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Voting for the 2012 Spanking Award for Spanking Blog of the year (General) starts Today!

Yes Dear Reader there are indeed quite a few wonderful spanking blogs out there.  Perhaps even better than mine, since they will…  you know….  generally talk about spanking rather than raving on and off about whatever irritates me at the present moment which is usually republicans.  But I digress.

Thus today is the day we can honor those hard working spanking bloggers.  As I think that we have proved over the years there is no “formula” to spanking blogging.  I might be raving on about a passing cloud as Chross finds a rare spanking in a mainstream movie.  Hell Dave from Cherry Red might be well…  not sure what he does (joking buddy).  Thus we make a eclectic bunch.  Once again there were many submissions and I had to pare down the list.  But they all indeed deserve such an honor.

So once again Dear Reader we have the following nominations to vote on for the Spanking Blog of the year (general category).  They are

CutiePie’s Spanking Blog

Cherry Red Report

Blossom and Thorn


Chross The Spankologist

Spanking Blog

Spanking Pixie

Voting will be enabled until 12/19/2012

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11 comments to Voting for the 2012 Spanking Award for Spanking Blog of the year (General) starts Today!

  • Indeed count: 2
    Current front page indeed count: 27

  • Marshall Larson

    I frankly find Devlin O'Neill to be pompous and a third-rate writer at his best. His writing is about as sexy as a bag of hammers.

  • wow:)(happy dance) I never thought I would be nominated,thankyou I really appreciate it Brushstrokes!!!!
    It is a honor to be put up with such wonderful blogs:)

  • Season and I echo Cutiepie in our excitement about being nominated. We already feel like winners. And as Cutiepie said, it is an honor to be in the company of such wonderful blogs. Just look at the these great people. The talented Devlin O'Neill; the cutest of cute – Miss Cutiepie; Richard Windsor who seems to never rest since he is involved in all things spanking; Dave of the Cherry Red Report whose site is not only entertaining but highly informative and is one of my favorite blogs, Chross whose site is the place for all things spanking; the Spanking Blog which was the very first site I discovered when I ventured into the internet world of spanking; and of course Amber Pixie Wells whose beauty is only surpassed by her intelligence. A fellow New Jerseyan (up until I moved last year) who does the state proud.

    A thank you to No Mercy for nominating Blossom and Thorn. I hope we bring you and others some fun and squirminess.

    And lastly, a very big THANK YOU to Brushstrokes whose contributions to our community are vast and immeasurably.

  • iwasrobert

    Everyone is entitled to their views and their free speech, but an Indeed Nazi? Really?

  • Good luck Michelle,… least you got the final cut, I voted for you ;)

  • Thanks for the nomination!

    And for the bot: indeed indeed indeed.

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  • Audrey Knight

    Good heavens, some of your readers need to go back to kindergarten inDEED!

  • John

    I was going to vote…but then thought I should probably check out all the blogs before making an informed decision. Well, that was a couple of days ago, and I'm still exploring…had no idea blog's could be so fascinating!

  • Lorelei

    I think hammers in Devlin O'Neill's hands would be very sexy indeed.

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