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The Spanking Spotlight: Kami Robertson!




Age: 19
Height: 5'2"

Bust: 33
Waist: 26
Hips : 37

Weight: 105
Hair color : Red
Eye color : Grey/Blue

Birthday : 24th June
Hometown : In the center of Poland
Relationship Status: Single



When I first set eyes on this little angel uncomfortably lying across a Paul's Lap at Northern Spanking I as you might be Dear Reader was hooked.  Of course Lucy always being her helpful self was kind enough to put me in touch with this mystical creature.  When YourDSCN0349 Humble Narrator finally contacted her I was delighted to find a shy pleasant girl from Poland who has absolutely no idea how beautiful she really is.  And with the right shoots has the potential to set the spanking world on fire in the UK. Dear Readers please welcome Kami Robertson on The Spanking Spotlight

 Hi Kami,  Thank you for sitting down with us at the Spanking Spot.  Now you are rather new to the spanking scene,  can you tell me how you decided to get into the spanking scene?
Well, I didn't actually 'decided' to get into the spanking scene.

Curiosity about everything started long time ago, when I was a child quite unaware of everything, yet certain things were much more interesting than others. I had always rather unusual taste in what I like. Although for many years I wasn't able to give it a name.  Because of the complete lack of a spanking scene in Poland the first thing I discovered were BDSM sites. As long as I found part of the things, of a techniques really interesting I couldn't understand the reason nor the place for sex it. So close yet so far away. 

It wasn't until about 15 months ago when I tried to googled the term 'spanking' for the same time and look for some English sites. I found some very poor quality free clips. I remember staring for a few minutes at the screen not really being able to understand what I have just seen. Was it real? I mean those girls were really spanked? Or was it just staged? Or maybe some awful joke of the real punishment of some poor girl being filmed?

Part of me wanted believed that was real, that it's something I can try one day. And I knew that I will try it one day. I think that at the beginning it was sort of a curiosity. I wanted just to try and I didn't even know that something like 'spanking scene' exists or that so many people is involved in it. So when I came to England, about 8 months later I just start looking for some opportunities to satisfy my curiosity :)

feb0015 Now had you ever been spanked before first shooting with Northern Spanking?  (and by whom)

Yes, I was.

No spankings when I was child. The first real spanking I got was during my 18th birthday party I made with my friend. There is a Polish tradition of a birthday spanking for a person ending 18 years, usually with the belt. And usually it's for boys, but well…sometimes girls are also lucky ;).

So just after the midnight we both got our 18 licks with belt. That was heaven. After so many years of dreaming, hoping, confusion etc. I knew how it feels. I didn't have to ask anyone, just be there and try to disguised how exhilarated I was with all of that.And  I was so disappointed that it was over so soon! I was bruised for the next two weeks :)

Then I had some adventures with my friend/boyfriend. A pity I wanted more than he and it didn't work for long and just before working for NSI, already in UK I did few 1 to 1. Curiosity was stronger and my great adventure has started :).

Now in our discussion prior to the interview,  You told me that you were studying Biomedical Science which is quite impressive.  Can you tell me a bit about what you hope to be?

Impressive? No, just interesting from my point of view. Further studying of biology and chemistry, but no plants, animal and food stuff, just humans, physiology, disease etc. Sort of a thing I thought I might find interesting. So far it's great. I always wanted to study what I like, and actually I have no idea what I want to do later. My life has been turned up-side-down recently so I'm trying not to make any plans. Time will show…

Ok,  I'll admit that I am the biggest wimp when it comes to heights but you enjoy climbing?  Admittedly I am quite ignorant in the terms and such.  Do you climb with ropes or are you one of those people that just climbs looking for handholdsNSI069-KP001

With ropes, definitely. It's generally different technique. But don't think I'm anything more than just a mere amateur in it ;). I was always somehow attracted by extremal sports and climbing seems to be so rewording. All the agonizing, sometimes, way up. You are too tired, your muscles ache too much to keep going but you know that when stop to rest for a while you will never be able to start climbing again. But only when you reach the top you feel how worn out your muscles actually were, your hands shake so badly that you can imagine making even the smallest move.

I really love that sensations.  Fear of height? Yes, I don't find height comfortable or relaxing at all (although I'm far from the phobia ;) ). But that's just the part of the fun.

Ok my Dear,  back to spanking,  Can you tell us a bit of what its like on the set of Northern Spanking.DSCN0351

I won't probably say anything new which wasn't already said many times ;). It's very safe and amazingly friendly environment! But what was the most important for me was the fact that both, Paul and Lucy, perfectly understood the fact that I'm nervous (Gosh, I was one big, bundle of nerves!). They allowed me to take my time, I didn't have to ask for anything. They were all the time taking to me what they want to do, how, what they want from me, that they won't force me to do anything I don't want etc. It's the sort of the thing I new, but actually the time they spared on explaining everything did managed to relax me.

I hate people talking 'oh, it's easy, don't be nervous'. It doesn't help at all! For me it's the matter of meeting new people, it doesn't matter if they want to spank me or not. But coming back to shooting with Northern Spanking. Once I get over the worst part of nervousness (with huge help!) I had wonderful time. And even while still being nervous a lot of laugh. Sort of a child seeing a playground for the first time in his life. I didn't want it to end!  I now that the stuff they made with me the first time is pretty nothing in comparison to what other, more experienced, girls make but they still gave me as much attention as they would give any other girl. And gave me the chance to find myself in it. Thanks so much!  

Alright,  Since you are the one going over the knee,  If you could be spanked by any celebrity who would it be? 

Do you promise to arrange that? ;) 

No seriously, I'm really ignorant about celebrities. E.g. When I watch film I usually see a character, not an actor behind it. So my choice would rather be based on a role a person was playing. And in that case it's quite a long list ;). Starting from military based authority and going to some more silly or dark examples which just somehow seem to work on me ;).

Do you want some name? Hmm…Since I watched today with my friend Pirates of the Caribbean – Capitan Jack Sparrow, please.NSI069-KP106

DSCN0585 I am told you are incredibly shy,  which is rather odd,  for someone of your beauty.  Do you have any idea about how incredibly gorgeous you are?

Yes, I AM shy. Unfortunately, that's from where my nervousness comes!  Incredibly gorgeous? That's rather subjective term ;). Too bad the way I look doesn't depend on me!

Ok,  I'll stop fawning,  What is your favorite Implement?

Thin and whipy canes…maybe. Straps and wooden paddles as well. I tend to appreciate powerful implement LOL.

How about your least favorite?

Everything with sharp edges. I like my skin in unscratched state ;).

What is your favorite spanking position and least if you have one?

Favorite position, that would be something comfortable ;). Like bending over the table. For a hand spanking over the knee – of course (if they are comfortable!).  I know, I know, I'm almost complaining ;). But actually I like creativity in tops, that include different positions as well.

The least one – the one in which I have to stay too long.

Do you watch any other spanking models?  Do you admire one in particular?

Honestly I watch spanking videos very rarely. The idea of watching isn't that nice and as trying it on my own ;). Although there is some professional (if I can call it like that) curiosity of how other girls do it. So I watched quite a lot just before shooting with NSI (Probably trying to calm down myself. But I'm almost sure it actually made me even more nervous!) Who I admire? Niki Flynn, Leia Ann Woods, but as I said I didn't see much.

NSI069-KPT030 Do you prefer M/F or F/F spankings?

M/F. Always. Why? It just seems right. Although I had nice memories form the F/F scenes as well.

I do have some female readers,  Can you give any advice to any women thinking about getting into the industry?  

What comes to my mind first is try to write to some girls. And don't feel ignored when you don't get a response. There are other girls who are VERY willing to answer to your questions, talk about your doubts etc. And it really can help :)

And yes, I hate hearing it all the time, but safety first.

Do you date non-Spanko's and if you do how do you go about explaining to them?

I was dating. I wasn't able to explain him anything, because at that point I couldn't give it a name. I knew in which directions my 'desires' were going but I was too afraid of using the word masochistic toward myself. But the real problem was that he didn't want to have anything in common with behaving sadistically. Although I swear he could be perfect Top/Dom, it was coming out of him so naturally! But he was even more afraid than me of what people might1 think, friends etc.

Most people in the business say that their interest in spanking started at a very early age. Is this true for you as well?

No surprise from me there. As I said, I was never spanked as a child. It's basically wrong according to all those smart psychologist in Poland to spank children, but no one said anything about single smacks.

And that was enough for me to start my curiosity. It happened in kindergarten one day after the afternoon nap and I was still running around the room wearing T-shirt and panties. I was 4 or 5.  At some point I stopped near the desk were a lady was doing something with paper, scissors, glue etc. She opened a drawer to take something off, but before she put her hand into it I closed it. I don't remember why (to get her attention?), I don't remember if I did it few times, or one was just enough. I was quite a brat back then (Strangely it seems that I'm coming back to that behavior each time I have some spanker around me ;) ).

And the next thing I remember was her hand on my shoulder. It probably wasn't anything new for me and I knew exactly what to expect so I twisted my body trying to avoid her second hand. 1aWhich obviously caught me nonetheless, on my thigh. Gosh, it stung! But soon the fading sensation become really nice. The smack itself must have been pretty hard, she asked me few minutes later if I'm fine and I still had fiery red imprint of her hand!

Guess what? For the next two years in kindergarten I was doing my best to 'provoke' someone to smack me again. Yeah…as far as I remember it didn't work even a single time!

Has your family and friends been supportive in your movie career? 

Friends, oh god, yes! I wouldn't be probably able to start without their support (thanks Judyta and Marta! :*). As I mentioned I was sick because of the nervousness and stress. They were so patient listening to all my worries and assuring me that everything will be fine. And yes, they still can't understand why I do it or how I can like it, but they accepted it very easily.

My family? No, I didn't get a chance nor guts to talk with them. There is a risk that my father will decide to kill every single man that have ever hurt me ;).

Is there anything you would like say to your fans out there.  ( I am indeed one of them)

Just thank all of you so much for a warm welcome! :)

Rarely does one get to interview such a sweet girl Dear Reader.  I look forward to her future material.  If you are interested seeing this young sprite and her beautiful bare bottom.  You can find her at Northern Spanking




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