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The Spanking Spotlight: Kyle Johnson and Kat St. James

Kyle Johnson and Kat St James

Katherine St. James
Age: 24
Height: 5’0
Bust:  34 C
Waist:  Size 0
Weight:  100 lbs
Hair color : Blonde (Natural) Red (now)
Eye color : Blue-Green

Birthday : Sep. 21, 1986

Kyle Johnson
Age: 22
Height:  6’ 1
Weight:   205 lbs
Hair color : Brown
Eye color : Hazel-brown

Birthday :January 20, 1988

Hometown :Hemet, CA


Dear Reader, I have had the honor of interviewing a number of Spanking Couples over the years.  However I don’t think I Kyle and Kat have met anyone quite as intriguing as Kat St. James and Kyle Johnson.  Not knowing much about these two,  when I started doing research on them for the interview,  the more I dug the more I was indeed impressed.  Young and Brash they are bringing a refreshing new side to our Spanking World, and after interviewing them I firmly believe they can become one of our heavy hitters of the Spanking World (No pun intended).  Dear Readers, Please give a warm hand to Kat and Kyle.

Kyle and Kat What indeed it is a pleasure to have you on The Spanking Spot.  A true Spanking Couple!  So, Why don’t we start off  how you guys met. 

Thanks for taking the time to interview us. As far as meeting goes, we actually, believe it or not, met online. was the site, and we have been together about 3 years now.  Kat found my profile on there (Spanker20) and messaged me saying she wanted to hang out sometime. She had never been spanked or heard of DD before so I told her that was how my relationships worked and made sure she understood and wanted something similar, and after her first spanking, she just fell in love with how much it helped her, and I guess the rest is history!

Disciplinary Arts Now you two run your own Spanking Production Company called Disciplinary Art.  Can you tell us how that came about?  Do you have any plans for opening up your own membership site?

Sure thing. After we had been in our DD relationship for awhile we started to Notice that there were not a lot of couples our age out there who were open about their interest or desire in DD, and that comes from the older generation feeling like its something extremely personal that no one should know about… but society today is different, and more accepting of many lifestyles, and for us, this is something that is NOT sexual and has improved our relationship 10 fold, and we decided to start filming Kat’s discipline sessions to go for that goal of bringing this lifestyle into the mainstream. After a couple months of that, our name value grew a lot and I started getting TONS of emails from girls wanting to fly out to see my from all over the country to have sessions with my themselves, and Disciplinary Arts was born. We have been primarily on Clips4Sale ( for a few years, but we are the ONLY company who provides not Kat st James Retro Spankedonly fun acted spanking videos that are geared towards the younger spanko, but also many of the real disciplinary sessions I have with the girls I see, I do them for trade and I am allowed to record and put them out, and it is the full thing, not just  spanking, but an alternative life coaching session in full from the lecture to the talking to forming the plan of action we are going to take. I don’t cut ANYTHING out of the sessions unless requested by the girl who is getting the help. Now I have opened it and have been scheduling a lot of couples sessions, for couples who want help maneuvering themselves into a healthy DD relationship and that is probably the next stage in the evolution of Disciplinary Arts. As far as a membership site, Disciplinary has been in development hell for about a year, but we now have pre-signups going on if you go to the site, and it will be the only membership site online which features a full free front end where people into the disciplinary and non sexual sides of spanking can come and make profiles and meet other people, as well as paying and getting the backend with all of our disciplinary sessions and videos streaming for one price, which should be a great thing! Hopefully it will be up before Christmas.

Kyle I watched some of your clips Spanking on the Oregon Trail.  First of all let me commend you,  I thought it was excellent.  Now that being said Spanking your significant other in the great outdoors can of course be a little dangerous.  Were there any close calls?  Did you scout the area before shooting?  Kat were you Nervous?

Kyle: You know, part of being young is being reckless and stupid, and at times, we both just like to say “to hell with it” and have fun. We had a 16 hour drive out to Oregon, and decided to make a road trip series. We are by nature exhibitionists, and because this is not a sexual lifestyle to me and Kat personally, I don’t have a problem spanking her anywhere in front of anyone, because it is my right to do so if its necessary and its what I believe in and what works. That said..

Kat: Yeah, he really doesn’t care who sees. Unfortunately for me…

Kyle: Anyways, as I was saying before you interrupted, young lady, that said, I didn’t think twice about pulling over Katherine St Jamesanywhere we could and shooting the videos. What you cant see when watching is that on all three, we were not in the brush or forest, there were literally TONS of cars driving past which we could fully see, so I’m sure that they could fully see us. We  just saw a pretty spot where I could sit down and she could fit over my knee, and we did it.

Kat: Yeah, it was fun and made the drive a little funnier and less boring! I was definitely nervous though. I am still getting used to the “in public” thing. As a professional model outside of this scene, I am used to being naked in front of others, but outside it can be a little scary knowing you could get ticketed for it. I wouldn’t change anything though, I had a blast making them!

HoneyPotGroup1 Honestly I didn’t know much about you two until you started appearing the major Spanking Sites.  So I went back to all your video’s on Spanking Tube.  Now to all the great Spanking Houses please don’t take offence,  but our industry has gotten a little stagnant as of  late.  You two really seem to put yourself out there like no one ever has before.  Hell I saw a video when you gave out your cell phone number!  Do you think its more to do with your age and growing up unlike many of us who have been in the industry for years with the internet and instant communication? 

Absolutely.  Along with that, though, it’s a willingness to allow the public into your personal life. Many people, in fact almost all of them, use alias and fake names in the scene to protect themselves, their careers, etc glam1_02from this lifestyle, so it is kept in a safe little box tucked away for when it needs to secretly come out, and to be honest with you, the reason why spanking and discipline are considered taboo still is BECAUSE people are not up front about it. I understand people in law enforcement and other areas being concerned, but in this day and age, where your sexuality, race,  gender, and preferences are protected legally in most states, being fired for having an alternative lifestyle would be a lawyer's dream lawsuit, because it is a guaranteed win. I was one of the first to put my real name and phone number out there, I use my full legal name in all productions, and I do independent films and  professional stage productions outside of  being a discipline accountability coach, and use my real name there as well. I am not afraid of mixing my personal and professional lives, and because of that, I am much freer to be myself. I set a trend and many young spanking couples came out of the woodwork once we opened ourselves up, and I still get emails all the time from people thanking me for showing them that this isn’t something to be ashamed of, and that they are in the process of recording their own sessions to put out, which is the best possible outcome that could ever have happened.

Kat you recently went to see the great Dallas.  Now as you know he has been known as the Hardest Spanker on the internet.  But Kyle,  I must admit you give a pretty good Spanking.  And of course you are young.  Do you think you can unseat him one day?

Dallas Spanks Kat St JamesKat: Yes, I have done two sessions with Dallas, and yes, they were intense. Both are actually now available on Dallas Spanks Hard I believe. I’ll admit it, Kyle hand spanks just as hard as Dallas, but Dallas is a master of disciplinary psychology and implements, and I respect him more so for caring about girls and really making sure we are comfortable while shooting. He IS one of the hardest spankers in the world, not just the internet, but he is also a big teddy bear in person! And he has GREAT stories!

Kyle: Yeah, we are good friends with Dallas. I watched him growing up and a lot of different things I used I developed by watching his early videos. I get compared to him a lot, and I take it as a compliment. However, I am NOT anywhere near as experienced, in life OR in spanking, as he is. I would never want to unseat Dallas, because he is a friend of ours and that is a dog-eat-dog mentality that I just don’t have in me. The biggest compliment I could get would be to someday earn his respect, and I would be more happy having that then unseating anyone.

Ok Kyle this is for you,  How often do you have to Spank your pretty little girlfriend.  And for what do you usually give Kat kat2_01 Spankings for. 

Ha-ha… you know, its funny, because in the beginning it was a lot, like 3 or 4 times a week, but since she got into helping run the business side of things, and since becoming as big in the modeling industry as she has, she doesn’t really have time to act up anymore. If I had to average it, maybe twice a month nowadays, if that. She is honestly very well behaved and respectful of everyone around her. She likes seeing people happy, and is a very careful person, so she is usually good. Plus, for a few months now, she has been seeing guys for disciplinary sessions as a top and is VERY good at what she does, as she learned from me. Haha…

Kat, some Spankee’s say they like the pain,  some love the loss of control aspect of the Spanking.  What do you think is your reason you enjoy being Spanked so much. 

I wouldn’t say “enjoy” because as Kyle said, it is not sexual for us. I don’t enjoy being spanked, but I do like the feeling of not having to be in control of things and having someone to help me get to where I want to be as an adult and as a person, and not having to do it all on my own. I do NOT like pain at all, though I have been told by many of the companies I have worked with that I have one of the highest tolerances for spanking they have ever seen, and I RARELY mark with anything but wood. I HATE wood!

Painful Spanking Kat, tell me about the hardest Spanking you have ever received.  What was it with, for what and from whom. 

Kat: That is really hard! I would have to say it’s a tie between Kyle and Dallas. My first session with Dallas was all wood, because I had been teasing him, and I was bruised for a week and I cried (which is hard to make me do without me forcing myself) but then the other time was when I had gotten really depressed and cut myself without Kyle knowing, and he saw the marks when I was changing the next day and he blistered me and had me bawling from just his hand and his belt, and after he talked to me I realized how serious what I had done was and I have not cut again since! So I can guarantee it works!

Now Kyle I watched one of your interviews where you said you really wanted to work with Punished Brats,  Any plans yet ? Kyle Spanks Sarah Gregory

Kyle: You know, As I was growing up I was already doing touring stage productions and musicals, and Punished Brats was my favorite company for years and years simply because they are very story oriented and not bdsmi-ish, if that makes sense. Very home-style and domestic scenes, with that acting flare and sets. I would love to someday work for Punished brats, but unfortunately they are looking for older men for their videos, and they don’t really see any merit in using someone younger, which of course is perfectly understandable! We are very good friends with Sarah Gregory, who started out with Punished Brats, and have shot a lot of stuff with her. Hopefully someday I will get the chance to work with PB though, as it would cross something off of my bucket list. J

0005_spanked_in_showergal1-008 Kat, What is your favorite implement and least and why

Kat: Least is definitely wood, anything wood. I HATE WOOD! And my favorite is my Kat Crop that my good friend Paul “Tubaman” Rogers bought me. It looks like a Kitty Cat and when it spanks your bare butt, you have an imprint of a Kitty cat on your butt! ITS SO CUTE!

Kyle how about yours?

Kyle: Favorite implement will always be hand, it is a very personal thing when in a discipline session with someone who is looking to you for help, to pull down their pants and panties, making them vulnerable, and using your bare hand to help them learn what they need to learn and get them to where they need to be emotionally to receive the advice and help you are giving them, and to help them put it into immediate effect.
My least favorite is the OTK strap… What the hell is an otk strap? Straps are for standing, and OTK straps are for lazy disciplinarians who don’t want to stand up and strap the right way. Hahaha….

Ok Kyle you mentioned you had wanted to work with a few “unnamed” Spankees Tell me a Juliette Spanking modelfew you are just itching to  Spank.

Kyle: You know, I hate naming names, as it seems like you are leaving people out, but I will answer anyway to the best of my ability haha. I have been fortunate to work with many girls who I wouldn’t have ever thought I would be personally spanking. I have spanked Samantha Woodley, who was always one of my favorites, and like I said, I spank Sarah Gregory all the time when we are all able to get together, and have some hilarious and fun video shoots every single time! As far as my “wish” list of girls I would like to work with, I would have to say my favorite has always been Juliet from Punished Brats, I just think her demeanor and her dialogue in scenes is fantastic and that we would work well in a scene together… and of course, I would love to someday get to work with Pixie, for the same reasons as Juliet: she is just awesome in scenes and knows how to play the psychology perfectly, plus it would be fun to see how I ranked among the many talented disciplinarians she has worked with. I don’t actually expect any of those things to happen, but it would definitely be fun nonetheless!

You’re shipwrecked on a desert island without Kyle.  Kat which celebrity would you want there to make sure your stay in line for your ultimate rescue

Kat: James Caviezel, who played Edmond Dantes in the Count of ‘Monte Cristo’… That is my choice, hands down! He would definitely keep me in line!!

IIMG_0503 know both of you are huge wrestling fans.  What other things do you enjoy when Kat is not being naughty.

I also own a Karaoke Company called “Sweet Chin Karaoke”, and do private parties, so obviously Karaoke is a huge interest. Kat just finished bartending classes and is now bartending private parties and we both just took a 4 week acting course in LA together, so she may start coming to auditions with me soon and maybe we can both go the acting route. We also are HUGE animal lovers and go to zoos and parks and wildlife reserves a lot! She just started getting into video games, also, so we play Zelda and Wii together, though she likes old school stuff like Tetris and Bomberman more than anything! Me, I like games like Fallout 3 and Gears of War 2 right now. UFC games are fun as well.

I have noticed while writing this interview that there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the both of you. Do you have anything you want to say to those detractors or people who seem to have problems with the two of you?

You know, all I will say is that you can’t believe everything you read. It is my personal philosophy to never judge ANYONE until I meet them in person and talk to them. That is just me though. I know a lot of lies and gossip get spread about myself and Kat out there, and I accept that as part of what we have to deal with as a result of opening myself up to this very dysfunctional family we call the spanking community. All I will 0019_pretty_spanked_gal1-008 say is if you have preconceived notions about us or heard something from one person, call and talk to us about it. My number is easy to find on spanking tube. I am very upfront and I admit my mistakes, and I will fight to the death if we are accused of something that never happened. I am a very proud person, but not too proud to admit when I have been wrong. If you choose to NOT talk to us directly and base your ideas and feelings off of someone else’s hearsay, than you are not someone I want around us anyways. We try to inspire positivity and confidence, and having negative people and feelings around us brings that goal to a screeching halt. Just know, for everyone out there, we are totally open to talking to anyone and everyone, and is our direct email!

Final question You two.  I honestly believe you have a shot at becoming one of the big players in the industry.  What how would you change the industry and what would you like to see more of in Spanking movies. 

011 Basically, like we said, we want to bring spanking, discipline and this lifestyle into a mainstream light, and show that it is not something to be afraid of or ashamed of. Spanking doesn’t always have to be sexual, it can be a part of a relationship without being deemed as abusive or brainwashing. Many people have implemented this successfully into their relationships to much success, and I firmly believe DD, when done properly with no sexual motivations, can be a very useful tool in a successful relationship or marriage. I will be proud when the day comes that I am able to go on a major platform and explain DD to the world, and am willing to take on the love and the hate that comes from our life choices and grounded beliefs. I think in spanking movies we would like to see less sex and nudity, and more domestic situations with realistic circumstances. There is a difference between spanking videos and spanking porn, in my beliefs. When sexuality is brought into the equation, it becomes spanking porn. I hope that by continuing to do what we are doing, people will start to admit that this is not JUST a sexual fetish for them, but for many, it is a need that cannot be ignored or erased no matter how hard they try, and I hope that by us being out there and showing its ok to be yourselves, they will take that advice and maybe make their lives a little bit happier. That would make us feel like we have been successful in what we LimoRide1have set out to accomplish.

I hope Dear Reader that you found these two as fascinating as I have.  With chatting with them I couldn’t help myself  thinking that perhaps we are on the cusp of a changing of the guard so to speak.  Perhaps not.  But regardless I will indeed look forward to seeing these two in action. 

You can again find these two at their Clips4Sale store,  Our too cute to Spank Kat has her very own blog, And of course They have appeared on Dallas Spanks Hard, Sarah Gregory Spanking and Good Spanking.  Special Thanks to Punished Brat for the wonderful picture of Juliette


11 comments to The Spanking Spotlight: Kyle Johnson and Kat St. James

  • Brushstrokes

    What no comments, Come on people, these two bared their soul! And Kat's bottom!

  • They are a great couple with some of the best chemistry I have ever seen.

  • I like these kids… They are friends of Sabrina & myself. Fun to hang with. D.

  • Jim

    Wow great interview but i always thought Kat was 30 hmm weird oh yeah i also thought megan, niko, cp, and ally were some of the first ones to use their real names on spankingtube. Then that one couple bill and sarah they were on there longer then kyle and kat by far… Good interview but there was some incorrect facts. By the way brushstrokes awesome site i will always remain a fan just wanted to point that out.. desides how many people started into a "DD lifestyle" at twelve i remember at that age we were still spanked by our parents i do belive kyle claimed to be doing this for ten years.

  • Jim…

    How odd, you would think Kat was 30. She is 24, no worrys. She looks even younger though, doesn't she? You are the first person i have seen say she looks older! As well, Bill and Sarah were on spankingtube a year before us, that is true, but they did NOT give out their full names, only first names, and they have been broken up for over a year, so technically we have been around longer than them, and Bill is no longer even producing videos so suffice to say i don't think there were any inaccuracies in the interview.

    By first to use names, i meant openly use my full legal name, sorry for the confusion. You may know Nico or Megan or… cp? But many spanking celebs use alias, or only use their first name to protect themselves or keep it to themselves. Everyone knows my full legal name, which is more or less what I meant.

    And everyone comes from different backgrounds.. Kat was spanked til 16 by parents, i was not spanked past 6 and yes, as soon as the internet came around (AOL in particular) I started looking up spanking and DD to see why I would always get mad when other kids would throw fits and their parents wouldnt do anything and I found alot of sites on DD and started implementing it into my friendships and with neighbors who were older, and yes, that was at 12. I never claimed that i was doing full sessions at 12, but that I was giving disciplinary spankings (or learning to give them lol) at 12, which is true.

    Dallas, you rock, you are Sabrina are awesome in our book! And thank you for the sweet comments Veronica!

    Brushstrokes, thanks again for the interview, you are really cool and it was a pleasure chatting!

    Kyle Johnson
    Disciplinary Arts

  • Brushstrokes

    It was as well for me Kyle, Keep in touch. We expect Great things, Great things!

  • tim

    nice interview ,Kat is a lovely little spankee girl.

  • glittergrape

    Awesome interview I like it that you guys are young and in the same generation as me. I'm 28 a few years older then you guys but still you guys are in my age bracket sort of lol! I would love to be spanked by one of you guys or both!

  • I worked with Kat and Kyle. In fact I am in the picture of the two of them at Domcon with another model who also no longer works for them. I did not have a good experience with their company and received no payment nor copies of the videos produced. Many other girls have said the same. There is a reason why Mr. Johnson here has a lot of enemies.

  • Danielle

    hey how much do you charge for a session

  • bob

    is it still considered spanking if the spanking is done on the genitals? (for example, a hard cock & ball whipping or hard pussy whipping with a strap).

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