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Theresa Asteria Gets a Bare Bottom Spanking And a Bride Spanked before her Wedding

Well Dear Reader tomorrow is of course Halloween.  I do hope you enjoyed my spoooooooooky themed Spanking Posts.  Halloween is of course a special time for the Spanking Community.  In fact it is a favorite holiday for many of you.  After all when else can grown women dress up as a sexy schoolgirl and prance around in public. Knowing of course all the time she for this one time this year will not have to change into another outfit to get a Spanking.

So it goes Dear Reader,  enjoy your scary season but before you do why not sit back and enjoy the rest of the Spanking Updates of the week!

Lets begin today with a heavy matchup.  Cheerleader vs GirlScout.  Well that indeed Dear Reader is something that we would like to see.  It seems however our brash boisterous Cheerleader gets the best of Ms Goodie Too Shoes.  I guess she didn’t like her delivery of cookies.  These two lovely ladies are of course Sophia Nova and Holly Stevens and can be found on My Spanking Roommate or the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass
r66e05l Sophie Nova OTK Spanking r66e22l r66e23l Over the knee Bare bottomed Spanking r66e32l

Now being the crabby old man that I am,  I spend a considerable time chasing small children off my lawn and throwing pebbles at loud teenagers.  So I particularly abhor the screaming throngs of children pounding on my door insistent on free candy. While I have thought about the use of a super soaker to discourage the little freeloaders, I have always gone along with the holiday in the hopes that perhaps the hot girl next door shows up dressed as a stripper.  Particularly if that girl next door is indeed the lovely Sarah Gregory.  Even better if she brings along her very hot friend Theresa Asteria for a good hard Spanking.  From Sarah Gregory Spanking
0022_stripper_whipper_gal2-003 Theresa Asteria Spanked 0022_stripper_whipper_gal2-007 Bikini Spanking Stripper gets Spanked 0022_stripper_whipper_gal2-012

Speaking of Candy,  Sophia Nova and Nikki Rouge with their pants and panties down getting the strap are indeed eye candy Dear Readers.  No word of course if they came to Dallas’s door seeking treats of course.  The trick however comes in the form of a very painful Belt Spanking.  From Dallas Spanks Hard
ginger4_04 ginger4_05 ginger4_11 Nikki Rouge Strapped Belt Spanking Spanked with a Belt

Now those of us that have (perhaps unwisely in my case) opted for city living.  Space is indeed at a premium.  Cramped together one doesn’t always have the room to give a Spanking with some of our more fearsome implements.  However as Mr M shows the lovely Monica one can always move the Spanking outdoors.  In my case perhaps not an option since there are always neighbors peering over the fence and the cries of a Spanked girl would attract such them like bees to honey.  But it is nice to know its always an option.  From Real Spanking or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass
9773_002 9773_009 9773_019 9773_050 Monica Padded on the bare ass Outdoor Spanking 9773_076

For some reason I have always wanted to give a hot girl a good hard Spanking in a Kimono.  Perhaps it is the Asian theme of such bare bottom punishment.  Sadly it is unlikely one dressed up in one will come to my door this Halloween looking for either candy or better yet a Spanking.  So I guess I will just have to live with this incredible girl on Spanking Server.
snapshot20101030100507 snapshot20101030100108 snapshot20101030100245 snapshot20101030100344 Painful Paddling snapshot20101030100444

Here is someone we haven’t seen in a while.  The Ravishing Redhead Amber Dawn.  I quite missed her!  Now Perhaps Halloween is different but our Amber has never been much for costumes.  Then again I am not complaining since she tends to be quite naked quite fast during her Spankings.  And with a body like that who of course can complain.  But I wouldn’t mind seeing her as a Spanked French Maid on day.  From Spank Amber
353f Amber Dawn Spanked 353i 353p

Finally for this week,  There are many things that can ruin a girls Big Day.  Since one is spending obscene amounts of money on a wedding (hey don’t look at me, I got married in traffic court).  Things can be quite stressful.  Thus causing the bride to become quite demanding and well… a brat.  Now unfortunately the time honored tradition of not seeing the bride before the wedding there is no groom to deal with her behavior.  So it of course falls upon her maid of honor to give her the Spanking she needs before walking down the isle.  From Good Spanking Classics
002 Spanked by her bridesmaid 005 F/f Spanking Bride Spanked on her wedding day 009

Happy Halloween Dear Readers!


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