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Alas Dear Readers this will indeed be an interesting week.  You see our Tea Partying Twits unhappy that the members of our Senate is slightly skeptical about cutting all the money for the poor, old, young, weak, sick and pregnant and giving it to their corporate overlords.  Who knew!  So being that they are slightly uneducated on something called the Constitution they instead chose to pass the “government shutdown act” which indeed states if the other branch of government doesn’t do what they want their budget cuts will go into effect. 

Interestingly that’s like me stating right now that if Sarah Gregory does not email me within 24 hours agreeing to let me spank her beautiful bare bottom then automatically I get to Spank her Bare bottom!  While indeed wishful thinking Dear Reader as we all know things typically don’t operate that way.  Of course if our conservative crazies and my spineless liberal commie bedfellows don’t reach a compromise then indeed the sky falls, the oceans boil and we don’t get our Government Stipend for our efforts to correct naughty girls!  Oh the horror. 

But it is senseless to worry Dear Reader we shall know soon enough.  So let us enjoy our girls being Spanked this week but kicking it off seeing what some of our my Blogging Brothers and Sisters are doing.

Jennifer Tilly Spanked


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