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Zoe Page in a Schoolgirl Outfit and Lilly Banks gets her first Spanking

You know Dear Reader,  putting my liberal commie bias aside and thinking from a purely academic approach.  When it appeared that Mittbot 2.0 would get the nod for the nomination the one question that I had was how indeed he would deal with it.  You see Mitt is a “Corporate Leader” and admittedly not a politician.  Now unlike politics where there are many competing ideas and everyone is free to agree or disagree,  anyone who has spent time in the upper echelons of corporations knows two things about these “Leaders”.  First dissent is simply not tolerated,  and second the only thing they really fear is being “embarrassed” which usually means that someone with a better idea is disagreeing with them, typically in a public forum. 

Now in a corporate environment there is a simple solution to this,  you can simply fire the person.  However in politics its not all that easy.  One must tolerate dissent and make arguments why the opposing person or group is indeed wrong.  As a corporate “leader” they are simply not equipped to deal with such things.  They simply cannot fathom that someone on their “team” would do such a thing. 

Thus being a political junkie I was quite interested in what he would do with Ron Paul.  Now say what you like but the fact is that he amassed not an unsubstantial number of delegates.  Enough of course to get his position heard  at least under the rules of the Republican party.  Positions of course that could “embarrass” our beloved robot. 

So how indeed would Glove deal with this?  I asked myself.  Not realizing how much the Republican party has come to mimic the corporate entities that own it the answer was quite surprising.  You did what any good CEO would do,  change the rules to make sure your opponent could not be heard!  Thus is what happened to Ron Paul and his supporters.  Instead of having to win delegates in 5 states to be heard,  they changed the rules to 8.  They refused to recognize the delegates from Maine for some unknown reason.  They did just about anything they could the shut these people the hell up,  and it worked. 

Look,  You already know my political leanings Dear Reader,  I am no fan of Ron Paul.  Personally I think he and many of his followers are nuttier than a tree full of squirrels.  But this indeed is not how a Democracy is supposed to work.  There is nothing more than I want than the Republican Party to step back from the brink of insanity and begin to produce candidates that while perhaps I don’t agree with them on something like abortion,  I could indeed in good conscious vote for them for some of the good idea’s they have without having to worry about leading the country down a hole because they don’t like some black dude as president.  Because we can only seem to have two parties in this country it is imperative that both are not insane because as we have seen in the past,  when one gets too much power they generally fuck things up even more. 

But while Liberal or Conservative,  Republican or Democrat,  at least here we can all agree on one thing.  Girls indeed should be spanked.  Particularly on the Spanking Updates of the week!

Let us begin today with yet another porn starlet crossing over to our wonderful world of Spanking.  Dear Reader meet 21 year old Lilly Banks who from what I have seen posted across the internet is quite a naughty girl.  At a mere 5’4” she is indeed petite enough to be put over ones knee and spanked soundly.  Not to mention cute as a button.  Sarah Gregory gets first crack at her lovely bottom on Spanking Sorority Girls or though the better valued 5 site Clare Fonda Pass
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There are so many wonderful things about this next Scene Dear Reader.  Two schoolgirls fighting over the television remote, which in fairness should be firmly in the hands of a man.  Zoe Page while not getting spanked looks adorable in a schoolgirl outfit.  And of course porn starlet Jessica Jensen getting her hot little ass spanked on Triple A Spanking
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The incredible Kiki Devine is back with English Spankers causing me to have to make the first update on The Spanking Model Database.  This week she don’s a hot little nurse outfit with a short skirt and gets bent over the desk for a sound spanking.  Delightfully Devine indeed. 
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You know Dear Reader,  You learn something every day.  The adorable Annabelle Lee who made her debut in spanking a year ago or so on Firm Hand Spanking is also a porn starlet.  She is also adorable and indeed on Chelsea Pfeiffer’s site Good Spanking this week getting a wet bottom spanking.  As she discovers there is nothing worse than a wet bottom spanking. 
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So I did indeed poop out last week with the last Spanking Update of the week.  Of course that indeed means that I missed my Dear Friend Dallas.  So while his next update is right around the corner lets see who he spanked last week.  Ah, it is indeed the country and western singer Stevie Rose who’s father sent her to see Dallas.  After the spanking Dallas delivers on her hot little bottom I am sure she is wishing her father brought her to the woodshed.  From Dallas Spanks Hard
rawhide2_4_01 rawhide2_4_03 rawhide2_4_05 rawhide2_4_08 rawhide2_4_10 rawhide2_4_13

You know,  I have been talking about prefect’s for years now.  On a basic level I know what they do in the UK school system.  But today I actually looked it up.  Now I can honestly say they would last about 8 minutes in even the most genteel school here in the US.  I am not sure what it is about the US but one of the things we absolutely detest is our peers tattling on us.  If a prefect was named in the school which I grew up,  that student would easily find him or herself stuffed in a locker or getting their heads flushed down the toilet.  Particularly when there might be a spanking involved!  From Northern Spanking

I was beginning to think our favorite Southern Belle Bryanna was taking the summer off.  After all its been damn hot down there.  Even too hot to spank!  But I guess she got her air conditioner fixed since here she is in a pair of itty bitty shorts getting her wonderful bottom punished on Spanking Bare Butts
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Finally for today,  Schoolgirl Teen Jessica unsurprisingly finds herself beck in the principal’s office this week.  Only this time to feel the cane cut across her bare bottom on Spanking Teen Jessica or the better valued 8 site Real Spanking Pass
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3 comments to Zoe Page in a Schoolgirl Outfit and Lilly Banks gets her first Spanking

  • smuccatelli

    I think I prefer Sarah Gregory as a brunette. Not only does it seem more natural with her coloring, she's easier to recognize. I also prefer her as a bottom, but she's a wonderful top too… ;-)

  • iwasrobert

    Warning! Off topic essay coming up:

    Salon has a great piece out on the Mittster which alleges he is the basically Gordon Gekko 2.0, worse than an old fashioned a robber baron because even they had some upsides and ethics. At least the Paul Ryans, Ron Pauls and Sarah Palins of the world more or less believe their nutty ideas are the best medicine for the country – they may be crazy (and/or stupid in Palin's case) but they are largely sincere I think. Romney, OTOH, has seen behind the curtain enough to know it's all crap (Bain Capital wouldn't exist without government taxation handouts indirectly financing its ventures), but doesn't care – he just wants the power. Scary stuff, and it explains why his opponents during the primaries (esp. McCain in '08 and Santorum this year) genuinely couldn't stand him.

    The voting public isn't going to understand the whole backstory or the intricacies of the financial tricks Romney used to enrich himself at the expense of everyone else, but I get the feeling that although a lot of Republicans will toe the line and vote for him, even they sense that something is terribly wrong at his core. The Salon writers put it down to Romney being extra-territorial, part of a new breed of superrich that transcends national borders, but I don't think it's that complicated. He's a psychopath, probably the first genuine case to get this close to the presidency in living memory (and probably longer). I just hope that enough sane voters work this out in their gut in time to keep Romney out of the White House.

  • Sarah is certainly doing an excellent job of reddening young Lily's bottom. There is one thing worse than a wet bottom spanking and that's a wet bottom spanking from Chelsea Pfeiffer!

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