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The Spanking Spotlight: Kelley From Spanked Princess



Height: 5ft 6

Bust:  32 F  Yes, F, lol, on occasion G- for the longest time though I thought I was a 34DD though. I will attest that a proper fitting bra can change your life

Waist: oh god these are mean, lol…  29

Hips : 40

Weight:  157

Hair color : Brown

Eye color : Brown

Birthday : May 1989

Hometown : Texas (though I am in school on the east coast)

Relationship Status: Single but Its Complicated



Well this is indeed a first for me.  I have always reserved interviews for spanking models.  But a while  back someone contacted me concerning a friend of hers who was indeed into spankings and seriously considering becoming a spanking model.  Well Dear Reader I checked out her blog (Confessions of a Spanked Princess) and I was totally blown away.  It took every ounce of self control to keep from trying to convince her to go over your humble narrator’s knee.  Well our next guest on The Spanking Spotlight may or may not become a spanking model,  But she should!  Perhaps when she is a well known spanking star she will remember Your Humble Narrator and send him a post card of her wonderful red bottom.  Dear Readers please welcome Kelly. 



Hi Kelley,  Thank you for sitting down with us at the Spanking Spot.  Now this is new to me since I have never interviewed a fellow blogger.  Certainly not one as cute.  Tell us how you decided to start The Spanked Princess

Aw thank you! I’m so flattered to be your first! ;) Well I started The Confession of a Spanked Princess last year at this time after a spanking blog binge. I got really addicted to the blog His to Spank His To Love and was procrastinating on a research project I had to get done, and read the entire thing, start to finish. I was so moved and hooked (I’ve followed other blogs before, but mostly celebrities in the scene or wonderful compilation blogs such as this one) and I though, I know html coding, and I have LOTS to say… this could be SOOO much fun.

I wanted just a place to share my story. Both for my own benefit, and possibly so that I could touch some young girl that might feel alone in what’s she’s feeling, the way that other blogs have touched me. Oh, and I thought that I certainly wouldn’t mind the attention.


In our Pre-interview you had told me you got your first spanking at 18.  Can you tell us a little about that?,  how it felt etc.

otkactioneditSure. I got my first spanking the April before last from a wonderful man who ended up being my first “Daddy.” I met him through a personal ad on Shadow Lane (I just happened to be on there- I had never heard of SIN or places like that). The experience was…life changing. It was very different than what I expected. I went WAY into sub space, whereas I had expected to cry and feel punished and purged. I felt that…but mostly I felt bliss. Edward is a slow spanker. He paces them out, and takes his time. He’s not a wham bam thank you ma’am type.

It was my first time and I didn’t realize that I’d have such a high pain tolerance, so he started over my dress (a hot pink, loose jersey day dress and leopard shoes- its much cuter than it sounds, and not Nearly as trashy as it sounds!), and then moved to my panties (light blue bikini bottoms with white DSC00458 piping, styled after boys’ briefs) and then finally to my bare bottom…I never cried out. I never did anything (this has changed DRASTICALLY- lol, I’m a big time squirmer and whiner now). I just moaned a little and felt everything.

My favorite part of that day though was the first little spanking I got before we went out. I didn’t know he was going to do it and then he led me over to the bed and I must have looked so confused! (Ok, I was being a bit of a brat, I should have seen it coming). He pulled me over his lap, and I think I lost all ability to think.

He peppered my dress covered bottom with firm swats and asked questions, to which I couldn’t seem to DSC00473 stop answering with “Yeah” and “Ok.” My inability to remember to say “Yes Sir” (Something I’d never said before in my life) resulted in my dress being flipped up and some firmer swats being applied to my panty covered bottom. I was Soaked, and my stomach was doing summersaults. He let me up, saying it was just a taste of what was to come and to remind me to behave while we were out getting to know each other better.

I was most definitely lucky. I had a wonderful experience (though I actually ended up black and blue for about a week b/c I was so far in sub space I stopped feeling how much it hurt) and not only did I not get hurt (which would have been quite possible, considering I wasn’t exactly Super safe) but I also met my first love J. 



I noticed reading your blog you have started to share some of your recent spankings on Spanking Tube.  Any thoughts about perhaps going pro and getting a spanking at one of our wonderful spanking studios?

Oh now isn’t that the million dollar question! The short answer is Yes. I have thought about it and would love to. The long answer is yes I have and would love to but I’m so freaking scared and conflicted! cupcakeotkedit

I can’t honestly think of anything that I would love to do more than do some real spanking modeling. I mean, getting spanked is probably my favorite thing to do period and then someone pays you to do it! That seems like a no brainer.  Plus I’d get to meet great people and try new spankers and situations…sigh. It’d be amazing.

But I go to a very prestigious university and want to have the entire world of opportunities that will afford me. And doing spanking videos- even if I do it in a classy, non porny way… I mean its still something that could ruin not only my future but also my family if it were to get out… Plus I’m not exactly the same size as most models (even spanking models) and I’m not sure my already fragile body image could take the level of criticism that is leveled at all people in the spotlight….though the attention itself would be heavenly.

One could say that my blog is “out” and it’s just as big a risk…but at least with my little corner of blogdom I can hold on to the naïve belief that I can control the dissemination of the material there….

Mainly what it comes down to is one of my biggest fears in life is having regrets or doing something DSC01214 “wrong” (I’m constantly worried that I’m doing college “wrong”). But I can’t figure out if the worse thing would be to risk regretting doing it and the possibly ramifications of getting caught or to regret not doing something I wanted to do so badly and had wanted to do since I was little and that  I probably won’t be able to do for many more years (in this scene, I felt old when I turned 20).

Sigh, basically if a studio that I love and respect were to ask… I can’t imagine seeing myself say no. But for the moment, I’m not going to actively seek out any modeling.


So you told me you collect souvenir spoons.  Any ones worth getting spanked with?

Ha-ha, sadly no. Souvenir spoons are very small (like teaspoons) and metal, so no spanking.


As a Art History Major can you tell us a little about your hopes and dreams.  (other than some gorgeous guy spanking you).  Oh what is your favorite painting.  Preferable one with spanking in it!

I hope to get my PhD in art history and to teach either as a professor or as an AP teacher at some prepK112625TITIAN 3 school somewhere (they have to Offer art history for me to teach there!).

I did work at a museum this summer though, and thoroughly enjoyed it (in the new media and technology department no less) and so that is always a possibility.

My favorite painting?! That’s impossible! Sigh. My go-to answer is Titian’s Venus of Urbino, but I’m not sure if that’s true anymore.

It’d be much easier to pick periods. I love Italian Baroque, French Neoclassical and Romanticism as well as Academic paintings. I also really enjoy the Surrealism of Rene Magritte, the Orphic Cubism of Robert Delauney and Abstract Expressionism.

My general feelings on art is don’t fuck with the beauty of the human form! I love abstract and modern work (alla Kandinsky), but I don’t enjoy the destruction and violation of the female figure. There is just something so honest and passionate about a great work of art…


DSC00973 Ok back To your spankings. What was the hardest one you have received and why?

This is a very controversial subject for me. Not choosing- that’s easy. But rather deciding whether or not what I received was a spanking or was abuse…I was firmly in the spanking category until my friends found out…they did NOT agree. So I think I’ll leave it at that.


What is your favorite implement and why?

Does a man’s open palm count as an implement? No? lol, I actually wrote like a dissertation on my blog about why the hand was the best implement. But my favorite actual implement is the hairbrush. Super standard and domestic. I love the sting J I love that I have to be over his knee, or at the very least he has to be touching me to deliver it. It’s a “naughty little girl” implement, which is most definitely my thing.

I think my favorite punishment implement, and the only non otk implement that I really love is the Domestic Discipline Strap from London Tanners. Not only is it just stunning to look at, and the perfect “Daddy” implement to have hanging in the closet (much better than a belt-which I don’t like) but it just DSC01728 feels…. Right. When its swung with proper force it hurts like the dickens! But in the right way. Its thick but wide, and it hits evenly, so it doesn’t leave those bite marks like a belt does. Plus it makes the bottom the most beautiful shade of red J No bruises. Just the good pain. But trust me, this isn’t something I would court. Its punishment plain and simple. And there is also something very domestic and caring about it still. Being placed over pillows on our bed, having him touch my lower back as he straps my bare bottom. It doesn’t feel disconnected at all.

I love everything from that place- Ian does such an amazing job.


What is your least favorite implement and why?

Well my least favorite implement is the cane, but its also one that I don’t see myself ever playing with again, just due to a bad experience. The other implement that I really dislike, and would only play with limitedly is fraternity type paddles. There is just such a disconnect when someone is dishing out a paddling- that feeling of love and intimacy that I think is so crucial to a good spanking just gets lost.

Also, they simply bruise, without letting the bottom get that nice rosy red color, and that in my opinion, is just a shame.


What is your favorite spanking position and least if you have one?

OTK ALL THE WAY!!!! I wish I could make that into a bumper sticker. There is nothing that beats the intimacy and DSC00793vulnerability of being over someone’s lap. J Hmm… Least favorite is harder. Well one that love to hate is diaper position- it just stings SOO much, and is acutely embarrassing *blush* (but I would be lying if I said that I didn’t sometimes crave it). I guess the only position that I honestly dislike is bent over grabbing your ankles. It’s just so uncomfortable that you can’t actually focus on why you’re getting spanked. Plus, if someone is using wood, then that position becomes simply dangerous.

I think I can guess this answer, but do you prefer M/F or F/F spankings and why?

M/f for sure, though I’m starting to get into F/f (something that previously didn’t interest me in any way other than sexually. Even though I am bisexual, I am still a pretty big proponent of standard gender roles as it relates to my own life. I like manly men and girly girls.) So I would love to top a girl (though that is not my natural roll) but it’s much harder for me to consider subbing to a female. I love big strong men. Ones that can pick me up and toss me over their shoulder, and where the safest place in the whole world is over their knee, and in their strong arms afterwards. Men that will protect you from the world…Plus they’re just sexy and strong (though the female form is FAR more beautiful and more fun to look at ;) )


So like myself you are kinda a closet spanko and kinda not.  What do your friends and family that know think of our little hobby?

Until a year and a half ago, not even my best friend (who’s not exactly vanilla) knew about my interests.DSC01295 I’ve been trying to be more honest as of late, but still not many know. Said best friend, after I told her, has helped me create my blog (and now reads my blog) and has gotten me into trouble with my Daddy’s! *Pout!* Lol. My former roommate (who lives in France) reads my blog to keep up with my life. But other than them, only 2 other non spankos know and they only found out recently. Mostly they react very well. They usually say, “yeah that makes sense for you.” Or “I KNEW YOU DIDN’T MEET HIM IN THE LIBRARY!” but they’ve all been really understanding, though they get worried about my safety, and Francesca is honestly the only one I can really talk to about it.

None of my family knows, but my parents aren’t idiots, and after getting caught with “outside of the norm” porn 4 times or more from the age of 10 til now, they know something is up. (I’m guessing that the fact that Edward was 44 and my last boyfriend was 36 doesn’t help them sleep at night either). I’m pretty sure they think I’m into S&M and they know I’m bi, but I’m praying a God they don’t guess DD. Is that strange? That I’d rather people think I’m into whips and cuffs than a loving spanking from my husband?


 markharmonOk,  Let’s say you were stuck on a desert island with one person of your choice to dish out your spankings.  Who would it be.?

Uh oh. Is it bad that my first thought was my ex? Lol. Hmm…. This is a tough one. OH! I know!!! Gibbs. Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Aka the main character from the TV show NCIS played by Mark Harmon. It is not declared that he is a spanko, but I know it in my heart J

If I were to pick a spanking celeb I’d pick Keith Jones. The only man with a mustache I have ever been attracted to. He was probably the first spanker who’s name I ever knew, and was one of the first spankers I ever saw in a video. I’m a huge fan, and I just love the way he spanks, and scolds… And mostly the way he holds a girl over his lap as he’s talking- watch something of his, you’ll see what I’m talking about.


Also on your blog you mentioned you are quite interested in giving another female spanking.  Who would you really like to spank?

Ohhhh… Well there is this girl in my acapella group on campus named Betsy (she’s a freshman, redhead,DSC01305 SOOOO adorable and super talented) that I have a HUGE crush on. Its kinda an issue b/c she’s in my group and incest in that is just not allowed, but also because she’s straight, lol. She happens to have the most spankable round bottom on her too and a mischievous streak a mile wide…. Mmmmmmmmmmm

Celeb wise, I’d  love to get to switch with (or do anything with) Samantha Woodley, and Amber Dawn. Samantha was kinda like my idol when I was younger (I think I was 12 when she did her first movie with Shadow Lane) and I think that her petulant nature is very similar to mine. And Amber… well I must just have a thing for redheads. And that bottom *licks lips*


You are a big fan of Spanking Fiction I hear.  What is your favorite story? 
I mostly love Spanking FanFiction (Lord of the Rings, NCIS, Buffy, Twilight, Supernatural, etc) but I also was a long time member of Discipline and Desire, and they have some amazing authors. The story that first comes to mind was a cowboy story (I love me a good ole’ Cowboy! I am from Texas after all) but I can’t for the life of me remember the name. L I wish I did. I want to praise the author like they deserve.


DSC01639 Well Kelley it was indeed nice sitting down with you.  Do you have anything you want to say to your blog fans out there?

Well thank you. J Its been so much fun! And to my blog fans I would just like to say thank you for sticking with me through all the ups and downs and I hope you continue to read and enjoy!


Dear Readers please give a warm hand to Kelley,  A beautiful and incredibly intelligent girl that would be over my knee in about a second if your Humble Narrator ever had the chance.  It was indeed a pleasure interviewing her.  Both gracious and naughty!  Once again you can find her here at Confessions of a Spanked Princess





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  • oh wow–! amazing interview. Great queries and Kelley's thoughtful answers are intriguing and wonderful.

  • iwasrobert

    Bizarre old world that totally hot girls are obsessing about the fact that they are not size 0 (yes I am told that is a real size).

    Anyway, great interview Brushstrokes. Kelley is totally on the money about Special Agent Gibbs.

  • Ian

    Discovered Kelly's "Princess" blog a month or so ago and was blown away with how much fun it was to read. Easily the best blog of it's type.

    Loved her interview. What an insightful, charming and witty lady.

  • Jean Marie

    Wonderful interview with a lovely princess of a lady!

  • Great interview and a big welcome to you Kelly.

  • Max Maximovich

    What a great read! Kelley, it's always a pleasure to read a beautiful young woman giving such a thoughtful and articulate interview. Best of luck with the blog – and here's hoping that one of our favorite sites making you a modeling offer you cannot refuse! ;)

  • tim

    lovely young girl kelley her blog is great love and spanks ,tim to you Kelley xx

  • larry smith

    Hi Kelly!

    Nice site! I haven't seen you in a while!
    Love ya!

  • Wow, how did I miss this interview with Kelley? I was away at the time so must have missed your update! Anyway, I have since checked out her blog and she is simply gorgeous, a real life spanko, intelligent and beautiful too! Hope you don't mind me linking this interview to my blog this week! Cheers. Chief

  • does anyone know whatever happened to her? would love to see more/wonder where she's workin now..? email me? lightnessof@yahoo

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