a confession here, when I first started to interview spanking models I never expected to get blown away with many models intelligence and grace. Our next guest on The Spanking Spotlight is no exception. An intelligent beautiful spankee who is a far better writer then your humble narrator. Dear reader please welcome Kailee.

Hi Kailee, Thank you for sitting down with us at the Spanking Spot You have no idea how I tried to find you for a interview. Now my usual flawed understanding is that you started your Spanking Career with Real Spankings. Could you tell me the story on how you got into the business with them? Given the presumption that I am indeed wrong, could you tell us a bit about the first Spanking House you worked for?

That seems like ages ago and definitely a time where I was much more reserved when regarding this whole realm. I guess it started as easily as answering an ad placed in our local newspaper, the ones discreetly placed in the back section that makes you feel just a little bit seedy just by looking through them! I was intrigued and so I delved in. I did a great deal of research before I actually made an appointment and made my way through the front door (never thinking any of what has transpired would have ever occurred, not in the slightest). I had my first shoot with, I can honestly state that my nerves were skyrocketed. I am sure most people can tell you the underlying want is no comparison to the actually experience. For me, after the nerves had settled, it was as though this floodgate of repressed emotions were released–I don't think I have ever felt as sated as I did after the set was done and I was packed up and shipped off. All the while during the shoot I had this intuition that this was something that would not be short-lived. So I grasped on to it. Kept walking through the front doors and kept pushing through, daring myself just to go a bit further each time (regarding severity). Since that first shoot, I have gained an amazing amount of insight of what this whole realm can posses for those who find themselves lured. I am still traveling through various doors and still intrigued by what this realm holds for me. As well as what lures the other people who make up this little subculture.

Most of the Real Spanking models are scattered to the wind now. Can you tell me what made you leave?

I think it was most to do with the fact that I wanted to branch out and test the waters. I became so enthralled with other sites (especially where the severity is heightened beyond a level we could ever produce here in the States). I wanted to be exposed to different scenes, as well as the people affiliated within the industry. Its all about experience for me, even the most minute detail denotes some form of self gratification within me.

OK lets talk a bit about you as a person rather then a model. I was surprised to find out you are now a NYC girl. Why and When did you decide to move to my beloved city.

I actually may have stated that answer in incorrect terms!! I have some sort of deep infatuation with NYC. I haven't crossed those waters yet. I am still residing in Denver!

In our pre-interview you told me your sister is your "second half" . I find that admirable since I had no siblings. Happily She is as beautiful as you. (which says a lot) and I know she did some spanking shoots with you. Could you tell me a little about her and your relationship with her, what she is doing now and if she will ever come back to the spanking world?

She is beautiful in all aspects that creates her being. I find her so intriguing and well put together. She is unfathomably intelligent and so levelheaded. She is one of the few people I admire and lookup too. My relationship with her is incredibly unique. I look to her for stability where I faultier and vice versa. Its amazing to have grown so close in what seems like such a short span of time. I find it so amazing how alike and how vastly different we are. People who have come across us tend to revel in this energy we give off. It's truly amazing how well we work together. I find that I have this insatiable need to speak with her every day and feel aloof if I don't. She is the type of person that I know will always be there, whether it be nonchalant or at a time of great need. When it comes down to it, the easiest way to describe it is that it is love in the purest form. As for her in the spanking world. I am not really positively sure it is her forte. I think she has some underlying attraction to it but for the most part I think it is something that she would rather engage in throughout her personal life. Currently she is continuing on with her education and studying to obtain her Master’s. She is, by far, one of the most intelligent people I know. She has always been intellectually driven and has set such an amazing example that I have always looked up to. I am extremely proud of her in all regards.

Just judging from your emails your are amazingly articulate (I am indeed jealous) You mentioned writing, (something I am both lousy and passionate about) . tell us a little what type of writing you do.

I must admit I do not hesitate to take any compliment that is given based on my intellect. I strive to maintain articulate mannerisms. I think my favorite book is the thesaurus, in all honesty! There is just something about being able to speak so eloquently that is so amazing titillating!! I think my writing is based on being enthralled with the literacy world. I would sit down and become immersed in all of these different books and other various bodies of work. I was so intrigue with how it would capture all of my attention for however long the pages would continue to turn. I find that I am enlightened with reading and I long to be able to create something of that caliber. So in short (if I can say this after that grand statement), the writing that I do is dependent on my mood. It may be something casual; something to relinquish any overlapping emotions or just to take note on any particular thoughts that may be rambling through my brain. Or it could be as in-depth as a starting point to something on a grander scale. I don't limit myself with one particular genre, I just outpour what feels appropriate at the moment.

Now back to spanking since I know your fans will crucify yours truly if I don’t. So you went to Spain to shoot for the venerable Girls Boarding School. Only to be spanked by Tom. How was that compared to what you are used to.

Tom is amazing!! He was so cordial and made a very good impression on me, by far. It was my first time venturing overseas and I was so nervous about that, not to mention the fact that I had no idea what to expect "spanking-wise". Pictures don't really relinquish any details that may be attributed with the spanking. It is all left to the imagination and the ultimately the experience. Now here I was; completely nervous and slightly jet-lagged. With my backpack slung over my shoulder, I walked up to my soon-to-be spanker and was instantly welcomed with such warmth. He seemed so at ease and really made the whole experience one that I would repeat. I would say that in comparison it is quite similar to what I was normally used to regarding material and severity level. I would say the difference I noticed was that they are a very relaxed group. There wasn't a set schedule we had to abide by, nor were there any scripts to follow. Everything was at a very different pace and it made the shooting quite calm in retrospect to what I have normally been introduced too! All in all, a wonderful experience!

OK, I hesitate to ask this question only because I don’t know the whole story. My "sources" tell me you got into a bit of legal trouble while you were across the pond. Now if what I heard was true I have to say you managed to break the most moronic law that has ever been on the books. If you don’t mind please tell us about that experience.

Wow. You have some sneaky little sources, don't you!! In a sense I guess this could be conveyed as it is stated, however, It makes me feel as though I am this international felon of some sort when put into those words! It really has no real dramatic merit to it. It was a honest mistake that I ended up ultimately paying for on my end. I made plans to travel over to England to shoot with a company located there. This was after my stint with Girls Boarding School, so my nerves weren't as agitated this time. I was actually quite enamored with the idea of seeing the country on top of doing the shoot. Here I was, completely unaware of the legalities regarding working in other countries (a completely shameful excuse, that one is). I made each flight, survived each uneventful layover and arrived at my destination only to find out that I needed a Visa in order to do work in that particular country. A Paperwork malfunction, creatively put! I ended up not gaining access to the country and was promptly sent back. I also never made it to my shoot either. Now here's the question, which mistake is more deserving of a spanking!!

Now Kailee, I’ll admit I am a huge fan, and have seen quite a number of your videos. You can take one hell of a spanking and there have been more times than I can count that you look like you’re about to lose it. Are the spankings you receive as painful as they appear on film?

The scenes that I do are wholeheartedly truthfully portrayed on camera. The oddity about me is that I adore the pain aspect that is combined with spanking. I adore it so much that I would rather have someone up the anty, so to say, rather than have me throw out fake reactions just to create a scene. I find it quite trite to fake it on screen. I really love the honesty and the reality of the work that is created in this industry to segregate away from that seems rather pointless. I think the basic factor for me is that being on camera and being spanked on a high severity levels is just as gratifying to me as it is to the people watching. To create an illusion would cheat me out that satisfaction, as I feel it would to those on the opposite side of the spectrum.

What was the hardest spanking you have ever taken and by whom?

I am hoping to delve into a harsher level of severity; but as it stands, I would have to say it's a tie between a paddling I got from Mr. M in the very beginning of my career (I believe it was a scene on or the shoot I had with Dallas, that one was extremely intense!

Kailee you have one of the best rears in the business. Can you share some of your secrets tricks you use to get your lovely bottom back into shape after a good bare bottom beating?

I would have to say some of the best remedies are arnica gel and a daily multivitamin (I take an extra dose of Iron if my bum is substantially marked). However, I have this fetish with the marks that are adorned on me. I will be settled in this completely reserved and proper situation, surrounded by "vanilla people" so to say and I am reminded as I sit down, that I have an underlying secret. A devious desire no-one knows about. I must admit, it is quite a turn on for me!

Is there anything you do to prepare yourself before a scene?

It really depends on what I am using the scene for, as there are two very different sides of the spectrum. I notice that I tend to use scenes as my own personal outlet, especially if I find that I have been personally affect by something of the same caliber as we are trying to convey. If it feels as though it is going to be something on more of a personal level, I begin to connect with thoughts pertaining to my own situation that is similar. I reminisce on each mishap, harbor all the feelings that CO-inside with them. In a sense, the scene becomes more realistic for me. I think that is why my pain threshold is on a heightened level, I begin to feel as though I deserve the punishment that is afflicted. Everything denoted is real. Where as on the opposite end, when it is something I can’t really relate to I find myself just reacting as a character. For me, the pain is something I enjoy at times. I have the tendency to repress a lot of emotional aspects of my life, placate the "superman" complex. So being on the receiving end is a therapeutic endeavor to release some of what I hold in so tightly. In any regards, any scene is meaningful and needs some preparation, some just more so than others.

Is there any one movie or scene you are particularly proud of, can you tell me about it?

By far, hands down it would be "A Submissive Mind." I think it just truly conveys a explicit perception of what the whole spanking/BDSM realm means to me and why I gravitate towards it. I think what made it break barriers was the fact that it was so vastly different from anything else floating around in the scene. It was just so intimate and realistic, it exudes a certain tone that is luring–even to me!

I love to ask this question its just so personal. Can you tell us the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you on the set?

What? And convey that all spanking models aren’t flawless?! I am just being facetious! I honestly really don’t know how to answer this particular question, as I tend to be able to laugh at myself and not take minute incidents so seriously. So in retrospect; with that said, I really don’t think there have been any horrifically embarrassing moments.

What is your favorite implement and why?

I would say the cane. It appeals to me because I feel that it has a very versatile standing. It can be very sensual and erotic and at the same time it is the one implement that can project a very harsh effect on me. Its a very unique feeling, it starts out as a dull thud and then it slowly releases this painfully erotic sensation that emits throughout my entire body. The so-called "subspace" that is introduced after a session with the cane is impeccably fulfilling. That alongside with the marks the cane makes, pushes this implement far ahead of any others.

What is your least favorite implement and why?

I really can’t express a dislike for any particular implement, as they all in some form or another do their intended job efficiently. If I had to choose one particular implement to chastise it would probably be the wooden paddle. Although it does heighten my adrenaline and provide me with the necessary sensations I seek, I feel that it can only be used in one particular, distinct fashion. The pain is less versatile for me. I also find a lack of enjoyment with this particular implement because it is hard to bring this into my personal life, as it tends to denote the whole "disciplined schoolgirl" appeal.

What is your favorite spanking position and least if you have one?

It is completely dependent in which fashion I am being spanked. If it is on film and on a more professional level, I would say it would probably be OTK. I find this particular position to be the most comfortable for me and also allows for the spanker to be in more control in needed. If I am engaging in spanking scenarios in my personal life I tend to gravitate more towards being bound up and on my stomach. I think I like the notion of relinquishing all control at times and both of these adhere to that specific desire. However, when it comes down to it I am considerable versatile and open-minded. I can't say that I am particularly adverse to position!

Do you watch any other spanking models? Do you admire one in particular?

I can't say that I watch much of the filmed content that is filtering through cyber space. I don't use spanking or related material for sexual gratification. I will wander around through the review/news sites from time to time or if I hear a great deal of chatter about a particular person I will venture off to check them out. Other than that I don't find myself becoming familiarized with many of the models. I do have one person who I am completely fascinated with. Darenzia. She is exquisitely beautiful and one of the biggest names to come into the whole realm of BDSM. She is not really as connect to the spanking world. Her world has mostly revolved around working as a pro-domme and professional Fetish Model. I find her to be alluring in every fashion.

Do you prefer M/F or F/F spankings and why?

I have had experience with both and I don't gravitate toward either more so than the other. I find that both have their own unique abilities and specific traits that the other can't replicate. I think being able to subject yourself to experiencing both is a must, even if it is to find out whom you gravitate towards more so.

Who is your favorite Spanker (and why)? Are there any that hit harder then others?

Of course there are some spankers whom I have forged a personal relationship with during the course of my spanking career and that may factor in to me personally holding them with higher regards. However; I haven't been adorned with the ability to work with some of the spankers that still intrigue me, so I can't necessarily place an opinion on this particular question just yet!

I do have some female readers, Can you give any advice to any women thinking about getting into the industry?

I believe in the whole idea of "To each his own". I think we all have underlying desires and curiosities that need to be sated. I think my best advice would be to become informed about every aspect that is attributed this industry. Whether it is different realms you want to seek out or gaining insight of other people's personal opinions about what this means to them. There is nothing too small that will not benefit you if you reel in as much information possible. It will also keep you safe and allow you to pick and choose what you will and won't adhere to in this whole scene.

Do you date non-Spanko’s and if you do how do you go about explaining to them?

I don't think I have ever had any problems when explaining my role in the spanking community. I have always be very proud and open about why I am attracted to it and why it is deemed as quite self gratifying. I am the sort of personality that exudes confidence with my choices and I tend to not let personal opinions create a downfall within me. I am the sort of person who says, "this is who I am, that's it — you either like me or you don't." I explain details more in depth if any one inquires. Though I have really never felt the need to explain. I think the fact that I am also attracted to people who are more likely attracted to different subcultures doesn't hurt either!

Has your family (other then your sister) and friends been supportive in your movie career?

The one thing that I have always been completely appreciative of is the role my family and friends play in my life. Especially within the last few years, my relationship have elevated to a much grander level. The entirety of my "entourage" is well aware of what I do and are completely supportive. I have never had any problem with speaking to them in a very truthful manner. It wouldn't have change my outlook or perception on what I enjoy if they did not accept it. However, it does create me to remain at ease if I don't have to hide half my identity.

Ok, you realize you probably have superstar spanking status. So when your not delighting us with your lovely bottom for us fortunate spanko’s what do you like to do?

I have never really though about myself in those regards, "superstar spanking status" (though I must admit that saying does have a delectable ring to it)! I have my moments when I want to be completely low-key and docile. While in those moods I am completely content with curling up with my cats and watching movies all day. I also have my extroverted side where I like to go out with friends and run around the city, ducking into random places and seeing what vast array of adventures will arise. In detail. Some of the things that occupy my time are weekly dinners with family and friends. I adore sitting around and being content just yammering on about everything and nothing at all. I am continuing on with my education in the hopes that I will come out of this whole endeavor with a Bachelor's in Business finance with an emphasis of International Financial Management. I am also working on becoming quadrilingual. It is a slow process but it is something that intrigues me. I hope to become fluent in Spanish, Italian and French alongside my native language. As I stated before, reading and writing are my two biggest passions and I find myself intermingled with those on a frequent basis. In all reality, I am a big dork. I find enjoyment in the basic normalities of life. I do have my points where I relish in my interest in subcultures. Everything is balanced. I am compelled by variety, my personality calls for the ability to adhere to a vast array of different things.

Is there anything you would like say to your fans out there.

You are all are some of the most amazing people I have come to know. Never hesitate to connect with me on a personal level.Some of the best conversations I have had have been with people connected to this community. I have as much intrigue with you as you do with me.

You can see Kailee on the following website's
Dallas Spanks Hard
Girls Boarding School


41 comments to The Spanking Spotlight: Kailee!

  • Katie James

    I think the most fascinating part of this was finding out her favorite was the cane and least favorite is the wood paddle…!! Great interview for a beautiful girl!

  • cletus

    Great interview! Kailee truly is a spanking superstar, even if she doesn

  • Winchester

    Yes – a grat interview – but it would be ineteresting to hear from her about the other side – she has often "topped" – does she find that as fulfilling as "bottoming"? Is there in fact a true "domme" side to her, or has that been something she played with and has put behind her? It is great that she has diversified to other sites away from the Realapkings network. Long may she continue…..

  • Anonymous


    thanks a lot for the interview; and – although I'm not sure if this will ever reach her – thanks a lot to Kailee for sharing in such detail and depth. she comes across as one of the most distinctive models on the spannking scene: huge enthusiasm and passion, and a real desire to use her considerable intellect to convey just what it is that she finds so appealing about the fetish. Quite a few of the interviewees, although interesting in their own ways and often just as talkative (like Shannon Carson), seem only mildy taken with spanking as a way of life; Kailee provides an illuminating contrast, i think, in talking about spanking as a profound emotional experience and a serious, even central part of living.

    the one thing i found quite surprising was the comment about sexual gratification not being particularly relevant; although, given the way Kailee talked about spanking, this is understandable. But this seems to be true of most of the interviewees: Shannon, Abigail Whittaker etc. I wondered whether this is almost always the case; there are some Strictly English videos with models like Suzi Martell (old videos) which are really based around spanking as turn-on.

    anyway, i think Kailee's engagement with spanking comes across in her videos, where she is less of the bratty girl and more of the classy woman, there for a reason, and for herself as well. and with her come-on lips, eyeliner-dream eyes and gorgeous, curvy butt, she looks the part too!

    thanks again,


  • Anonymous

    She's purty… like some Chinese china doll, dipped in sexy plastic and then stamped with a "MADE BY SPANKERS" on her nice curved bum.

  • Anonymous

    My "sources" tell me you got into a bit of legal trouble while you were across the pond.

    If Kailee had simply stated that she was a tourist and nothing else, she would not have been deported. The less said the better, wouldn

  • Anonymous

    Wow…Jennifer S. sounds like some dried out spanking model trying to steal the Spanking Spotlight, what with her sneaky innundation of this interview with harsh attack. She brings up the point of how infuriatingly wrong it is to lie in an interview…I mean, OBVIOUSLY, the only choice, when asked to do an interview, is to reveal the raw facts regardless of what connotations as to a person's moral character they hold, right? I don't think so, Jennifer… Maybe you were the model having the tiff….and maybe for purely jelous reasons. Your comment REEKS of it.
    However, I can attest that I feel the same way about lying for the most part as you do….within reason. Perhaps so does Kailee…since she told the border patrol overseas the blatant truth. Shows a bit of integrity, maybe misplaced…but as someone who has been all over the world, I've made similar slip-ups… and maybe no one had told her. You live and learn.
    Most people when revealing any amount of personal information to a public audience would try to leave out the nasty details that are unneccessary…especially when addressing a fan base.

    I guess ultimately I feel your attack was unprofessional and unwarranted…and certainly did not obtain your goal, whatever it is….that is unless you wanted to come across as a jealous little bitch?


  • Anonymous

    Wow. Just wow. I find it quite unsettling that someone would find it necessary to go out of their way disregard her feelings to openly bash her. It comes down to the reality of the matter that we should all be aware that these model's world don't revolve around the characters they portray. I am sure Kailee, along with the all the other models we have come to love have the own personal agendas that reside outside of the spanking world. Mishaps and mistakes occur, just as they do and have amoung all of us. She made a few mistakes. I don't think it justifies the harsh retailiation that was portrayed.

    As what was stated beforehand in the previous comment, what point were you trying to channel? To create a dramatic appeal, somehow create a different outlook we fans have upon on her? If that was the case, you sure did a shit poor job. I like her for what she creates on-screen and judge her by that not what may or may not occur in her personal life. Which is what I would hope many other logically thinking people who enjoy her work as much as I do would do. She has worked hard and come along way in the spanking world, that deserves a great deal of respect that shouldn't be denied over some mishap.

    Jennifer, your comment just came across as mean-spirited and rude. I truly disrespect someone who has no tact and does things of this nature. Also, I find it quite interesting that you had a great deal of knowledge about RS even from the start of the company. Could it be that you were a major part in that company and have personal difefrences with Kailee. That would give sense to the harsh tone in your comment.

    In any regards. Kailee you are a wonderful spanking model, a extremely beautiful woman and I think you have a been real asset. Many people enjoy your work and will continue to. Don't beat yourself over petty comments such as these.

    Thank you,

  • Anonymous

    It's interesting how people use words in what they think is a powerful way to insinuate or abuse another individual and in effect end up debasing themselves.

    The comment that sought to vilify Kailee has done quite the opposite for me, it made her more real and beautiful. Instead of her being a fantasy floating in the ethers somewhere, now she has become more human…

    Therein lies the rub, right?

    Kailee IS human, (sorry gents, as much as we pedestalize her) and therefore she has to balance the same plethora of shit that we all do: Living, loving, integrating with a screwed up world and discovering self.
    To be such a revered model in a field that in considered highly counter culture, beginning at such a young age had to have been fraught with trials. To hear that perhaps she (gasp!) had a human reaction to such pressure makes me adore her even more! Also knowing that she has come out the other side as such a wonderfully intelligent, engaging individual with such a rare sense of self-awareness elevates her back to goddess status for me.

    I would also like to correct a few misstatements in the aforementioned comment. First, I would be hard pressed to think that Kailee went to another country proclaiming that she was there to work. As we can all see, she's a smart cookie, more than likely it was a fluke that they found out and she learned a grand lesson in foreign travel. How can one even begin to trash someone for such a thing? Ludicrous.
    Second: I know for a FACT that Kailee kept working for RS for at least another quarter of a year following Shadow lane in 2006. She must not have been on that bad of terms with the business if she kept on modeling for them.


    It's a thing of cowardice to post as an anonymous user when it's so very obvious that you know Kailee. Also, finishing a tirade with:

    "Nonetheless, this was a most intriguing interview, despite the half-truths on Kailua

  • The Spanking Couple

    I am so sad to see this horrid comment made by Jennifer S. It does come across very badly, Jennifer S. I won't repeat what everyone else here has said, I agree with it all.

    We have worked with Kailee for years and we love and cherish her! She is a very authentic, smart, talented, sensitive and loyal young lady. We are blessed to be working with her again.

    Keep your personal jealous angry comments to yourself. What ever happened to "if you don't have something nice to say say nothing at all"?

    Dr. D and Veronica Daniels

  • floader

    Kudos and thanks Brushstrokes for bring us this great Kailee interview.

  • Anonymous

    To Anonymous, 9th message towards the bottom: Why didn't you post your name at the end of your message? I posted mine, so where is yours?…and you call me a coward, what nerve. Your facts are wrong, you are speculating and nothing more about Kailee remaining another quarter. She was released in March of 06. Would you like to try again? It's a very positive notion that you're a fan of Kailee, but if you're going to attempt to regurgitate FACTS, then at least produce them accurately. Is that possible for you to do so?

    Mr and Mrs. Daniels, Yes I was out of line with my commentary, but I just can't ignore the truth all together. Although I do have a unique knowledge of RS and may have used it wrongly in this setting, I'll take your words to heart for now on.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Jennifer S.

  • Kailee

    All your comments how found me quite well and in appreciative spirits! I adored taking the time to sit down and convey majority of my thoughts in regards to my work as well all the little tibits attributed. A bit of the long side, but I feel it spoke in a well-mannered and intriguing tone (atleast I hoped it came across as so).

    As to doing an interview on the opposite side of the spectrum, I would adore the opportunity. I do have a very distinct and natural domineering side to me that I do explore from time to time. Its something that I find alluring and fulfilling in many regards. It hits a completely different note than spanking ever has. I think it would be pleasurable for all parties if I conveyed that whole role through black ink–as I tend to learn more from myself with writing.

    As to the comment we have all seemed preoccupied with. I really feel no need to justify anything, as I find drama to be a sign of boredom and unsatisfaction in ones own life. I think you did a good job portraying that such notion, Jennifer. I have a personal life where things have occurred and consequences have arisen. I am not perfect, nor do I convey that I am or have been. I do elect to state that I do find it quite ridiculous that you would feel the need to bring up something so petty that occurred about two years ago. Does bitterness and vendettas last that long that ludicrous statements are deemed necessary? If so, that is really sad. As to you stating such "facts" I find it quiet hilarious that you are spitting out things as though you were on some personal level with me the whole time. If you were, you would have know that, yes, I was released from working production and my regular forty-hour work week. However, the owner at the time allowed me to have a weekly contract to model for them which was upheld until September of 2006. I am sure if you would like to get into this so-called "factual" debate we can go and speak with Mrs. Burns (who is now the amazing Veronica Daniels, The Spanking Spot), Cindy Baker and a variety of other people who would attest to this. Not to mention the variety of paycheck stubs that I acquired and kept on record. The argument is fucking ridiculous. What is lacking in your own life that you feel the need to opening subject someone to petty arguments that really have no validity in what I do [i.e. being a spanking model]. I segregate fantasy and reality. Obviously by you posting this you feel that they need to be intertwined. I completely agree in every sense that this was completely unprofessional. Not only did you bring a tirade down on RS by relinquishing information that should not have been yours to vocalize in the first place but you also felt the need to create a dramatic stage where slander apparently was seem as an appropriate response. If you don't adhere to what is said, leave it be. If you feel the need to take a response such as this–take your opinion up with me personally. Don't jumble up a wonderful site that many people [who probably don't really care about this whole matter in the first place] visit and enjoy. That is just fucking juvenile and malicious. Find something worthwhile in your life because obviously if you have this much time to voice such an opinion that bleeds out you are unhappy and life it way to short to spend in spite of other people.

    To all those who have supported me and said such wonderful things, you are some of the most well-rounded, beautiful people I have come across. I look forward to all that lies ahead within this amazing community!!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jennifer S. Since you choose you go by your moniker I'll go by mine.

    It's Lily.

    Since I've been around for Kaliee's ENITRE LIFE…I'm pretty sure my facts are correct given both her countenance and her job. I chatted with her on the phone at her RS shoots post Shadow lane, don't be petty darling; while it suits you, it doesn't become the culture.

    Love and light,

  • Anonymous

    Greetings Lily,

    I had a feeling that was you. Yes, Kailee remained with RS for another 3 months as a regular model after she was fired as an administrative employee in March 06. But, as you recall your little sister never gave any kind of notice when she decided to run off and do her first GBS shoot or her umm..debut with Firm hand Spanking. Don't you remember when she left RS high and dry with no prior notice or any regard to her contract as an exclusive RS model? That took place the following May of 06. There is no disputing it since it did happen. I am well able to contact AEG's legal representatives to confirm it. So you will both do well to stop with the denial. Why would either of you mention Cindy Baker? She does not write our contracts, I've always enjoyed working with her, but there is no reason to bring her into this.


    I hope you don't take after your little sister. You have a lot more talent than she does, so please stay in school and have your fun in film. But keep your wits about you, you will come out on top in the very near future.


  • BrushStrokes

    I have been reading these comments with interest. As far as I am concerned we are all entitled to our opinion one way or another.

    This is where I draw the line

    "am well able to contact AEG's legal representatives to confirm it. So you will both do well to stop with the denial."

    Jennifer if that is simply a way to confirm your story, then fine. If that is a Legal threat to shut people up I can tell you right now I would highly suggest you retract it.

    Why? First, You would have to come after me to confirm the identity of the poster. I can absolutely promise you that something like that will be met with a rather fierce challenge and a counter suit.

    Second. I HATE when people try to intimidate others with foolish legal threats.

    So, You are welcome to post your opinion or your view of the facts. Please do not try to intimidate people with nonsense about the law. I can promise you I know more about it then you do.


  • Tim

    I just want to take this moment to point out that although I'm a big fan of Kailee's other work, I REALLY enjoyed the Kailee-spanks-Lily scenes that appeared on various sites. That was totally fun and different. Thanks to both of you!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Mr. Brushstrokes,

    Yes Sir, you're quite correct, I should have made my point more clearly about what, when, where, who and why. I have no intention of drawing up any type of legal suit. On what grounds would I base the charges or accusations? Yes, I was a naughty girl for using any type of "Legal Lingo" in my last message. Since it was perceived differently than I intended, I'm definitely in line for at least 20 hard swats on the bare bottom, with a thick sorority paddle while grabbing my ankles. Mr. Brush, you made a very good point here and I'll adhere to your thoughts and directives. I'm glad you've enjoyed the rest of the messages in this thread. I have to say that I certainly enjoy your blog. Your hard work is appreciated by so many in the industry.

    Love you Love your blog,


  • PaulH

    I have always found Kaillee to be a fascinating spanking model and the intrugue has only been deepened by this interview. She writes beautifully and there is so much depth in her responses. Wonderful stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Mmm china doll Kaliee. I like the ring to that.

  • Lovely Autumn Colour

    I only hopoe you took up Ms JS's invitation and tanned her backside.

  • Steve

    I'm not normally one to comment on blogs or the drama that comes with them but in this case I feel the need to speak up. The jealous bickering and general mean spirited nature of certain people is just stomach turning. Honestly, lets not act like children.

    That said: I enjoy the intelligence and well-spoken nature of Kailee. That's not to say I had expected her to be a dunce, but I was honestly impressed (that would mean more if anyone here knew how snotty I can be.) Ah, there's nothing like praising and defending someone you've never had a thing to do with to make you feel like a weird rambling internet creep. ;)

    Oh, and blurting out

  • Anonymous

    Wow Jennifer S you are failing rather miserably. Now you are trying to make Kailee look bad by saying that she ran off to other spanking companies without giving AEG reasonable notice? Well even if I am going to accept that – you already tried to sensationalize one incident and got sufficiently owned. Just give up. It doesn't work to libel people in the spanking world.

  • Anonymous

    very cool interview i enjoy learning about Kailee. i alway been very big fan of her Kailee you will alway have a fan in me i will support you 100%.

    she is a very cool beautiful young lady. i wish and hope i get to meet her some day so i can tell her how much i enjoy her work and everything she has done

    alot of people has alway jump around and work other places it call getting more experience sometime it smart to leave a a company or job before it close or if ya not happy there anymore.

    at least by going other places Kailee has been able to continue her career as a spanking model


  • Anonymous

    Man she's gotten huge. More to spank I guess. ;-D

  • Baby

    Feb. 4, 2008 anonymous…you are so fucking rude! If you're going to call the girl fat why don't you make yourself known?

  • Professor Tannerhyde

    Kailee is one of the most desirable young women today. I think more people would realize that once they got past all the cosmetic b.s. about her appearance and supposed behavior. Any man would and should be pleased to have that young lady purring with contentment while snuggled on his lap…or perhaps bent across it with her sweet plump bare asscheeks waiting to be soundly reddened. More power to you, Kailee, and best wishes.

  • Jimmy

    Well apparently as of April, she's in jail for a serious assault case in CO. My friend recongnized her will awaiting his court date… it's a sad day indeed… :(

  • Kailee

    In jail, huh? That's odd. I don't recall any said incarceration. But you know…I could be wrong – maybe I misplaced a large chunk of time sometime!! Damn. I adore being facetious! Anyways. All is well with me. I am not locked up nor am I facing any dier charges! So please, Jimmy is it? Refrain from passing along hersay as truth, thanks!

  • Jimmy

    Could be wrong indeed! I understand the issue at hand and realize that you're trying to help your reputation, but I'm going to stick to my friend's side in this and believe his word for he's certainly not the lying and deceitful type. Sorry. The question is now, where have you been exactly the past three or so months if I've been believing hearsay? Truthfully. Though, I might end on the note that it is good to have you back!

  • Kailee

    It's no sweat off my back on what is said from persons who retain no personal affiliations with me. Save my reputation? Why would I need to do this? I don't feel as though I have breached a point in which my name or my work has been slandered in any regards. Funny though, that one such as your self would feel the need to delve into the personal lives of persons of online "charecters" whom are there to portray just that…a "charecter". Any details [whether they retain truth or not] should remain private unless they otherwise dictate themselve to relinquish knowledge unto the public. So in short. Hersay. Truth. In all regards it was sort of a dick move to come onto MY interview and start spreading petty rumors. I am still trying to sort out the reasoning or purpose to it all. Personal vindictions of some sort? In any regards, how very pathetic and annoying of you. But I am sure your actions must match your persona and I am so fortunate not to know you.

    As to where I have been the past three months. I have been doing what I normally do. Living life in Denver. I am sorry. I haven't been on a personal, every day relationship with the whole spanking community since I stop working full time at AEG (back in September 2005) so I didn't know my absence for a month or so would cause such an uproar. I will remember to check in more often and leave random marks on a more consistant basis so you will be assured I am not enduring anything judicially [ENTER SARCASTIC NOTATION HERE]! In any reagrds, I adored the passing of witty bantar. Take care of yourself…and OH! If I lack to much passing around little "Kailee Quips" here and there, email me or something I'd like to make sure I am keeping up with it. I don't want to find I am in Prison or something next time I check in to my spanking community!


  • Jimmy

    Fair enough, however, I just assumed someone of your intelligence and stature would at least give your fans a honest (or albeit a somewhat truthful) reasoning on your absence from the community for so long, but apparently that isn't and won't be the case with you. I still stand by my friend and wouldn't (nor have ever) spread any rumors in my life so tell yourself otherwise. Sorry if it came off like a dick move and would agree on the private aspect, but its just sad that one of the spanking's finest (and certain one who can take a powerful spanking) can't man up and be honest with its fans. My two cents and certainly my last post on here. Happy Fourth of July to all!

  • Kailee

    This is mostly to Jimmy (though I am guesing that is a moniker of some sort) but can be relayed to majority of the populus whom is affiliated within the spanking realm. It should be realized that spanking models are alotted the ability to seperate their real life from their onscreen personas. How they choose to communicate with the public and what is soley up to them. The details they relinquish and how much truth they allow to leak out is their decision to make not someone else's. Privacy is a right that all of us should have the ability to retain. In the end my basic point is if your going to make an appearance be respectable and don't bring forth things that don't include you. Any number of things could have happened in my life that pulled me away from this community, each of which I would never feel fit to share.

    As a side note I don't think that my intellect nor my spanking status has anything to do with me dishing out my personal affairs. That statement just bleeds out sheer stupidity.

    So in short, if you have something to speak about that pertains to KAILEE I have no problem discussing the aspects of that charecter [along with any work/scenes created by said charecter] with you. As the discussion that we have been having has to do with MY personal life I would ask that we STOP now. There is no reasoining nor necessity to anything that has been brought up other than petty gossip. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation with this matter.

  • Frants

    Dear Kailee, I am not in the least interested in the childish and improper insinations above. But I am interested in you. I recall having posted many a comment of admiration for you in various sites, blogs and forums in the recent years – maybe with other nicks! I think you are a gorgeous girl, looking better every year, and I am completely in love with your educated manners and way of speaking. In short, you are one of the industrie's stars that I admire the most. I am an artist photographer in Europe (exhibiting in art galleries), and I would like to get in touch with you to have you model for me. I have had some other well known spankostars for models (you know one of them too). But where can I find your email? Dear editor of this site, you now have my mail adress (not seen in the thread). Can you please give it to Kailee? And can you Kailee please contact me for details?
    – "Frants"

  • Kailee

    I just stumbled upon this and am hoping that you will find this [considering it's been quite some time since you last posted]. Thank you kindly for your comment. It is quite uplifting. I woudl love for you to get in contact with me. I am intrigued by you work!!

    You can reach me through my myspace:

  • richard

    Wow that interview sure did cause a bit of a ruckus.

    I was a huge fan of the realspanking websites. Kailee was one of my favorites whether as a spankee or spanker. Whatever the role I always felt that she had a keen understanding and love of the scene. Only someone with a real love of spanking can be such a natural.

    I am glad that Kailee has been so successful at branching out into the spanking community. It is nice to see her working with so many different elements of the community.

    One of my favorites was a scene with Chelsea Pfeiffer under the spanking couple banner where Kailee gets a very real disciplinary hairbrush spanking from Chelsea after a spanking from Dr. Daniels for being late to a shoot.

    Thanks to Kailee giving us so much to enjoy.


  • I wish I would be spank by you .

  • Spencer

    Kailee, (if this gets to you)
    Within the last year Ive gotten into the spanking world. I'll say, you're definitely my favorite model to this day. Through your interview I can tell you have quite the personality and you are a quite beautiful… If i do say so myself. My gf loves you as well. We wish you luck on your future shoots. ^_^

  • X

    I love Kailee, my wish i have is about kailee and Ms. Burns spanking my bottoms :)

  • Danny

    en vista de que Kailee sabe español,me doy el lujo de que si en algun momento lee esto, pueda practicarlo.
    este mensaje es para expresar mi apresio hacia ellapues mefacinan sus videos y creo que es muy buena en esto, ademas que es muy linda y autentica!

    me encantaria que leyeras este mensaje,´pero sobre todo que lo respondas!
    muchos saludos!

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