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The Winner for the 2012 Most Improved Spanking Site

SpankingAward_thumb Welcome again Dear Reader.  It is indeed time to crown our most improved Spanking site of 2012.  Now many of you have written me over the years wondering why I don’t give out a spanking award for the “best spanking site”  in a particular year.  Well I shall tell you whether or whether or not you want to know.  You see I find it disingenuous to lord one site over them all.  After all we all like different things.  I for one like to see young slightly malnourished girls spanked by men.  You of course might find the spanking of curvy older lesbians hot.  Now I would argue that the former is more popular than the latter but why should simply the popularity of one win out over the other? 

So Like many of my reviews where I refrain from saying something is “good” or “bad”  I instead try to focus on those who would enjoy the movie or site I am reviewing whether or not “I” personally like it.  Thus most improved is in my opinion much better thing to celebrate.  Too much do sites rest on their laurels and not innovate.  Thus this award is not so much who gives the hardest spanking or spanks the hottest girls.  It is about sites that strive to bring our hobby to the next level.  Never once Dear Reader have you ever let me down with your voting. 

Thus I am proud to bring your choice of 2012 Most Improved Spanking Site with which I whole heartedly agree. 

The Winner of the Most Improved Spanking Site in 2012 is…..

Dreams of Spanking

Now,  while I hear many a complaint from various spanking houses during these awards I was quite amused when my dear Pandora lodged a complaint about me using screen shots from her wonderful movies rather than stills.  I of course took one look at the tally and promptly ignored her which incidentally might be the reason she has refused to speak with Your Humble Narrator.  Of course it might be because she dislikes being serenaded by a male twice her age with big googley eyes and has a resemblance not unlike a troll.  Whatever the reason she her hard work over this year is well appreciated and of course rewarded with this most prestigious award.  I also want to remind her that her mate Thomas Cameron has not, as promised read Green Eggs and Ham during a spanking video!
Dreams-of-Spanking_school-skirt008 Dreams-of-Spanking_bday_008 Dreams-of-Spanking_ghost023 Dreams-of-Spanking_new-head-girl034

And the Runner Up is….

Spanked In Uniform

Perhaps the most prolific spanker there is, our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian cannot indeed be living an easy life.  Enjoyable with all the naughty girls he has to spank… yes.  Easy?  No.  Add to his frustration he has to deal with all those strange people who speak Hollish and spend all of their time sticking fingers in dykes.  Well you can see how such things can wear on a man. (and the dykes).  Thus I am proud to announce that his site,  Spanked in Uniform is the runner up for the Most improved spanking site of 2012. 
episode25_9 episode43_10 europe_ep24_3 P1010319


6 comments to The Winner for the 2012 Most Improved Spanking Site

  • Bart

    Congrats to "Dreams" and to Spanked in Uniform. Very well deserved. Not to take anything from them, I thought AAA Spanking really "took it to the next level". A brand new site but already seems so very established. Good work everyone and special thanks to Pandora and Mike at Spanked in Uniform.

  • Indeed Count: 2
    Current Front Page Indeed Count: 31

  • iwasrobert

    @Bart: AAA Spanking is indeed a great independent site but it has a very "classic" feel to it, like the SOL/Xerotics portfolio in their heyday. This is indeed unsurprising to those of us who have been around for a while because the Chief (aka Cakeboy) got his start working for SOL and struck out on his own after they imploded. It's a wonderful site with great content, but it's not exactly what I would call innovative. That's not a criticism, because there is a huge audience for well produced "classic" content, and AAA caters to that market with perfection. However, both Dreams and SIU have taken new approaches in terms of both storycraft and production techniques; these are bold and perhaps risky moves which IMHO have indeed paid off rather well, creatively speaking, and I hope financially as well.

  • Thanks Bart and Robert and everyone who voted for SIU :) Highly appreciated!


  • Well done to both sites. I know they put a lot of work into them so are deserved winners.

    As for my own site since it got mentioned, I wanted to re create some of the old SOL/xerotics when they actually did produce some great content way back in 2004/05 when I was first taken on board and they had a few sites catering to various niches. I'm not going to mention them again, suffice to say that they just went through the motions later and "lost it" as well as not paying me, models, editors, affiliates, other producers, the tax man and so on (sigh) … which forced my hand and I went my own way 1st as an affiliate then as a producer… I produce content that appeals to me and from what I remember from my promoting days appealed to many others previously. That was a hugely successful brand which is of course now completely tainted… perhaps there should be an award for least liked or successful categories.

    now that gives me an idea

    oh and something I might win, lol! *wink*

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