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The Spanking Spots: Notable Updates of the Week

As you all probably know by now Paris Hilton Escaped Jail today after only serving 5 days because of "Medical Reasons" (aka the guards couldn't take her whining anymore). and is now under house arrest.  While not as good as a prison spanking we can all hope that someone somewhere will teach that little slut a lesson.  Ok enough of my skank obsession.  on to the spanking.

I have heard a number of times that tattoo's are a bit of a turn off in spanking scenes.  Sometimes I like them sometimes I don't.  Both these girls at Spanking Digital (via Spank Pass) are quite attractive tattoo's or not.
Spanking Spanking Spanking Spanking

Spanking Server gets some really beautiful girls out of eastern Europe.  When my wife leaves me I'm going there to get my next one.
Caning Caning Caning

My dear Clare spanks the very fine Kay Richards.  She has a really unique look to her in addition to her exquisite ass.  On Spanked Sweeties
 Clare Fonda Clare Fonda Spanking

Samantha Woodley from Firm Hand Spanking takes her licks and a new girl named Kaliee Robinson.  I don't think its "the" Kaliee but I could be wrong (sadly I heard she left the business). Well if it is,  welcome back!  if its not well hell she looks just as cute.   Also Kaytlin Davis
Samantha Woodley Samantha Woodley Spanking Spanking Spanking

Sasha Harvey with Pigtails wearing a virgin white farm dress.  You just don't get any better then that.  This is definitely the Spanking of the week.  On English Spankers
Caning Caning Caning Caning

Punished Brats is on a roll with new spanking  talent.  This platinum blonde's name is Charlie Skye and she is HOT.  Give her a few more shoots and I'll beg them to let me interview her. (love the panties can't wait to see this one with them off)
Spanking Spanking Spanking

Wow,  Just Wow.  Cute and a perfect butt for Caning.  The only thing I wish Hard Caning Would do is open up a OTK site with some of these girls
Caning Caning Caning

ooh,  so much goodness this week.  This is from Northern Spanking.  Great Schoolgirl Dress and the very pretty Kara Jayne Dempsey.
Northern Spanking Northern Spanking Northern Spanking Northern Spanking

The Beautiful Lisa from Girls Boarding School gets the wooden Paddle on her shapely rear.  Now friends I can't exactly tell you I have a great relationship with these guys (so don't look for model interviews anytime soon) but regardless I have to take my hats off the girls they spank.  Beautiful,  really Beautiful
Girls Boarding School Girls Boarding School Girls Boarding School

I would much rather see Madison Martin over someone's knee (preferably mine) rather then being the spanker.  But a good update non-the-less.  From Good Spankings
Spanking Spanking Spanking Spanking

Nice older OTK from Sit Spanking
Spanking Spanking Spanking

Another nice Spanking from Clare Fonda on her site Girl Spanking Girl
Spanking Spanking Spanking

And Finally a very nice Update from The Spanking Couple.  Veronica Daniels tan's Sierra Salem's pretty little behind followed by a very nice wooden spoon spanking of her own.
Spanking Spanking Spanking Spanking


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5 comments to The Spanking Spots: Notable Updates of the Week

  • RichT

    Kaliee on Firm Hand is the same one that used to work for Real Spankings. She's also working for GBS under another name.

  • Cletus

    What beef do the GBS people have with you? They should be kissing your ass, with all the free advertising they get from your site. I used to be a member there, but dropped out when the updates came slower than expected. I can vouch for them though- they produce some good stuff.

  • Tim

    Firm Hand cycles their stuff out for months at a time, so although that is definitely Kailee, it may be from a much older shoot.

  • Anonymous

    I can say that this shoot with Kailee has been fairly recently. Although I do not know if she has left the scene since this was shot!
    Lizzy Madison

  • The Spanking Couple

    I have it on good authority that Kailee has left the scene. I do not believe she has shot for anyone in months. She cannot use the name Kailee due to legal reasons after being let go from RealSpankings. Same reason I cannot use the name ms. Burns anymore.

    Great work Brushstrokes! Love your blog!

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