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The Spanking Spotlight:Veronica and Coach Daniels and New Site Alert!

A spanking Couple Veronica Daniels
Age: 37
Height: 5' 5"
Bust: 38D
Waist: 27
Hips : 38
Weight: 125lbs.
Hair color : Ash Blond w/blond highlights
Eye color : Green
Birthday : 10/70
Hometown : Live in CO/Raised in So. California
Relationship Status: In committed relationship

Dr. Daniels
Age: 52
Height: 6’ 3”
Weight: 242
Hair color : Quickly turning Grey… Too quick!
Eye color : Green
Birthday : January / 1955
Hometown :Denver, CO/ Raised in Austin , Texas
Relationship Status: In committed relationship

I was fortunate a couple of months ago to make the aquantaince of our next two guests though Aunty Agony. Well known for their work with AEG's suite of sites (Real Spanking etc). At the time the were refugee's from the AEG layoffs looking to start their own site. Today I am happy to report that Veronica and Coach Daniel's new site The Spanking Couple is up and operating. We'll celebrate of course with an interveiw of these two wonderful peopleVeronica Daniels

Veronica, Can you tell me the story on how you got into the business and decided to become a Spanking Model? How old were you, Had you ever been spanked before?
I had been involved in the BDSM and spanking scene for many years on a strictly private club basis. (I was known in the scene as an entirely different name other than Ms. Burns for years. Ms. Burns is the name AEG/RS picked for me). For several reasons I decided to close my private psychotherapy practice about four years ago. I took some time off and did some re-thinking of my career life…

About three years ago it came to my attention that AEG/RS was looking for a female Top. I contacted them, was interviewed by Lady D and Mr. M. and was hired right away. I spanked weekly for them for about a year before getting spanked myself. I was not interested at all in getting spanked on camera for a long time. There were a lot of requests from members to see me get spanked, so I finally decided to do it. Once I did it I realized that it was fun and I really like showing that a Spanker can have many facets.

Yes, I had been spanked before. I was spanked growing up in school and by my godmother.

Dr Daniels How about you Dr. D?
As many of you know, I played the role of “Coach Daniels” on numerous Real Spankings sites over the past several years. My scene name had been “Coach” long prior to ever working with them but due to various legal and personal reasons, (besides the fact that I no longer want my good name associated with their company), I am using the scene name “Dr. D.” It fits for several reasons.

Now, how I came to be a professional spanking model? That is an interesting story… I had been fairly active in the local spanking and BDSM community when AEG had send out a solicitation through a now defunct Colorado spanking group, called Scarlet Moons, after an interview or two, and I believe the previous ownership had seen me play, I was spanking bottoms down at the AEG studio on a weekly basis.

My prior experience has run the gamut from starting out as a “bottom” in my late twenties, (this as some of you may know from previous message broad and forum posts was what I attribute to “loving the pain” I was subjected to in the USMC). Because if you did not love it, you could not do your job and several years of this conditioning turned me into quite the pain slut… So, while I had always been a spanko from my earliest memories, the pain was very therapeutic and guilt relieving. However, as I have grown older, “bottoming” just does not hold the same appeal it once did. That is not to say I still don’t get whacked, I do! That is one of the concepts behind what our new site is all about… Domestic Discipline and our Co-Operative Domestic Discipline Plan (CDDP) more on that later.

Yes, growing up I was spanked as well. My GrandMa was very proficient in applying the switch, and wasn’t afraid to use it just in case.

You two are a couple in off the set as well as on. Can you share with us on how you met?A spanking Couple
Dr. D – Our meeting was one of celestial destiny… and no, I am not kidding! It was on New Years Eve a several years ago. I was presenting a workshop on one of my favorite topics “Resistance Play”, (I know, it’s a Marine thing!) at a local dungeon. It was an evening charged with excitement and the dungeon was literally packed standing room only, and there in the front row was the most stunningly beautiful Dominant Female with her “pet” submissive in tow. (Of course, I am referring to my lovely Veronica). Well, from that moment on, I knew I had to make contact and get to know this woman better. Something about those eyes…

The rest is, shall we say, history!

Veronica: I concur with what Dr. D said. He has related the story quite well! I add only that I was stunned by his presentation that night, but most of all completely and totally swept off my feet and enthralled with HIM! I was so happy when he emailed me the next day! I knew in my heart he was my soul-mate when I looked into his eyes that first night…

OTK Spanking Now you two were previously working for AEG/RS can you tell us what prompted you to strike out on your own?
Dr. D – What prompted us to strike out on our own? To coin an English phrase, we were “sacked” plain and simple! While we had every hope we could produce material for the new ownership and even presented a proposal outlining the same, they told us they were automating their content and closing production. We were told they were not interested in any new projects and we were no longer needed.

Veronica: What Dr. D said! And, we had been wanting to start a site like this for a long while, so if they were not going to do it with us, we were going to do it on our own! It is something we deeply believe in.

Since you left AEG/RS you two have had to go though a name change for legal reasons. I love the new one. Can you tell us how you arrived at that wonderful name.
Dr. D. – For legal reasons we can’t discuss specifics about this matter, but basically it is a trade mark dispute that has turned ugly. So we have changed our name to something that I agree is better and encompasses who we really are: “THE SPANKING COUPLE." We can say this because between Veronica and I, we have decades worth of experience in spanking (getting and giving) and we really do have a relationship based on personal accountability and Domestic Discipline.

Veronica: ditto

Can you tell us a little about your new spanking site you are starting?
We are very excited about our site because it is something we have wanted to do for a long time. We live a real life spanking relationship and we want to share with people how that really works. We have a Co-Operative Domestic Discipline Plan (CDDP) that is somewhat based on the Spencer Spanking Plan. We find it really works in our relationship and feel that many other couple and individuals who are interested in spanking would want to see how a real life intimate relationship works using this kind of plan for personal accountability. We both get spanked in our relationship and we both get held accountable for infractions to the CDDP that we have agreed to work on. Of course, our CDDP changes as our relationship grows and changes…however it is always there helping us to keep our relationship free from resentment and anger.

Our site is everything you would expect from a membership based spanking site and we believe more! We have weekly streaming video and photo updates that are real discipline scenes from our relationship. We have The Belt stories, articles, and an Advice Column by Veronica where members can write directly to her about personal issues they might be having related to a domestic discipline relationship, etc. (She practiced for many years as a relationship and sex therapist). We have a personal Diary where members can interact with us directly by giving input on disciplinary actions, etc. We have a Private Collection Vault containing photos and video from our own private collections. We have The Daniel's Disciplinary Retreat where members can apply to come and be spanked or couples can come and do their thing on camera and get advice and feedback on spanking within their relationship. And, we do have a Sensual Spanking section where members can view spanking scenes that do contain sexual content if they so desire. We know some people just do not like to mix sex and spanking, so we are giving them a choice. Our site is officially being launched at the Florida Moonshine Spanking party in February. We will be having a big launch party there in our suite and we will be at the vendor fair. We truly believe that without all of our friends and fans in the spanking community there would be no reason for us to have a site! So, we are really looking forward to being at Florida Moonshine to see our old friends and to make new ones! We will also be at the Texas All State Spanking party in March.

For us, it is truly all about the love!

Veronica has there ever been a time you had to stop the shooting because of the intensity of the spanking? Can you tell me about it?
Never. I am a professional and if I have to cry and scream through it, that is what I do! One time I did safe-Over the knee spanking word at AEG during a paddling. It was a situation where I had just only come in to do one scene and had no warm up at all and was getting the school paddle. It was my first paddling in quite some time and it was AWFUL! I literally thought I would vomit. I got a lot of grief for that from RS members. It upset me because I did not feel that they knew the whole story OR what it is like to get a school paddle full force from a 245lb, 6'3" Marine with no warm up whatsoever. Anyway, that is the only time I have ever safe-worded or stopped a spanking.

Doc. is there any one movie or scene you are particularly proud of, can you tell me about it?
Well of course the AVN award winning specialty film release the Submissive Mind starring Kailee and myself was a crowning achievement in my professional spanking career. What made this movie so good, in addition to the fantastic production and editing, was actually breaking a very hard core masochist and exposing her vulnerabilities on film in scene. It was special… I have many fond memories over the years, generally in private scenes of play that were intense and cathartic. We have shot some amazing material for the new site as well which I am very proud of. We push the boundaries of what was generally allowable at our previous employer. You will see a real life couple practicing domestic discipline, you will see us instruct others and discipline select individuals both men women and couples. And, you will have the choice of seeing the ultimate intimacy of our relationship…the sexual intimacy that occurs after spanking.F/M Spanking

How about You Veronica?
I am very proud of the work I did at RS, especially with Lady D and the original owners. However, it only showed one facet of who I am as a Top and as a bottom. So, I am really proud of the material we are filming now because it is risky and different and showing the real life we live as a spanking couple who lives a DD relationship. It is authentic and real. That is something I have been striving for in my life for a long time, to be completely authentic. So, I would have to say I am most proud of what I am doing now for our site. It may not always be perfect and pretty, but it is REAL!

Can either of you tell us the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you on the set?
Dr. D. - There are so many…really, The flubbed lines, the farting model (who will remain nameless for this interview, but she knows who she is as I suspect she reads this blog!) (And no, it is not my dearest Veronica). In fact, I don’t think she has ever farted in public or private (LOL)!

Veronica: I agree, there are so many! When you film as much as we do, things happen! Models are human and so are we…

I did have a terrible experience with a farting model who actually took the time to fart especially loudly and Jean Spankingthen laughed about it! Yes, it is true! I wish it was not!

And, several times Cyndi Baker and Monica thought it was just hysterical to hide the implement for a scene from me, so I would have to locate it while the scene was filming…once I literally could not find it! I know it looked so stupid on film! That was when I told Cyndi she was going to get paddled if she did it again…it soon stopped. Go figure!

And, there was the time when I was super tired and it had been a long day of shooting four models, (16 scenes) and it was the last one. I walked on the set for the scene and completely forgot where the camera was, and sat down on the completely wrong side of the room! Luckily, I figured it out soon enough and saved the scene. We laughed about that one for a long time. The model was just looking at me like, what the heck are you doing?!

OTK SPanking Veronica, You do both top and bottom scenes. Can you tell me what the transition is like?
Hard. Very hard. I would not say I make the transition from Top to bottom gracefully all the time. I tend to get a bit defiant at times! I have been known to curse a bit! I guess I could be accused of being a bit sassy during that transition from Top to bottom.

Now Dr, tell us, Are Veronica’s misdeed’s punished at home as well? Can you give us a couple of offenses that would typically earn her a spanking?
Well, generally Veronica is a very well behaved young lady. She is the epitome of style and grace. However, the girl does have a lead foot! She drives an American muscle car and loves speed… it is in her blood and that will get her spanked from time to time. Also, I tend to be very particular about errands and having them done on time, without excuse. And of course there are always the “just because” spankings because it is plain old fun just turn her fabulous backside over my knee!

Veronica What is your favorite implement and why?
As a Top, it is hard to say! I do love my fatty cane and my Poppa's wood paddles the very best! I also love a Cute Panty spanking good wooden hair brush and a switch.

As a bottom; I would have to say Dr. D's hand and anything with a good thud or that fatty cane. OTK hand is the best for sure! Even though Dr. D's hand is like a lethal weapon!

Dr , The same question?
I think my favorite implement(s) are my hand and the three layer leather paddle by Satinwood Paddles. Why? I like hand spanking because of the immediate feedback, not only can I see the progress of the spanking, but I can feel it as well. And the three layer leather paddle? Well, this item is the bomb! Not too stingy, just the right amount of thud and can easily transport my bottom to a happy “floaty sub space” in no time

Veronica What is your least favorite implement that Coach uses?
The leather strap from London Tanners. It is AWFUL! Ian put the evil mojo in that thing!

Veronica other then the Doc here, Who is your favorite Spanker? Are there any that hit harder the Dear Doctor?
Of course, my favorite is by far the good Dr.! My next favorite male spanker is Dallas. I like his style of spanking, it the one I relate to the most. My choice for a favorite female spanker is Lady D. She knows how to give a good old fashioned spanking! No, I can honestly say I have never experienced anyone spanking as hard as Dr.D!

Veronica do you prefer M/F or F/F spankings?
M/f, just because that is what does it for me!

Coach What is your favorite spanking position for Ms Daniels?
Oh this is a hard one… but I would have to say the “diaper position." For all the naughty reasons you all are thinking…

Veronica what’s your least favorite position spanking position?

Veronica can you share some of your secrets tricks you use to get your lovely bottom back into shape after a Spanking good thrashing?
I always use a very high quality lotion on my bum every single day right after I shower. It is a lotion with Q-10, and other deep moisturizers. I swear by this!

After a spanking I slather it on, along with Vitamin E and Aloe lotion. Occasionally, I use Arnica gel after a caning or paddling.

Veronica, believe it or not I do have some female readers, Can you give any advice to any women thinking about getting into the industry?
Make sure you are prepared for being VERY visible and vulnerable! Being on camera is very different from spanking privately. Think about the future implications and make sure you are truly OK with them. Be as clear as possible on who and what you are and why you are doing this. Be comfortable with your body!! There is no hiding on camera! Have FUN! Dare to be different and take risks! Have a sense of humor and do not ever take it too seriously!

Coach do you have any advice for men thinking about entering spanking video’s?
Dr. D – I say “Go For It”…, My experience as a professional spanker has been very rewarding personally, however, I would apply the caveat that men who pursue this as an occupation may be sadly disappointed if they are not truly spanko’s. I think back on the frustration Real Spankings had trying to find suitable male spanker's who can appropriately interact with female models and understand the fetish in total, it not just the fun of smacking young female bare bottoms, you must really understand what they are going through, and my view is you do that from the bottom up… and that means you must know what it feels like from their perspective.

desk spanking Your new website, will it be theme based, Do you expect to have some of the girls you worked with at AEG/RS for guest appearances?
Dr. D – You never know who might appear at a TSC party or through the doors of the Daniels Disciplinary Retreat. Our emphasis is going to be on older models and of course our own relationship. I personally think MILF models rock! (Veronica included) and besides, there are a ton of young girl spanking sites on the market already. We plan on doing something unique. Just go to any spanking party around the country and you will see by and large our demographic audience; it is couples and the over 30 crowd, we qualify on both accounts!

Do either of your admire one any spanking actors or actresses in particular?

Dr. D: Tops-Current day, I would have to say I enjoy the intensity of Dallas. He is sadistic, but in a charming sort of way. I enjoy the caning style of that left handed Head Master dude from Rigid East, I don’t know what his name is, but he sure looks like he is having fun! And, I like the older stuff by Ed Lee at Nu-West, he truly was a pioneer in our fetish, (I also believe he was a Marine). And for Female Tops? Oh Yeah, Veronica for sure! You have to see her in action, especially the mind fuck she can put on bottoms and submissives, it is poetry in motion. And, of course Lady D, (wherever she may be), I liked her no non sense style.

Bottoms- Well this is a really hard one, I like girls who are really into the pain and the process. Current day, OTK Spankingthis would include Claire and Kailee from RS, and Niki Flynn. Models of the past; does anybody remember Tanya Foxx? OMG! Some of that Nu-West and Shadowlane material is awesome! Also, (I don’t mean to be a homie here), but I think Veronica cries the most sincere tears of any model I have worked with. I believe that is because this is very real for us.

Veronica: Tops: Not to sound like I just mimic Dr. D, but I do really admire Dallas. He has a great style that I personally relate to, and he has been successful doing what he loves for a very long time! That is something to be admired! I find him to be very real and personable, and I appreciate that in a Top. Ms. J and Lady D are my favorite Female Tops. They both knew the value of a good scolding and a good old fashioned spanking!

Bottoms: I really enjoyed working with Jessica and Claire from RS. Both of them could take a hard spanking and were great professionals. Bailey was always fun to work with because we had great chemistry, and she really cried authentic tears. I just love that! There are many, many great models, it is so hard to just name a Caningfew! I do love Sierra Salem. She is adorable and very real. I can tell she can take a really hard spanking and is just great!

Most people in the business say that their interest in spanking started at a very early age. Is this true for you as well?
Dr. D: Oh Yeah! I was a spanko at age 5 and haven’t stopped since!

Veronica: I came into spanking in particular at an older age I think than most. I was very into power exchange and discipline from the time I was a teen-ager. I became more interested in spanking as a part of that dynamic in my 20's.

So when you two are off the set, What do you like to do?
Dr. D.: We just enjoy hanging out, honestly we can find fun in about anything we do. Be it going to the drag races, (Veronica turned me on to this), going to the shooting range, watch out she is partial to the head shot, going out to movies and of course co-topping in the scene.

Veronica: I agree, we have a lot of fun just being together doing just about anything. We spend a lot of time at the speedway in the summertime, we love movies, going to the shooting range, reading, spanking parties and socializing with friends. We love the beach and travel – mostly we just enjoy hanging out together!

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans out there?
Dr. D.: We want you all to know that we are accessible and really want to hear your feedback. And you have our pledge that we will work our asses off to make a site that is different and entertaining.

Veronica: I really want to thank everyone who has written to us and given us so much love and support over the past few months! I cannot tell you how much it has meant to us to know that we have a community and that you all care about us and our well-being. When we started telling people what happened at AEG and what was going on with us, we just got an out pouring of support and positive energy. It was awesome and so much more than we expected! So, thank you all so VERY much! We are grateful to all of you for supporting us and our new project!

We love hearing from you!

See them here at A Spanking Couple


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  • Anonymous


  • Poppa_Mark

    The site is all you expect and more! This is truly something different from anything else out there.
    The fact that these two obviously love each other shows up in every scene!

  • Bottom Spanker

    As most of you know all her sites and related blogs are closed since 11/2007.

    Veronica explained ( the reason: Her outing about the business she is in to her ex-husband brought her fears that he tries to take her precious child away from her.

    In the meantime both Mr. Daniels and Ms. Burns are working for AEG/RS again.

  • Renee

    I have seen Veronica Daniels for a couple of years on various different sites. My husband and I are in a DD relationship but he's the HOH, so Its nice to know that you are another couple that enjoys this lifestyle. Glad you did your own website! Looking for more interesting stuff to come. Renee

  • Allison

    I am in desperate need of an otk spanking but I am in a committed relationship. I prefer a man to spank me and spank me hard. I am 33 year old brat who need guidance. Can you help?


    I have loved veronica daniels ever since i saw her spanking blake …wow wud love to meet her am 29 yrs old single hansome guy need a hard spanking…

  • Tim

    Does anybody know if you can still find their clips anywhere? Is everything from The Spanking Couple completely gone?

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