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The Wooden Paddle on Allison Millers Ass and Lots of Bare Bottom Spanking

With the proliferation of cell phones and the cameras that come attached it seems that our law enforcement is rather unhappy with the fact that everyday citizens can record and subsequently share documentation of their deeds.  One would think that in a job where one suffers (probably) daily false accusations of brutality and harassment they would welcome such intrusions.  In fact one wonders why every single police person doesn’t have a camera embedded into their uniform to protect themselves against unfounded accusations.

Unfortunately it seems our officers don’t see it that way.  Despite being told time and again they have no expectation of privacy while arresting someone in a public place.  They still indeed insist on arresting people for filming them prompting an outcry from the very people they “protect”.  Now given no one particularly enjoys being filmed at work but then again none of us other than police have the power to beat the hell out of someone “resisting arrest”.  One would think that the public exercising their rights would indeed be a good thing!  After all we film our girls when they recieve punishment spankings why indeed should they be exempt!

But of course they will continue to stubbornly refuse to be pulled kicking and screaming into the twenty first century and because of a few bad ones the reputation of the whole of law enforcement will indeed suffer.  This of course has absolutely nothing to do with Spanking Dear Reader but Your Humble Narrator has indeed developed writers block.  Thus without further ado lets get on to the next installment of the Spanking Updates of the week!

Let us begin with the goings on at the St Catherine School for girls over at Spanked in Uniform.  It seems that Amelia Jane Rutherford and Pandora Blake are still refusing to give the names of the other girls involved in a number of misdeeds.  This indeed is a recipe for disaster Dear Reader!  How long can these girls take spanking after spanking before they confess.  But their loyalty to their friends is indeed admirable after they suffer though yet another bottom burning paddling at the hands of our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian.
ep27_4 ep27_3 ep27_7 ep27_8 ep27_9 ep27_12

Ah the wooden paddle, the fearsome bottom beater that all of our girls loath and fear.  Allison Miller is indeed no different Dear Reader.  Even applied to her tight jean clad bottom the paddle elicits excruciating pain on her wonderful ass.  Whatever misdeed that got her this punishment will never be repeated!  From Firm Hand Spanking
reform_ag004 reform_ag005 reform_ag015 reform_ag017 reform_ag021 reform_ag023

While personally preferring the St Trinians uniform she was in last week.  I do understand that our friends from across the pond are rather particular about their schoolgirl Uniforms.  Many thanks to the Dear Reader who schooled me in the nuances of English Schoolgirls.  In any case here is our quintessential girl next door,  Sarah Gregory getting a proper spanking in a proper uniform!  From Triple A Spanking
Image61 Image63 Image69 Image70 Image77 Image82

So our tea party twits want to cut all funding to science research. Because well…. all that sciency stuff is evil and never did anyone any good anyway.  Plus their rich friends indeed need tax breaks!  This of course also means Nasa.  What indeed will happen to our search for extraterrestrial life preferably in the form of a world of hot girls doing naughty things all day!  Where I ask will we find the next planet that denotes spanking as well as Venus with its angry red atmosphere and hot surface just like a spanked bare bottom.  Which of course is what Chelsea Pfeiffers like named girl is getting.  From Good Spanking.
005 011 015 016 025 027

You know I wonder Dear Reader why our girls even try to resist when they learn they are going to get Spanked.  I mean have you seen once when the spanker relents?  In fact it only gets them spanked much harder than if they would only accept their fate.  You would indeed think someone like young Bailey here who has had enough experience with getting her bare bottom beaten would realize this by now.  But of course our girls can sometimes be quite stubborn which ensures that she will not be sitting down on her pretty little bottom anytime soon.  From Spanking Bailey or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass.
3248_006 3248_010 3248_026 3248_053 3248_055 3248_050

Well another site has joined our merry group of Spankers.  My Dear Friend Sarah from Spanking Sarah asked your humble narrator for a review.  Of course I obliged.  I do have to warn you Dear Reader that while there is quite a bit of spanking there is also a bit of hardcore sex.  I do not know if that bothers you Dear Reader but indeed it does not I.  Look for the review on Tuesday.
vlcsnap-2011-07-07-14h11m38s62 vlcsnap-2011-07-07-14h11m48s164 vlcsnap-2011-07-07-14h12m35s119 vlcsnap-2011-07-07-14h13m00s99 vlcsnap-2011-07-07-14h13m34s197 vlcsnap-2011-07-07-14h13m46s53

From our slightly rougher friends in Russia we have another brutal caning scene for this unfortunate girl.  Made to lie on the bed in her birthday suit bright red stripes are visible as the cane is applied to the crying girls bare bottom.  Indeed this is a punishment she will never forget.  From Her First Punishment
p7302p09 p7302p10 p7302p32 p7302p33 p7302p41 p7302p21

And Finally for today we have yet another fine example of the proper discipline technique at work.  It seems to me corporations could do away with HR altogether if they simply implemented a Spanking regiment for poor or lazy employee’s I know I would certainly work there.  From Cutie Spankee
ol2_d01 ol2_d07 ol2_d16 ol2_d22 ol2_d34 ol2_d37 ol2_d47


2 comments to The Wooden Paddle on Allison Millers Ass and Lots of Bare Bottom Spanking

  • Alison Miller has a bottom that was simply made to be paddled. Sarah Gregory looks gorgeous standing red bottomed in the corner. Oh to have these two young ladies at the Shop for an afternoon!

  • Spankfun

    Today is a wonderful day for all people who think the world is a better place without the British tabloid "News of the World". The world will be a better place starting next Monday as "News of the World" will be shut down. And no more spanking parties in England will ever be made public by that newspaper. Finally.

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