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Today Dear Reader is of course Valentines day.  Like all made up holidays that require the purchase of something overpriced.  I indeed hate it.  You might like I notice that all these “important” fake holidays seem to revolve around buying stuff for women.  Valentine's day,  Mothers Day.  Sure sure. there is always fathers day but that usually gets you an ugly tie or a hand made mug.  Perhaps you might get to sleep a hour later until you are unceremoniously tossed out the door and told to mow the lawn. 

Our corporate overlords of course know this since they discovered that women make most of the purchases for the household and hold the most mystic ability to make one apologize to them when it is indeed their fault.  Thus I propose we men throw off the shackles of our female overlords and rename this day Spanking Day!

I propose our ladies should buy us ridiculously silly cards and write all of their transgressions of the last year while waiting obediently for us to pass judgment on them.  In fact it should be expected that they purchase a new implement for this day since after a year of use the old one is surely worn out! 

Personally I think it would be a win win situation for everyone (except of course the females).  Cards will be bought,  Money will be spent on all manner of fearsome spanking implements and it will be a hell of a lot more fun.  Hell you don’t even have to change the colors of the holiday since a red heart is just the shade of red you will want to turn your significant other’s bare bottom.  Like those naughty young ladies found on the Spanking Updates of the Week. 

It seems that Iceland Dear Reader is going to stamp out the scourge of pornography from across the internet to keep their population,  descendants of proud Vikings who raped and pillaged their way across Europe from damaging their fragile brains by looking at other peoples naughty bits.  I discovered reading the article that it is actually illegal there to use ones credit card to purchase membership to transgender midget sex or in fact a spanking site!  Now the pretense is to “save the children”  which is always a pretense to making stupid laws.  But sadly they overlook the more obvious answer which our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian employs to avoid young girls from viewing such inappropriate things.  From Real Life Spanking
ep57_2 episode56_9 episode56_3 episode56_10 episode56_15 ep57_14 

So during my long commute I have discovered audio books.  This of course brings me into another world during my long and boring drive.  But I am at a crossroads Dear Reader.  I am finishing the last book of Dan Simmons timeless Hyperion Cantos.  Probably one of the most compelling Science Fiction fusion of horror and mysticism I have ever read (or in this case listened to).  I am not sure about you Dear Reader but I find myself saddened when I come to the end of a good book (or in this case 4 books) knowing that these characters whom I have spent weeks or months with will no longer be.  Thankfully I have likes of lovely Lana who can cheer me up with a good hard bare bottom spanking of Ginger S. and Danielle Hunt on Spanked Call Girl or the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass.
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To get back to our Icelandic Theme,  I even discovered pornographic magazines are banned there.  For such a tolerant group of blonde hair blue eyed people one would be forgiven if they were mistaken for the permafrost version of the Taliban,  Minus of course blowing up stuff.  Of course these magazines getting into the hands of those who should not have it, has a simpler answer and it seems that our friend Cakeboy is following Triple A’s lead in dealing with Donna Davenport, and Sarah Gregory on his own site ironically called Triple A Spanking!
spankmags01 spankmags10 spankmags21 spankmags22 spankmags28 spankmags44

There is of course another thing cheering me up from my immanent loss of the Hyperion Pilgrims and the adventures of Aenea, Raul Endymion  and the shrike.  It is of course the return of the future documentary, The Walking Dead!  I mention this of course because famed Zombie Survivalist Chelsea Pfeiffer is taking a break from preparing her compound from our ultimate fate and taking some frustration out from the lack of a zombie apocalypse on lovely Stevie Roses Ass.  From Good Spanking.
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Ok I am going to make a rule.  I know indeed we Americans are lazy and generally stuff our faces with 4000 calories of McDonalds.  But at the very least one has to stand up when applying the belt to a naughty girl bent over.  I mean come on people,  exercise can be fun!  From Spanking Sarah.
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Spankings of course should be on the bare bottom.  That should go without saying Dear Reader.  But when a particularly cute girl is wearing a particularly cute pair of tight pants and when one is using a wooden paddle.  Well…. on can be forgiven for such a fo paux.  From Spanking Teen Jessica or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass.
1165_007 1165_013 1165_023 1165_035 1165_047 1165_062

Finally for today,  I must thank you Dear Readers for you were the ones that asked me to review Spanking Coeds.  You see probably wondering where all the traffic was coming from.  Our favorite Dirty Old Man reached out to me.  Now I have little or nothing in common with him other than I aspire to be a Dirty Old Man when age sets in and we agree on little.  But my gentle teasing of him shouting at clouds and his jaunts to the early bird special do not phase him. A combat veteran and of course a spanker.   In fact over our short conversations I can honestly say I like the man.  Which of course I doubt young Mila does right about now.  But hey from what he tells me she deserves it. 
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