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Woman who Desperately Need a Spanking: Kim Kardashian


Name: Kimberly Kathleen Kardashian

DOB: 10/21/1980

Profession: Hilton Hanger on, Step Daughter of Bruce Jennings, Human Toilet

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


You know my friends.  I'll admit it,  I LOVE American Idol.  Not for the usual reasons of course.  But for the pure entertainment value that there are people more pathetic then I.  Now If you have a good voice and can perform by all means, try out.  And those people I kind of feel sorry for,  because they "might" have the talent.  The people I laugh at are  those people that are so desperate to become famous yet they have absolutely no talent.  This my friends is the pathetic state of our culture. 

Our next guest on The Spanking Spot's Woman who Desperately need a spanking is known for, well being a friend of Paris Hilton who of course has no talent yet is famous for pretty much nothing.  People Please welcome Kim Kardashian.

Ms Kardashian,  daughter of a socialite has done with her life much like her mothers,  really nothing.  In Fact other then in the ultra socialite circles most of us have never heard of her.  Being a friend of our favorite celebrity slut Paris Hilton probably would not win you notoriety.  But release a sex tape!  well then you  hit national news.  Get pee' ed on. That's just the icing on the cake. Should her jean company that her mother paid for not make it she can always make a living in Scat films. 

Our Human Toilet of course denied this tape ever existed.  At least until Vivid Productions bought the tape for an undisclosed sum and prepared to release it on the Internet.  Now people,  it may seem that I am being a bit harsh.   I will respect and will fight for whatever fetish suits your fancy as long as its between consenting adults.  But the fact remains if you don't want to be plastered over the Internet getting pee' ed upon then DON'T FUCKING FILM IT. 

Ah but of course like anything documented,  the sex tape appears online.  Now folks,  if you choose to seek fame.  Do so on talent,  Sex tapes will simply make you a laughing stock.  (particularly if you get pee' d upon). 

 Offences:  Hanging around with stupid people,  Indecency,  stupidity
Suggested Implement: Hand
Suggested Position:  OTK
Suggested Spanker:  Anyone who would be offended by the initials of KKK
Suggested Punishment: 30 minute hand spanking followed by being in the bottom of a Portosan for 12 hours
Corrective Action: Release sex tape,  Slap Paris Hilton Publicly,  Launch own style line of Portosan's






8 comments to Woman who Desperately Need a Spanking: Kim Kardashian

  • Lovely Autumn Colour

    Better still 30 minutes hard spanking, then being sat on a nice cold hard wooden chair at a school desk wrting lines "I must not be Pee'd on, on video then moan if it gets into the public domain", whilst… wait for it… videoing the entire episode.

  • BrushStrokes

    I like I like!

    Wish I thought of that Autumn. thanks for your comment

  • Lovely Autumn Colour

    No worries. Just keep finding the bad lasses and pronouncing sentence. You never know, one day you may find one guilt ridden enough to offer her tail for tanning.

  • Josh

    That sounds so f8cking amazing. I think I just orgasmed just thinking about it! I'd like give my house up to her just to get 30 minutes to spank that luscious ass…well, maybe not to that extreme, but it would be so amazing!

  • Can just imagine the size of kim's turds? Il bet she has plugged up a bowl or two in her time…I woder how many times she wipes her BIG bottom before she pulls up her $300 thong. And how about the luck pern who gets to smellher thong after its been up her crack for 10 hours on a hot day!!!!

  • Interesting that Kim has made a trailer patting her butt, and her sisters gave her playful smacks during an interview. However, one of her sisters was spanked almost bare assed by big sis; and Rihanna and Katy Perry admit liking S&M?

  • First start out with Kim giving me a blowjob, then it's over my knee. Panties pulled down and just keep spanking that amazing, naked ass of hers. Keep going untill I see fit to stop;which would probably be a long time. In a spanking the goal is to make her cry like a baby. She just keeps wiggling that ass at you as she's laying across my lap, begging for more. SOOOO HOTTTTTTT!!!!!!!

  • just whip her bare butt with a belt for thirty minutes then spank her otk for one hour once amonth for ayear

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