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The Spanking Spotlight: Samantha Woodley


Height: 5ft 4 in
Bust: 34C
Waist: 25
Hips: 35

Hair color: Brunette
Eye color: Dark brown
Birthday: Jan 1984
Hometown: San Diego, California

Relationship Status: Attached

Hitting the Spanking Scene in 2003 our next guest has in 4 short years reached the pinnacle of the Spanking Industry. A Spanking MegaStar, I can tell you Dear Readers that Samantha Woodley is as nice as she is beautiful. With a Rear that can glow brighter then 1000 moons , I present to you Ms Samantha Woodley

Samantha, Can you tell me the story on how you got into the business and decided to become a Spanking Model? How old were you, had you ever been spanked before?
I was never spanked as a child. I guess it was just in my blood J! I was always intrigued when seeing a scene on TV or hearing my friends talk about a punishment they had received. I would only grill my friends for so long, before they started to get suspicious. I knew even then that this interest was special. At 16 I got online and found Shadow Lane shortly after that. Their theme of caring discipline was exactly what I had fantasized about. On my 18th birthday I tore out the page in the phone book with my local adult bookstores and went on a search for spanking material. I found one shop that sold magazines like Spank Hard, and another that rented Shadow Lane videos. I would literally sit on the floor of the shop with all the titles scattered around me painstakingly going over the descriptions on the back covers. After a few times going in the owner knew me, would show me any new titles, etc. I would quiz him incessantly to know every customer that rented these videos J! I went to my first Shadow Lane party in August 2003 in Palm Springs. When Tony Elka asked me to film I was ecstatic! I shot ‘I Married a Brat’ shortly after. From that other producers like Chelsea Pfeiffer, Dallas, and Firm Hand asked me to shoot. I had no intentions originally to be a spanking model; I simply wanted to meet others into this kink. Everything after that was just a bonus!

You are arguably one of the top spanking models in the industry. What do you think drives your popularity?Well I hope it’s my stunning personality ;-) Honestly, I don’t know what drives my popularity. I’ve never really thought about it like that. I’m thrilled with each shoot I’m able to participate in and thankful for all the compliments I’ve received. I’m just a girl into spanking who has had the good fortune to put my fantasies on film.

Now Samantha, I’ll admit I am a huge fan, and have seen quite a number of your videos. There have been more times than I can count that you look like you’re about to lose it. Are the spankings you receive as painful as they appear on film?

Thank you!

Yes, they are always painful, and all the reactions are absolutely genuine! I wiggle, kick and squirm from a spanking on and off camera ;-)! It’s very difficult for me to cry from a spanking though, especially on a video. I envy these girls that can turn on the tears every time! I get a lot of questions from Firm Hand members about the fact that I don’t cry, don’t mark up, etc. The spankings absolutely are real and sting like hell, but to me that’s not the most important aspect of a spanking video. As a viewer I like to feel the girl has been truly punished and feels contrite about her actions and I think it’s a mistake to believe this simply comes from beating the girl black and blue. The scolding, the tenderness afterwards, that’s where the merits of a truly good top come from.

What was the hardest spanking you have ever taken?
The second shoot I did with Dallas was definitely the hardest spanking I’ve had on film. There were a variety of implements and I was sore for days afterward. What a meanie! {Note from Brushstrokes a smilie was taken out my Blogging tool doesn't recognize it}

With Firm Hand there have been quite a few sequences that have tested my limits as well. There was clip with a wooden spoon with Ralph Marvell where I took something like 350 smacks. That was extremely painful.

You do a lot of work for Firm Hand. Can you tell us a bit about what its like on the set?
I started shooting with Firm Hand in October 2004, and I’ve shot more content for them than any other company. I work for them behind the scenes, too, editing all the stills and some videos, and coming up with scenarios and directing some of the shoots. They’ve given me the creative freedom to do what I want on film.

The atmosphere on set is always relaxed and fun. The girls have real input into each scene they do. If someone has never been spanked before the crew is always sympathetic and will offer as many breaks as needed. I have a blast shooting with them and I look forward to creating new and exciting series in the future!

Ok Enough Spanking for a bit, I understand your going back to University to get your degree. What are you going for and what do you want to do with your degree when you get it?
I’m hoping to get a BA in Media. Richard Thompson from Firm Hand really got me into editing both stills and videos. That has definitely driven me to this course, which is based heavily on video production. I’ve been a wanderer the last few years. I was definitely not ready for University after high school! First off I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do, but mostly I wanted to travel, explore myself, etc. Being in the scene has helped enormously with that. Obviously spanking does not define me, but through this scene I’ve met true, supportive friends and my confidence has grown.

In our Pre-Interview you indicated you had a lucky guy (I can hear thousands of disappointed groans now). Did he know you were a Spanking star before you started to date? How did you break it to him?
Actually no, not at first. After a few emails I told him I was Samantha Woodley. I think he was surprised just how many people I’d shot for and the sheer amount of material I’ve shot, but it’s never bothered him.

Please tell us that he puts you over his knee when you get out of line!
Of course, when I deserve it ;-) I always try to get out of it by saying I have a shoot coming up, but it never works!

Is there anything you do to prepare yourself before a scene?
When I first started I was an absolute bag of nerves before each shoot. My preparation was not running out the door! Once the first scene was done though, it was a blast! Over the years, I’m definitely more comfortable on camera. I never really prepared anything though. I had a script for some of the Shadow Lane videos that I would memorize beforehand. But for everything else I get a general set-up, and then just run with it. Sometimes it works, other times I make a complete fool of myself. Mostly I mess up in the sequences where I’m topping. I remember I did a scene with Madison Martin on Firm Hand where she was in the chapter room of the sorority topless. The scenario was a bit silly of course, but my first line as I marched through the door was something like, “What are you doing? This is the room where everyone comes!” She completely lost it, we all did. I’m used to it now. I make a fool of myself most days, thankfully on film you can edit around it J

Is there any one movie or scene you are particularly proud of, can you tell me about it?
Oh that’s a hard one. For a movie, it’s a tie between Keith’s Girl Friday and Mischief Makers 2, both for Shadow Lane. In Keith’s Girl Friday it was the first video where I improvised all the way through. I loved some of my lines in that! Also the chemistry between Keith and I was so hot! The look of Mischief Makers 2 was stunning. We did an outdoor scene with both Sierra and I being spanked on this fountain. It was so well shot, and the pictures are beautiful.

I don’t think I can choose a particular clip I’m most proud of. On Firm Hand, all the series are special in their own way. The domestic stuff with Ralph Marvell as my husband were very real and exciting to shoot. I enjoy series like House Rules, English School, Discipline Program, Natural Brats where I’m able to work with friends I’ve made in the scene and coming up with scenarios that include everyone’s particular fantasies.

Can you share some of your secrets tricks you use to get your lovely bottom back into shape after a good thrashing?
Well I don’t really have any tricks. I know a lot of girls use Arnica gel that helps with bruising though; I’ve honestly never been marked for more than a day at worst. I usually heal up within twenty minutes or so. I usually need a few smacks before stills to redden me up again! I’ve been that way since “I Married a Brat”. Not sure why. Even after Dallas’ shoot I was back to normal within hours, still sore obviously, but no marks to show for it!

What is your favorite implement?
Generally I prefer not to use implements, just hand over the knee. But in extreme cases, where I’ve been very naughty ;-) I like implements that you can get around the house like a hairbrush, belt, wooden spoon, etc. I think because my fantasies have always revolved around domestic discipline (i.e. father/daughter, boyfriend/girlfriend) scenes.

What is your least favorite implement?
I simply don’t understand the fantasy behind implements like the board. I’m sure that makes it much more painful as a result.

Who is your favorite Spanker? Are there any that hit harder then others?
That’s also a difficult one! Keith Jones has to be at the top though. He has been in my fantasies since I’ve been online. He’s the ultimate example of how being tender and caring doesn’t mean weak! He spanks very hard, but never goes overboard. Dallas is great too. Sometimes he pushes me past where I’m comfortable, but I’ve known him for years and trust him. Ralph Marvell is also up there. I’ve always enjoyed the father/daughter role-play and he’s amazing at that.

Do you prefer M/F or F/F spankings and why?
Definitely Male/Female. I’ve done some great F/F scenes with Chelsea and Firm Hand. But in my personal life I prefer being spanked by a male.

What is your favorite spanking position and least if you have one?
Favorite: OTK hands down!

Least Favorite: Touching toes or grabbing ankles. I always find myself thinking, “God, my calves are killing me!” and NOT the offence I’m being punished for.

Believe it or not I do have some female readers, Can you give any advice to any women thinking about getting into the industry?
At my first Shadow Lane party, I couldn’t find any women my own age. Since people like Sierra Salem, Lizzy Madison, Abigail Whittaker, and loads more not in videos have all come out. It was very intimidating coming into this scene for me so I try to reach out to other young girls when I can.

In terms of getting into spanking videos, check out the site you’re thinking of working with, see what they shoot and how they shoot it. Some sites shoot explicit content. Are you comfortable with that? Some are very severe. Could you handle that? Then when you’ve chosen a site, talk to at least one model that’s worked for them, as a reference. Also ask to do scenes that personally excite you. Obviously Samantha Woodley is only a character, but I’ve always done my best work in the scenes closest to my own fantasies.

Do you have any special projects in the works?
I just shot my first DVD with Firm Hand titled ‘The Spy Who Spanked Me’ which is due to release in the fall. My co-stars are Abigail Whittaker and Earl Grey. I’m excited to see it edited together! Also I shot a new series titled ‘Online Encounter’. It’s about the Internet spanking scene, i.e. Meeting that special person, discussing fantasies, that excitement of your first real spanking, etc. It’s very unique and I hope enjoyable to watch!

Do you watch any other spanking models? Do you admire one in particular?
When I first came online Rosaleen Young and Chelsea Pfeiffer were my favorite subs. Rosaleen was wonderfully theatrical and so lovely to watch. She had the cutest facial expressions! Chelsea was the ultimate though. She was so sweet and down to earth on video. ‘Blue Denim’ with her and Keith Jones is still my favorite Shadow Lane video. She would squirm and kick so perfectly.

Nowadays, I admire so many models, especially the ones I’ve had the privilege to meet and become friends with. Sierra Salem to start. When we’re in scenes together it’s like the camera’s not even rolling! She brings such a fresh and natural approach to spanking not to mention her stunning beauty! Lizzy Madison is so petite and cute. We shot House Rules together with her real life boyfriend David Pearl. Abigail Whittaker who I’ve recently shot a ton of content with is such a blast and a true spanking star in the making! She can hold her own in any scene and has the cutest little butt! Niki Flynn is so creative and interesting to talk to. Last but not least, my very close friend Michaela McGowen. She’s known about my interest for years and recently decided to shoot! I was blown away! She was so sweet and fun on camera. We’re shooting together in May. I can’t wait!

Have your friends been supportive in your movie career?
Yes, actually. In high school I told my closest friends about my interest. They were always supportive and encouraged me to go the parties. I remember Michaela McGowen dying my hair before my first Shadow Lane shoot! That seems like a lifetime ago!

So what’s in the future for our beloved Samantha Woodley?
Hmm…College and traveling. I’m planning on going to the Shadow Lane party in August. Then start school in the fall.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans out there?
Just a big thanks for all your support, positive feedback and kind words over the years!

See Samantha at Firm Hand Spanking
And at Dallas Spanks Hard


19 comments to The Spanking Spotlight: Samantha Woodley

  • Richard Windsor

    What a great interview with the true princess of the spanking world. I'm a hard to please guy and Samantha (and I have never hidden this fact) has always been my favourite on screen spankee. I join websites on a whim if I know it has her content. I'm not a stalking type guy, but I'll be darned if I don't obsess over my desire to give Samantha a little spanking, nothing major, but just something that I can gloat over that I swatted Samantha, lol ;-) There are lots of great spanking models out there, but there is something with Samantha's style that clicks with me, unabashedly as well.

    Good job with a great interview.

    Richard 'Houndog' Windsor.

  • Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Samantha is definitely cute and her reactions seem authentic (in videos). I subscribed to Firmhand a few years back and was underwhelmed. But maybe I should look again. Samantha has no doubt whipped it into shape. Maybe you could review the site in the near future.

    It will be an interesting cultural experiment for Sam to go to school in the fall and be able to tell who among her classmates is a spanko. She'll know because they'll know her. She'll be a celebrity for them and they will have a difficult time hiding the fact that they know who she is and what she does and how great she is at it. Whereas for the others, she'll be just another nice looking, intelligent girl.

    If you're reading this Samantha, why don't you plan on taking notes on the experience with the idea of maybe eventually making something out of it — like a story or a movie.

  • Max

    Great interview with a great lady. Thanks Brushstrokes – this is the first time I've seen Samantha talk outside of her on-screen performances, and it was a real pleasure to get to know her a little better. Viva la Samantha!

  • Ruby Redd

    Definitely a great interview–and just darn fun to read (and look at lol).


  • Daddio

    way cool interview :)

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Richard Windsor, as the Princess of Spanking appears to have retired, Samantha is definitely now tops on my list and the new princess of the spanking world!

  • crm114

    Samantha = perfect.
    No seriously, if all women aspired to be like her this world would be a better place.

  • PaulH

    Great interview and I agree with the previous comments. This girl is incredible. It is almost like she was born to be a spanking model. The fabulous looks, the sassy bratty demeanour and of course her remarkable ability to take severe punishment and keep coming back for more. There is surely no more glorious sight on this earth than Sam dressed in a traditional school uniform, bending over with her kilted skirt hitched up clear of those sumptuous buttocks and her nickers dropped down around her white knee length socks for a long hard session with the cane.

    She also comes across in this interview as being a genuinely very nice girl. Would love to meet her sometime, though it is too much to hope that I would ever get to spank her myself.

  • Will

    I'll second all of the above…

    and then some (wink*)


  • Dan N.

    Samantha Woodley exploded onto the spanking "scene" about four years ago, and since then we have been treated to dozens of videos featuring this lovely creature. You are correct, when you speak of her classic looks and her alabaster skin. She is gorgeous.

    But I have one little "nit" about Samantha.

    Although she is truly one of the most popular "bottoms" in the industry, for my taste she struggles TOO MUCH while taking a spanking. Sure, I know it's all an act. I've been in spanking videos myself, and I know there's a lot of play-acting that goes into it. But IMHO, Samantha overdoes a good thing.

    My preference is for a lady who lies across her gentleman's lap, receives the spanking she has coming, and squeals and complains, but DOES NOT MOVE AROUND SO MUCH! That breaks the mood.

    Lizzy Madison and Amelia Rutherford have got this routine down pat. They react to their spankings as if they really don't like them, but they never threaten to jump off the spanker's lap. Samantha DOES threaten that… and to me, it's kind of a turn-off.

    Sorry. Aside from that, Samantha is a great spanking model.


  • PaulH

    Interesting comments Dan. But is it an act. From her comments above and having observed her demeanour in numerous vids, I get the impression that she really does hate the cane and the paddle and her reactions are entirely genuine. It would make for an interesting experimental discipline scenario though. She has to keep completely still for the duration of a long hard caning or paddling, with the stroke to be repeated whenever she moves excessively or yelps too vociferously.

  • […] delights at my table.  As Firm Hand Spanking newest series "Hells Kitchen" shows, Samantha Woodley not so much.  Her Boss however is not a tolerant man and while we delight in Samantha's […]

  • andy

    have you and what are your views on getting the strap on the palms of your hands


  • John

    O, Samanta ur brilliant… Without ur cute plumpy bottom cheeks life would be boaring… I would love to spank ur bottom Samanta Woodley… I love you and your bottom…

  • John

    You have a priceless bottom Samanta…


  • Duncan

    From the moment I happened upon an internet image of Samantha "at work", I was a fan for life. And "fan" really doesn't do it justice. Finding out that there was this incredibly beautiful woman/girl next door who also just happened to be into spanking AND it was obvious that she was having a GOOD time playing the pouty, spoiled, and forever mischievous student/cheerleader/rich girl/curfew breaker/smoker/irresponsible rule bender who we always know will be CAUGHT, summoned to someplace, and pay the same wonderful, inevitable penalty! And Sam always makes it look like this is the VERY FIRST time she's ever lost her skirt (or shorts) and panties and had her now legendary naked bottom spanked, caned, paddled or generally smacked repeatedly, until she's wriggled, struggled, protested and gotten really sore and WE are wishing (again) that we could take the lucky spanker's place just once, just to experience what that must be like – spanking Sam's luscious bare bottom at your own pace and know that she's probably smiling that great smile through it all. Why? Because she really LOVES it. And because she's heavenly and never tired on camera (or maybe never), and because she makes our long-time favorite secret passion FUN! And all of this is why Sam IS, and always will be, The Queen of Spanking.

  • Samantha
    the next time you come to the UK i would love to tan your bare bottom for a video on a site you normally do it on, you are the most Beautiful little BRAT!!!!! i have ever seen

    Regards Steve

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