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Zoe Page almost Spanked and Ariel X Reduced to Tears

The most hyped company in probably a decade went public this week and made a bazillion dollars on news that it will use all of that private data we have been happily giving Facebook and violating our privacy for profit and suing everyone into oblivion who uses the words “Face” or “Book”.  The thing that I find quite scary is the amount of information one can gleen about people. 

Now being a privacy lunatic you would think I would avoid using it.  But alas I do.  I actually have two accounts.  one for Brushstrokes and one for my personal life since while I am quite open about what I do,  somehow the high school bully that I haven’t seen in 20 years that friended me and my neighbors might indeed be not be interested in women getting spanked.  While neither of these accounts are linked in anyway nor share any friends somehow Facebook suggested that we become friends!

With my Brushstrokes account, while I accept friend requests,  I almost never ever send friend requests to people,  not because I dislike you Dear Reader but indeed if somehow you indeed were suggested as a friend it has dawned on me that perhaps you would not indeed appreciate a prolific spanking blogger and liberal commie bastard mingled in with your parents, nephews nieces and the like. 

That being said I am sure there are plenty of you that try to keep your spanking activities and your personal activities separate.  This is most important to many of our beloved spanking models for their privacy and indeed safety.  Now I will not tell you who,  nor when why or how.  But there have been multiple occasions where the seemingly unlinked “real life” accounts of a number of spanking models were revealed though the omnipotent Facebook interface.  Knowing a bit about math,  and indeed the engineers that work on their algorithms I have a feeling indeed that this might get more prevalent.  My only suggestion to any of our beloved girls and indeed you Dear Reader.  Be very very careful what information you allow on there. 

With that warning we are indeed off to the last of the Spanking Updates of the Week!

My friend Dallas and his kin out on the left coast are indeed being treated to a rare site today.  Yes Dear Reader they are taking time out from sipping their impossible named lattés and ignoring the earth shaking to enjoy an eclipse of the sun.  I am indeed jealous since my adopted New England will be plunged into darkness well before it would start here.  What better a time for a spanking!  Which Dallas Spanks Hard of course brings us.  Now Arial X is what I would indeed characterize as a extreme performer and indeed no stranger to pain.  Thus it is all the more impressive that our friend brings her to tears during this very hard and very painful spanking session. 
ariel_32 ariel_30 vlcsnap-2012-05-18-10h44m54s248 ariel_31 vlcsnap-2012-05-18-10h45m51s75 vlcsnap-2012-05-18-10h45m17s231 

A few weeks ago we witnessed the adorable Missy Rhodes getting spanked by a rather attractive “Ms Claw” during which I mused that I would indeed not be disappointed to see her bottom bared and beaten as well.  Thankfully the spanking gods have looked fondly upon me as Missy and Madison Martin team up to give Ms Claw a dose of her own medicine.  From My Spanking Roommate or the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass.
e107r03l e107r15l e107r25l e107r30l e107r29l e107r31l

Well Dear Reader Triple A gave it the old college try getting Zoe Page to take a spanking.  Unfortunately while Jessica Jensen had the upper hand early it was she that ended up with a red bottom.  Then again two hot schoolgirls wrestling isn’t all that bad either!  From Triple A Spanking
shoes007 shoes069 shoes148 shoes159 shoes199 shoes206

Ah what indeed is the ideal spanking position for a girl that is 6 feet tall?  Well if they are gorgeous as Adrienne Black I suppose any one would do.  But indeed Firm Hand Spanking has found perhaps the hottest way to spank her hot little bottom yet.  Over one knee!  Now unlike other girls who’s legs would be flailing in the air while a hard hand beats their bare bottom.  Her legs say firmly on the floor other than one or two little kicks in pain.  But hey,  short of hiring someone from the NBA to spank her we got to take what we can get. 
catwalk_b002 catwalk_b011 catwalk_b013 catwalk_b019 catwalk_b022 catwalk_b024

Ah time for fairy tales and nursery rhymes.  My particular favorite is “There once was a crooked man and he did very well”.  Hey no one ever said life was fair.  Even for Scarlett Summers who indeed decided to check on her grandmother and found not the wolf but a pissed off grandmother who spanked her!  From Sarah Gregory Spanking
0080_little_red_bottom_hood_gal1-006 0080_little_red_bottom_hood_gal1-035 0080_little_red_bottom_hood_gal2-002 0080_little_red_bottom_hood_gal2-016 0080_little_red_bottom_hood_gal2-014 0080_little_red_bottom_hood_gal2-027

What indeed could be worse than getting a caning on ones bare derriere?  Well getting two as Danielle Hunt is getting today on Spanking Sara.  Now in other news Danielle informed me a couple of days ago she would be coming to America to shoot with some of our spanko’s here.  I would indeed like to see how her fine bottom holds up to getting spanked by us Yanks. 
npp4001005 npp4001016 npp4001021 npp4001022 npp4001025 npp4001030

On Mood Castings this week we have the very attractive 18 year old Claudia who indeed wants to test her bottom against the cruel cane.  Being a country girl in Hungary she is indeed no stranger to getting her hide tanned.  Though I don’t think she was prepared for this. 
claudia_2 claudia_4 vlcsnap-2012-05-18-17h04m41s42 vlcsnap-2012-05-18-17h05m39s127

Finally for today,  Believe it or not in Your Humble Narrator’s young days I was quite the runner.  Running x-country,  and indeed long distance in track.  at least until it interfered with my smoking and drinking.  But Your Humble Narrator discovered one very important thing during those years.  Avid runners make excellent spankees.  While their bottoms may not be as defined as most that is usually because they are rather devoid of any kind of fat that usually adorns a female’s bottom.  Though one must take care while spanking them as when they tense up it is indeed like spanking concrete.  From Good Spanking Classics
008 013 020 027 030 033


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