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The Winner of the Hardest M/f Spanking in 2012 is…

SpankingAward_thumb_thumb_thumb Welcome back Dear Reader.  As you might have noticed with my strange posting behavior I am indeed a bit discombobulated.  In fact I should have posted this yesterday but once again my good intentions were thwarted.  So today we take the belated step of announcing our hardest M/f spanking of our previous year. 

Now this is indeed a special award in my heart Dear Reader.  Not that I have anything against F/f spanking Dear Reader,  I just find at the top end of painful punishment spankings Men tend to dish it out with a bit more vigor.  Much to the delight of us and the misery of the girls receiving the spankings I personally thought that all our nominee’s this year had a good shot at winning.  But unfortunately there can only be one Dear Reader,  so let us without further delay announce our winners. 

The winner of the Hardest M/f Spanking in 2012 is.

Mr Masterson and Lila Knight in A Severe Hairbrush Spanking from Dad

Personally I have always enjoyed Mr M’s spankings.  In fact I think he does too little of it.  Though a bit clinical whenever he has a naughty girl over his knee you know she is in for a world of pain.  But Mr M, outdid himself in 2012 with the Severe Hairbrush Spanking from Dad update.  Lila Night is of course no stranger to hard painful spankings.  But she manages to keep her composure making noises like elite tennis players do each time they hit the ball but in her case it is someone hitting her bare bottom.  But Mr Masterson determined to make an impression on the young Lila decided that for this spanking it would be something truly special.  The application of large unyielding wooden hairbrush upon her bared bum finally gets Lila to lose her composure and from her cries and tears (not to mention her bruised bottom) ensuring that she will never ever do whatever she did to get spanked in the first place.  Pictures courtesy of Real Spanking.
11250_013_thumb 11250_011_thumb 11250_010_thumb 11250_016_thumb 

And our Runner Up is…..

Jan Zlatousty and Renata Sukova in Wild Party 3

Yes Dear Reader our winner from last year has been dethroned.  But fear not, for the storied Jan Zlatousty punished more than his fair share of naughty girls quite severely.  His cruel cane for which he is famous is applied to porn starlet’s Renata Sukova perfect ass in Wild Party 3 this year with brutal results. What do you expect from Lupus Spanking?
vlcsnap2012121820h38m46s155_thumb rge019photo058_thumb rge019photo052_thumb rge019photo050_thumb

Congratulations to all the nominee’s and winners










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