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Uncle Wayne’s Woodshed Whippins



Title: Uncle Wayne’s Woodshed Whippins

Starring: Unknown

Produced By: Raven Hill Studios

Distributed by: Spanking Spot Movie Theater

Runtime: 58:54

Price: $5.95 for a 7 day rental, $12.95 for Lifetime Rental, or Purchased by the minute, Protected WMV Format



vlcsnap-2010-05-11-19h25m34s244 Our Rural south has a rich and storied history.  Of course Dear Reader we Northerners jest at their expense.  Some deserved, some not.  And while we amuse ourselves with jokes about our dentally challenged hillbilly brothers who detest all that “learnin” that we Yankees have.  After all the world was created in 7 days,  What’s with all these new fangled ideas?  and What is a billion anyway!

But the truth is Dear Reader, while  our southern folk might listen to to Rush Limbaugh and believe all the nonsense he spews they are perhaps the best spankers in our union.  It is generally accepted down there that a good ass whuppin is indeed good for our ladies.  So the term “behind the Woodshed” brings both fear and anticipation to their naughty ladies which indeed is the theme of tonight's Spanking Film, Uncle Wayne’s Woodshed Whippins

We open up our tale with a young lady complaining quite a bit which of course I would be doing if I lived in a vlcsnap-2010-05-11-19h47m29s81 small town down south.  Now you might imagine she would be complaining about having to run quite fast to get away from her quite horny brothers.  But No!  Our young lady tells us the story of how her Uncle Wayne some years ago hit the lottery.  Not exactly being the altruistic type and not allowing his new found wealth to destroy a common man.  He continued living his quite sparse lifestyle and did something unheard of in this day an age.  He saved it!  Now as we all know,  Relatives tend to show up when one has money, but Wayne would have none of that!  Instead our young girl’s parents sent her off to live with Uncle Wayne.  Much to their chagrin instead of marrying his young niece as customary in the south,  he allowed her to work on his farm and of course earn money and this Dear Reader is where our tale begins. 

vlcsnap-2010-05-11-19h55m47s196 It seems Uncle Wayne unlike many who hit the lottery,  is quite responsible with his money and sets out to teach his young niece about responsible finance.  Instead of paying her directly he takes half the money she earns and puts it in an education fund for her.  And like all teenage girls she of course thinks this sucks.  But he seems to have a soft spot for a couple of her very pretty friends and upon hearing a sob story gives her friend some cash.  Where this is where his niece's evil plot is hatched.  She would recruited her friends to ask for money and they indeed would split the cash.

Well Uncle Wayne perhaps is not the brightest in the bunch,  but he does know when girls keep getting in trouble for the same things.  Perhaps there is a bit of behavior adjustment needed.  Now such comments alarmed our young lady since she had been spanked by her Uncle before warning her friends Connie and Carrie throw a party and break their fathers television.  Desperate for the money to fix it they come to Uncle Wayne. 

Giving them quite a lecture, he gives them a choice.  He’ll give them the $900 they ask,  but in turn they will get as he says it a “Good old Fashion Spankin!” right in the Woodshed!.  Reluctantly the girls agree and after a brief argument who goes first, our hero gets fed up and puts Connie over his knee.

Wayne waste no time with these girls.  Their Connie’s jean shorts come off immediately and he delivers a hard hand spanking to her bare bottom.  Bringing his hand up above his shoulders and using a full sweep he spanks her quite hard.  Her bare ass turning red quite early into the spanking while her cousin looks on. 
vlcsnap-2010-05-11-20h02m20s31 vlcsnap-2010-05-11-20h04m16s170 vlcsnap-2010-05-11-20h05m32s165 vlcsnap-2010-05-11-20h11m51s117 vlcsnap-2010-05-11-20h13m40s180 vlcsnap-2010-05-11-20h12m30s248

After a good hard 10 minute OTK Spanking it is Carrie’s turn.  He demands she pull down her Daisy Dukes for the same bare ass Spanking Treatment that her very attractive cousin got. 
vlcsnap-2010-05-11-20h18m23s189 vlcsnap-2010-05-11-20h18m43s133 vlcsnap-2010-05-11-20h20m00s135 vlcsnap-2010-05-11-20h22m10s155

Now to tell you the truth Dear Reader, the spanking of Connie and Carrie, and the short spanking of our unnamed narrator would indeed be enough for a full length Spanking movie.  But there is indeed apparently more since the movie is only a little more than half over.  So let us see what is in store for us next.

Well the Connie and Carrie apparently disliked their bare butt spankings since they told the rest of the school that splitting money with our unnamed narrator would be quite painful.  Fortunately for her,  a New girl arrived at school and soon after, Susan crashed her parents car and needed some quick cold cash to fix it.  Unfortunately no one told her about Uncle Wayne’s affinity toward teaching these girls some responsibility. 

Unlike the other girls, our Susan is not used to be spanked since she was indeed from Cincinnati resulting in a girl screaming, yelling and crying while she is over Wayne’s knee resulting in an excellent spanking indeed.
vlcsnap-2010-05-11-20h26m42s68 vlcsnap-2010-05-11-20h35m46s124 vlcsnap-2010-05-11-20h36m37s120 vlcsnap-2010-05-11-20h37m28s120 vlcsnap-2010-05-11-20h38m43s104 vlcsnap-2010-05-11-20h38m50s175

Our Unnamed narrator hit it big, making a cool $900 bucks by splitting it with her now red bottomed ex-friend.  But like all teenage girls she blows it on shiny things and gadgets making her Uncle quite suspicious.  She pulled the wool over his eyes for a time, but like we all know naughty girls are eventually tripped up,  particularly when they buy a answering machine and one of her friends calls to get in on the “Uncle Wayne Scam”!  Well needless to say Wayne is not amused and decides once again his niece is deserving of a Spanking, harder than any of her friends have gotten of course. 

With her Jeans down and her little half shirt exposing her nicely tanned lower back Wayne begins the Spanking with slow hard smacks.  She cries out as the spanking gets progressively harder. Once he is finished spanking her OTK he brings out the strap and gives her one hell of a strapping that only a southerner can give in the woodshed. 
vlcsnap-2010-05-11-21h00m26s77 vlcsnap-2010-05-11-21h00m00s80 vlcsnap-2010-05-11-20h59m06s45 vlcsnap-2010-05-11-21h00m08s153 vlcsnap-2010-05-11-21h01m17s75 vlcsnap-2010-05-11-21h01m39s40

So the final question is did I enjoy it.  Dear Reader, this was a EXCELLENT movie, which indeed frustrates me more.  You see, as you all know Raven Hill has developed a pretty poor reputation for not delivering paid DVD’s.  Now the spankings as you all can see from my reviews actually did take place.  How hard is it to ship a goddamn DVD!  These guys if they kept their reputation intact could have been one of the premiere spanking houses.  Instead it took a service who streams their content to actually deliver it so we can enjoy it.  I mean these are damn good spanking movies.  What the hell was wrong with them!  Well at least Dear Reader we can now ensure delivery though The Spanking Spot Movie Theater, to enjoy this title it is here at Uncle Wayne’s Woodshed Whippins


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