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Young ’ins Get Their Spankings this Week, A Bookish Schoolgirl Gets Her Spanking and Kailee can see the Writing on her Butt. That and More on Spanking Updates of the Week!

  We’ll start this week off with the return of Alannah Rae to Spanked Sweeties.  We were fortunate to see her debut a few weeks ago.  Alannah mother was a strict disciplinarian and utilized spanking as punishment on poor Alanna’s bare ass all the way into her teens.  She of course is just barely old enough to have being spanked against her will no longer legal.  So her real life punishments are still fresh in her mind.  I will say that she looks even better this second scene she does with my Dear Clare Fonda.  When it comes to girls who we would want to spank she is the whole package.  I hope she continues in our wonderful hobby
DSC_0849b DSC_0851b DSC_0856zb DSC_0861b DSC_0868b

It looks like David Pierson has yet another naughty girl to play with.  Dear Readers meet Amanda Rose,  Punished Brats new Spankee.  Pretty and slightly tomboyish she makes a wonderful addition to David’s gaggle of girls and the wonderful bare asses that come with them.  Please welcome Amanda to The Spanking Spot and post any comments that might help her sore butt
IMG_4420IMG_4417IMG_4414 IMG_4397IMG_4404

Your Humble Narrator has a pet peeve Dear Reader.  I am standing on line at the grocery store staring at this girls ass.  She of course notices since its rather hard to miss a funny looking middle aged dude leering at ones posterior.  But the issue Dear Reader was not the fact I was staring at her bum but why.  You see she had one of those pants that has something written across the rear.  Now she gives me a dirty look for my inquisitive nature,  and my only response is if you don’t want me staring at your ass DON”T WRITE THINGS ON THEM!  This of course has nothing to do with the spanking our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian gives his nubile naughty nymph Jolie on Real Life Spanking
jolie_spanked_sick_P1010551 jolie_spanked_sick_P1010557 jolie_spanked_sick_P1010558 jolie_spanked_sick_P1010559 jolie_spanked_sick_P1010548

Its amazing to me how Mood Pictures get anywhere near the number of people they need to make a film.  Mood Castings shows us how many girls fall out of the process sadly unable to hack the caning that is required in their films.  This is Laura Turner, aside from her very American sounding name she is 18 years old and wants to act one of Mood Pictures full length spanking epics.  The rule is of course these girls must show that they can take the type of spanking that Mood delivers.  50 whacks with the cane!  Can she do it?  Can she make it though all those searing strokes? 
laura_004 laura_015 laura_021 laura_023 laura_033

Speaking of seeing the writing on ones ass…  From Real Spanking Institute (or Real Spanking Pass)
7799_0017799_007 7799_015 7799_023 7799_030 

You know its kind of funny.  Much like I would assume doctors would notice with giving his patients injection, The girls that entertain us week after week are really two groups.  Those who want to see themselves spanked and those that must look away.  Based on these spanking photo’s we can deduce that the lovely redhead Justine is part of the former group. All in glorious High Definition From HD Spank
False_Information_02 False_Information_23 False_Information_24 False_Information_26 False_Information_27

This rather bookish looking schoolgirl is quite cute.  Its the kind of cuteness that kind of creeps up on you to make you realize you have just seen a rather good spanking.  Kali has dared wear red shoes with her uniform that earns her a OTK that will delight spanking stocking fetishers alike.  This is also Sound Punishment’s 100th update post this week.  Please join me in wishing Sound Punishment the best for the next 100 posts. 

The stunningly beautiful Chelsea Pfeiffer spanks the equally stunning very naked and as it turns out very flexible Amelia Jane Rutherford.  From Good Spanking
001 003 007 012 014

Now I know this is no fault of Spanked at Home but I have trouble taking any spanker named Arnold seriously.  While there are many fine people named Arnold, for whatever reason Your Humble Narrators mind immediately pictures Horseshack from the venerable series Welcome Back Kotter.  Perhaps it is I that needs Help Dear Reader, but I digress.  The Arnold here spanks our Redhead Justine once again.
mov062_pic18 mov062_still10 mov062_still22 mov062_still35 mov062_pic39

Welcome to Aerobics with Bailey! This week we lean how to support your weight while hanging off a perfectly good cocktail table with your naked rear high up in the air.  All the time having it beaten!  Now come on tough guys lets shake it!  From Spanking Bailey (or Real Spanking Pass)
8906_006 8906_011 8906_018 8906_020 8906_017 8906_023

And Finally for tonight Hand Spanking has a recession guide on how to interview for a job.  if you screw it up not only will you not get the job but you’ll get a spanking too. 
b15-07 b15-16 b15-22 b15-38 b15-41 b15-44


4 comments to Young ’ins Get Their Spankings this Week, A Bookish Schoolgirl Gets Her Spanking and Kailee can see the Writing on her Butt. That and More on Spanking Updates of the Week!

  • bodack

    Ok. So what does mood castings pay these models. That is a very sever caning just to get a job. I don't like the mood pictures video's . The models take it too stoically and while a lot of them are very pretty overall it is pretty boring.

  • Spankings of the Week…

    So it's Friday again. Time seems to be running faster lately or is it just me? On a downhill race like the world economy I guess.
    Anyway here are some good links with no bad news included, I promise.

    New addition to Movie Database – anyone have a …

  • Ed

    Interesting. When I hear the name Arnold, I think of Pat Marita's character on "Happy Days." Now tell me why there was never a spanking on that show? Joni was begging for one week after week. And the Fonz?? Well, that guy could've lined up 100 girls to spank any time he wanted. Might've put Dallas or the Able Amsterdam Authoritarian to shame.

  • LOL, I try not to say "Arnold" to much when we're making films, because I really have a problem with saying it without laughing! :D

    About moodcasting, I don't remember what the payment was, but I was in contact with them a year or so ago, and I remeber that I was really amazed that any girls would put them self trough such a pain for almost no money…

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