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Ah the weekend is upon us Dear Reader.  And you humble narrator has a list a mile long of "to do" lists.  Not the least of which to give my significant other a hard Bare Bottom spanking for running up the credit card to ridiculous levels.  Ah but that is the nature of a woman, give her a shiny piece of plastic and they get starry eyed.  Somehow in their zeal to purchase they seem to forget that one has to actually pay for it at some other time.  But my friend I think I will leave that punishment for tomorrow

For today is More Spanking of the week!

I am going to give you a bit more WOW material from Spanking Server.  God these girls are nothing short of perfection.  Why they aren't over my knee (or in my bed) is something that your truly will never know.  (well the balding middle aged thing could possibly be it).   From Spanking Server
Spanking server Spanking server Spanking Spanking server

Hard Caning is back at it again with the correction of a very attractive brunette.  She reminds me a bit of Samantha Woodley.  I wish these guys would promote their girls in the US.  they could do very very well.  You can find this movie at Hard Caning
Caning Caning Caning Caning

Fetish Flixx's new entry, "The beating of Kara Jayne" looks promising.  We only have the first installment this week but I am looking forward to seeing the rest.  I know the schoolgirl spanking is overdone.  But damn do I love it.  And this girl looks fantastic in the uniform.
Schoolgirl Spanking Schoolgirl Spanking Schoolgirl Spanking Schoolgirl Spanking

While this is what I would regard as a paddycake / Porn spanking I would have killed to be in the room when this one was filmed.  On Clare Fonda's Girl Spanks Girl
Lesbian Spanking Lesbian Spanking Lesbian Spanking

There is something to be said for a girls first real spanking.  Now while I love Spanking Digital and I really like this new girl they have.  Somehow (since she is a number of other movies) I doubt she is.  New spankee's once smacked properly the first time have a bit of look on their faces like "OMFG That Fucking HURTS". This is from Spanking Digital (via Spank Pass).
 Spanking Digital Spanking Digital Spanking Digital

Another WOW,  Just WOW.  another girl I think I am going to beg Lucy for an interview with.  you can find this at Northern Spankings.
Northern Spanking Male Spanks Female M/f Spanking

You can say what you want about these guys but Bad Tushy knows how to do Spanking movies and photo shoots.  These images from the movie are just gorgeous.  I'd also like to know where the hell they get these girls and where I can meet them.  On Bad Tushy
Bad Tushy OTK Spanking female spanks female

I'll have to admit that this movie is a bit boring.  This is a rather old film that is running on Pure Spanking.  Some nice F/f spanking but personally I would say its time to get some new material.
English Punishment English Punishment English Punishment

I would have preferred to see Chelsea use the hairbrush on this cutie's nice ass.  But with a video like this I can let it pass  Chelsea Pfiffer gives Samantha (not Woodley) a good old fasion F/f Spanking.  You can find it here at Good Spanking
Chelsea Pfiffer OTK Spanking Female spanks female

Can I swoon now or later.  This spanking scene is Fantastic!  I mean look at the body on this girl.  Personally I thin Tom lost out by not putting her over his knee first.  A excellent wet spanking from Girls Boarding School.
Girls boarding school spanking teens Spanking teenagers

Personally I prefer this girl to be spanked by her husband.  Somehow the models they hire go easy on her.  That is not to say she isn't cute as hell.  Any time I enjoy a females's bare rear I have to give them credit.  you can find this at Spanking Bare Butts.
Kitchen spanking Spanking Spanking Spanking

There was this girl I worked with at one time.  Her name was Jennifer.  Now she was just about the most annoying female on the face of the earth.  And for some reason I had this "thing" her her.  (yea I know, glutton for punishment).  We'll to make a long story short I never got to spank her (or anything else).  I mention this Dear Reader because the next girl from Sound Punishments looks just a bit like her.  It brings back fond memories.
Schoolgirl spanking Schoolgirl spanking Schoolgirl spanking Schoolgirl spanking

More Kailee Spanking from The Spanking Couple
Kailee Kailee Kailee

Any time I see this girl spanked it makes me happy.  She goes by the name Emma Brown and she is as cute as cute can me.  I tried to interview her but it kinda fell apart.  But Dear Reader your humble narrator will keep trying.  This spanking movie is on Spanking Mags.
Emma Brown OTK Spanking Men Spanking girls

And last but not least a couple of shots that Samantha Woodley sent me.  I am not gonna comment because she is way too hot.  These are from Firm Hand Spanking.
Samantha Woodley Samantha woodley spanking  Spanking Samantha Woodley


2 comments to The Spanking Spot's: More Spanking of the week!

  • Anonymous

    Hey, brushstrokes! Thanks for posting on my update. About the hairbrush…it's coming, along with a host of other implements for poor Samantha (Grace not Woodley).


  • Spanking_Amy

    The NSI girl is Sarah Collins, in what must have been some of the last sub material that she shot.


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