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Women Who Desperately Need A Spanking: Emma Watson


Name: Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson

Profession: Actress, Wizard in training

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 108 Pounds

Hometown: Oxfordshire, UK

DOB:  April 15, 1990


I am not sure when it indeed happened Dear Reader but some time ago I began to feel like a dirty old man.  This could be in fact because I am one.  I am just not sure when indeed the old part started.  When I was young I to lusted after the hot starlets of our time.  Then one day BAM,  you are a dirty old man.  I think indeed it started with Natalie Portman for to this emma_watson_432x4911day no matter how hot she is I still can’t keep from thinking about her in The Professional.  

But indeed Dear Reader there is a new girl on the block who has been tugging on Your Humble Narrator’s conscience.  I am indeed not sure when she turned into a ridiculously hot female from the fierily little girl in Harry Potter.  But indeed she has.  Thus Dear Reader I present to you our next Woman who Desperately Need a Spanking, Emma Watson! She of course finally turned 21 this week easing your humble narrator’s dirtiness feeling since as of now even in this country where we infantilize our youngsters as long as possible she is considered an adult!

Now aside from a wardrobe malfunction or two she indeed Dear Reader has done little to earn a Spanking other than….. well…. being Emma Watson.  But that indeed is reason enough {hey I can dream can’t I}! 

1289989297_Emma-Watson-Sexy-450 Arriving on the scene at the tender age of 10 she was thrust into stardom depicting the brainy Hermione Granger of the beloved Harry Potter series.  As the years went by some where along the line she grew up!  Suddenly there she was in VS Magazine showing off her assets.  Where the hell did they come from!  Hermione is not supposed to be gorgeous, She is still learning to be a damn wizard.  What is wrong with you people!

This indeed is not fair Dear Reader.  Previous generations did not have to deal with teen temptress’s growing up to be legal adults.  After all Marsha Brady started out hot and was cleansed from the mind of dirty old men by the time she was 18.  Hell, even Drew Barrymore disappeared for 15 years after ET to develop her hotness!  This is indeed not fair for dirty old men everywhere!emma-watson-sexy-in-black

Strangely she decided to enroll in college in the good old United States.  Being quite English and not used to our infantile  laws one can imagine the look on her face when she was denied a pint at the local pub.  “You mean I have starred in 7 hit movies, worth 32 million dollars and I am to young to drink?”  But come she did although realizing what indeed a college education could do for her after being rich and famous for so many years had “taken a break” from school.  Probably indeed to go make gobs of money in more movies! 

The final frustration of course Dear Reader is that unlike many of her teen counterparts she has refused to let fame and fortune go to her head.  She was even shocked when she saw how much she was worth at the tender age of 18!  She has done nothing to earn a Spanking!  The horror. 

But Dear Reader sometimes Spankings are just needed for no other reason than the girl getting one would look incredible over someone’s knee.  (preferably mine).  This is indeed certainly true for Ms Watson.  Couple that with the fact that she  had the gall to cut her golden locks of hair and you have a worthy candidate for today’s honor

Offences: Cutting Hair, Being Emma Watson

Suggested Spanker: Voldemort

Suggested Implement: Hand

Suggested Position: OTK

Suggested Punishment: 5 whacks for every time she has said “STUPIFY”

Corrective Action: Grow hair, Do naked scene in movie so we don’t have to look at all those stupid Photoshop fakes


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