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Voting for Hardest M/f Spanking Scene in 2012 is…

Yes Dear Reader it is time indeed to start voting on the big guns.  One of my favorite categories and most feared by our lovely naughty girls.  The Hardest Spanking scene in 2012.  Now unlike many award ceremonies where the recipient’s tell us of the pain and woe of preparing for whatever earned them the award in the first place.  One of course can be assured the recipients experienced quite a bit of woe and a hell of alot of pain (well at least one of them.  Thus this is probably one of the most well deserved awards of the year because quite frankly our female recipients got the ever living stuffing spanked out of their naughty bottoms.

So once again,  without further ado make your mark Dear Reader and vote for the lucky hardest spanking scene of the year…

Kyle Johnson and Kat St James In Brotherly Love

Courtesy of Firm hand Spanking

 brotherly_b022 brotherly_b014 brotherly_b007 brotherly_b012

Mr Masterson and Lila Knight in A Severe Hairbrush Spanking from Dad

Courtesy of Real Spanking

11250_016 11250_010 11250_011 11250_013

Thomas Cameron and Pandora Blake in Backlash

Courtesy of Dreams of Spanking

Dreams-of-Spanking_backlash045 Dreams-of-Spanking_backlash050 Dreams-of-Spanking_backlash046 Dreams-of-Spanking_backlash034

Dallas and Danielle Hunt in The Paddle of Britain

Courtesy of Dallas Spanks Hard

dani1_08 dani2_15 dani2_08 dani4_03

Jan Zlatousty and Renata Sukova in Wild Party 3

Courtesy of Lupus Spanking

vlcsnap-2012-12-18-20h38m46s155 rge019photo050 rge019photo052 rge019photo058

Able Amsterdam Authoritarian and Kami Robertson in St Catherine’s School 39

Courtesy of Spanked in Uniform

ep39_7 ep39_12 ep39_13 ep39_9

Voting will be enabled until Dec 27th


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